Monthly Archives: October 2008

October 27, 2008

Anthony Sickenger dropped a 110 8 pter after a 30 yard shot this morning. This buck responded to some grunts and doe bleats. I also heard from 1 of my buddies that they seen a huge 10pter shadowing a doe after coming off his stand this morning. I saw 2 really big body deer on 22 west with the heads removed and a few more bucks on 202. They are in the early stages, and Anthony’s buck had the hocks going. Just a matter of time now. This is the time of year that you need to sit as you never know what just might come down the trail.

October 25, 2008

Again we get blown out on the fishing scene,however it turned out to be quite a day for Steve Carew, he harvested a 126-5/8 8 pointer after having the same deer wind him last saturday. Also Rick Fleishman took a 121-3/8 8 pter on Friday that was well over 150lbs. Nick Berardenelli also dropped a huge 10pter that pushed the scale down to 180 lbs. Some real nice deer this past week. However no hot hocks as of yet. Any day now as we are seeing a few bucks getting hit by the cars. The way its going after the new moon things should really heat up.

October 24, Tom Saley “Bass”

Expectations were high after having heard about the clamming on Thursday. So after a half hour of clamming with no hits, I decided to try a shot of catching these fish my way. Heading east, we had unbelievable readings and lots of bait with only blues to show for it. After getting Mike to cast without putting everyone at risk the blues were not that easy to come by. Trolling was non stop but still no stripers. Then I received a phone call that stated the bass are hot down the beach. Sothe twin 250’s were put to real good use as I made the move as fast as we could. Once there the birds and readings were solid and in no time the guys had the blues biting. After a while MIke catches a bass and then another, as he was showing the rest of the Saley’s on how to do this. Then young Tom got into it and it was very good jigging for the rest of the trip. Once the tide started to run it  got better and we left them biting after Father Tom caught the big bass fo the trip at 15lbs. This only proves that father knows best. With these fish finally on decent size bait, I can’t wait to get out  again……. A great day on the water with a solid family, a father and his 3 sons……..

October 20, 2008

The big boys are starting to move, had deer to 190lbs dressed over the weekend. A nice double brow 10 pt started the week off on Monday morning and Phillip Sickenger drops off another main frame 10 on Monday night. All these deer are packing a thick layer of fat and the necks are starting to swell. Hocks are still dry and the does have not shown any sign that they are coming into estrus. We all know that we are getting close to the chase phase, another week away at least. Nick Bernardinelli stopped by on Wednesday with another big deer 165 dressed! As for me, I have been out for a morning  and evening post this past week, both sits were uneventful with not a lot of deer movement. Thank God the stripers are running…………..WE will be fishing Friday, Saturday, and Monday, weather allowing. Reports are very good, hope I can verify that………

October 15, 2008 Brian Skerlanitz “Grand Slam”

Reading about the hot weakfish run, we decided to give it a try before it is too late. Finding very few marks I settled in the channel and had the peanuts getting bit by very small weaks. Then the fish finder lit up and Dean hooked into a nice fish, turned out to be a striper. Then he got into a fluke but we still could not catch any of the weakfish. A call by my friend put us on some marks where they caught them real good yesterday. Brian hooked into a weak just over 13″ and all we need is a bluefish. A move east put us into some more bass and all the blues you could want, all chasing rainfish. I really wanted to catch the weaks so we moved back inside for the end of the tide. We changed our bait and started to catch them, however nothing over 15″. Enough for all of us to have a meal. I got reports of fish starting to school down south, just off the beach, but due to somebodys obligation we could not make the run. By time I got home, my friend Pat was into bass on every cast in the surf!!!!! All keeper size and no blues. By time I finished washing the boat and having a cocktail he called and said he was tired of catching these fish………. Thanks Brian…….Fishing is only getting to improve and it is pretty good right now

October 11, 2008 Cranford Elks Bass/Blues

Erwin loaded up the tanks with peanuts and I planned to head to NY for some surface action. It did not take too longbefore the birds started working and the game was on. Blues between 4-8 lbs that really were interested in our offerings. they did like the live peanuts and before long everyone had switched over from artificials. Staying with the bait, Rodney finally hooked a keeper bass, then another one which turned out to be the big bass of the trip. ( good thing Keith stayed home, as he is the reigning striper King). The guys fished hard and we did a lot of running and gunning. On the trip home Rodney was talking about teaching Zemp a thing or two about stripers……….. Can’t wait for the November trip!!!!!!  PS   The Toys R Us Rods were perfect for todays fishing.    

October 9, 2008 Dan & Cody Burjan Blues/Bass

The rain ended early givings us a dry morning in search of fish. Riding south, my fish finder looked like it was not working with all the bait that is around. Birds all over, occasional swirl and a lot of casting  to catch fish. A stop here and there and run and gun fishing. By the end of the day we put a nice catch together. Cody (7 years old) had the fish of the day on a live peanut when a very large striper took his  bait and gave him all he could handle on the light spinning tackle. He did a great job but after a long battle the hook fell out just as the  bass was nearing my boat. We also had bluefish ball up the rain fish and provide a show right next to the boat, talk about a frenzy. When the water temp drops I expect GREAT fall fishing, it has been very good up to now and will only improve……

October 8, 2008 “Big Bucks ‘

2 real nice deer came in today with Lou Angorola harvesting a classic 8pt that weighed close to 165lbs dressed. Bill Mannix then brought in a real wide 7pt that was just over 18″ inside with nice G’s. Both deer were taken in the morning. Reports from hunters are stating that they are seeing a few bucks getting nosy with the does and only the smaller bucks still together. With the cooler temps we all know that the woods are going to come alive real soon. Good luck, stay safe…………..

October 7, 2008 Bluefin Attempt

Well, we had the pros out on Scales n Tales today, Lou Grazioso and Matt Calabria joined my son and I for a try at these Tuna. Battleling rough seas, we made it out to where we both had some good reports from yesterday. Wind against the tide in combination with a 20mph breeze made it immpossible to anchor. We set up a slick and drifted in hopes of tempting something. Matt used his jigs and despite of our efforts, could not tempt anything. I also could not mark any bait or fish. The water was a greenish color and not the kind we would have preferred. So after a few hours and building seas we made the slow ride west with nothing to show for this trip other then some good hunting stories. Both Lou and Matt are spoiled when it comes to BFT. He runs his Striper Mania out of Cape May all summer for these fish and does extremely well with them. As for me I am still trying to put 1 on my deck…………………

October 4, 2008 Dave Falk Stripers

What a difference a day makes!! I was ready for a repeat of the surface action like we had on Friday, but as we neared the spot and I was marking huge amount of bait schools on the bottom it was not to be.  Giving it time for the tide to pick up and all the boats coming from the south, it just was not going to happen here today. So we bounce around and ended up in NY waters where the crew got into some small bass on crocodiles and hopkins up to 30″. Then the false albacore started working with the outgoing water. What a site seeing all the weekend warriors cutting back and forth, mix in the trollers that want to troll through the middle,it only make me smile. On top of this the fish would not get beat down, however they were extremely hard to entice and we did not boat any of these neat fish. Dave and his crew fished hard all day, and did not do to bad in putting a few bass in the boat. Weather was great and the ocean conditions were very comfortable. October started out fast, I can’t wait to see what developes in the next few weeks!!!!!