Monthly Archives: May 2008

May 25, 2008 Vic Larach

With 3 tanks full of live ones, and the nicest weather so far this year, I could not wait to get the men down the beach. Jeff caught the first bass which weighed in at 30 lbs. This was a long battle as Jeff must have forgot to eat his wheaties and the fish really took it to him hard. Few more blues and Mike hooked into a 18 that made the box as well. A few blues, alot of bite offs and then the nice weather really put a damper on the action. Seems we have nasty weather and the fish love it, nice weather good for the fisherman, hurts the catch.  

May 23, 2008 Chris Ozempco

Loaded up the tanks and no decision as to where I would fish today. Just curious to see how long that fishing will hold up. Well, it took 2 minutes for me to find out as 2 big bass jumped on the bunker right away. It stayed like that for the next 3 hours, all big fish, 20 – 26lb fish, some one was always having action. Chris’s friend Lou, hooked into a monster that nearly stripped is spinning reel. We were able to see this fish a few hundred yards away from the boat, and it looked large. After a long battle, my mate slipped the net into a beautiful striper, 35 1/2 lbs!!!!! All the fish were large today and all used the tide and wind to their advantage, guys did a great job in hooking and fighting these fish. All told 16 – 17 fish made it to the boat, the best catch of the year so far. Windy again, but the fishing more then made up for it……..

May 22, 2008 Brian Skerlanitz

The whole key has been getting live bait and finding just enough, so I headed right to Monday’s numbers in terrible weather again. It did not take long for the bass to attack the baits and many fish were hooked, there were a few that got away as well.  Just enough blues mixed in too. We watched storm after storm pass either to the North or South of us. Then a storm popped up that we knew would make a direct hit. At that time, Douglas Skerlanitz hooked into a beauty, 28 1/2lbs. With the winds picking up soon after, we decided to head for the ramp. Another terrible day weather wise, but unbelievable striper action with over a dozen bass over 18 pounds in the boat.

May 19, 2008 Rich Peter – Simon Peters Sports Shop

With winds blowing 20 – 30 mph, I was not sure how this trip was going to handle the rough seas. Well, I stopped inside for a few drifts and one 18lb bass and a few blues before the conditions made this area unfishable. I went around the bend to escape the wind and stopped on some marks. Then the marks started to eat, right next to the boat!  4 – 5 bass chasing the live bunker, all between 18 and 22lbs. Everyone did a great job in fighting these fish while dealing with the rough conditions. Over a dozen fish hit my deck in a short period of time.  I am starting to wonder if the weather is ever going to get nice………..?

May 16, 2008 Brian Schmitt

With a so so forecast and 2 tanks full of live bunker, I headed to the same area that I jigged earlier in the week. Blue after blue until Brian hooked into a real nice 20 lb bass in the pouring rain. Every bait was getting hit and then Gary Schmitt hooked into another 22 pounder. A few more bass lost and all the blues you could want to catch. Then the rain really started, visibility down to 1/4 mile and a cold wind put a end to a good fishing trip. All of the action was on live bunker.

May 14, 2008 Anthony Penimpede

After countless throws, and no bunker even in the pound nets, we decided to try jigging. Fishing was good for a few hours but slowed with the tide. Finally, I was able to locate some bait late in the morning, I headed back out front. There we encountered red hot bluefishing, 5 – 6 fish on at a time. First trip of the year with no bass. Oh yeah, did I mention that there were a few bananas found on my boat, when they were discarded everything changed, coincidence??

May 13, 2008 Charlie Reiman

I did not have very good expectations due to yesterday’s storm. The guys wanted to try, so we loaded the tanks and started fishing. Very dirty water and a rough sea made for horrible conditions. Later on in the morning, the sea layed down and at the change we found some clean water and the fish started to eat. Bass to 16 lbs and a couple hours of good bluefishing turned this trip into a good day…..

May 11, Sally Bananas

Loaded up in GKH and headed straight for my numbers from yesterday. A stiff 25 east with the tide made for a very fast drift. The jumbo blues attacked every bait, and it did not take long to go through the 2 tanks a bunker. 1 bass 18lb was landed and Dean Martin lost a much bigger bass when the boat was rocking in the swells and the hook pulled. We were able to watch this fish in the wave crests. Every bait got bit today, every single bait…………….

May 10, 2008 Leo Medeiros

Well it finally happened, Leo Medeiros hooked his first bass and after a real nice job by him, the cow hit the deck. She weighed in at 42 1/2 lbs. The next fish hooked ended up at 37 1/2 lbs., 80 pounds 2 fish in a row! Fishing was very good drifting live and chunk bunker. All the fish were caught around Old Orchard. Of course there were some heavy weight bluefish around as well. Ended the trip with 6 bass and many more blues.