Monthly Archives: November 2008

November 21, 2008 Unbelievable!!!!!!!

Getting the boat prepared to splash in the dark with a good NNW wind and the very cold air temps made me question my sanity for a second. The guys for excited and we were very well prepared. Sally Bananas made Erwin Jr take out the video camera out on the dock as he rolled around trying to fit into his water proof Dorito bag. As we cleared the harbor the air was biting as the darkness was turning into the grey light right before the sun shows. Holding the boat back we made the turn and headed east looking for signs of life. It did not  take more then a few seconds when the huge flocks of birds appeared on the horizon. Sal was first to hook up as a bass hit his jig as it entered the water. He had 9 bass on first 9 casts with 1 keeper. Erwin and Dean had similar action as these fish were boiling as far as you can see. Mixed in were some large blues, 10lbers. This went on for 2 hours before I made the decision to go south in hopes of finding larger bass. Once there we had birds working all over the place and a few boats all on their own flock and school of bass. Sal boated the largest keeper of the trip and it was 3 on at a time bass jigging, with mostly shorts and small blues. No one complained about the air temp, the fast and furious action would not let you think about it.  Once this area slowed we headed back north to find the fish in bigger schools followed by birds that went forever. This by far is the best action trip of the fall. I am non into the numbers but we stopped counting after 75 bass and I stopped fishing to take videos. No telling how many fish we caught……………. Sal Bananas was high hook and big fish of the day, now if he could only catch fluke……

November 19, 2008

The weatherman did it again by scaring my charter, so I took the ride to see for myself. Well my first 2 stops found very little bird action, but very calm water. Then a short move up the coast on Ocean Avenue made me sick. Stopping to check out the “Rocks”, I saw flocks of birds so dense that you would have to see to believe. These birds were stretched over a 1/2 mile, went from near the beach to the first can. I could see fish boil without my binos, but I could not identify them, but they were feeding like bass. Then looking further east I could see even larger flocks of birds as far as I could see with the binos. Here comes the  bad part, there was not 1 boat in sight and all this action was going on with no one to enjoy this fishermans dream. I will be taking my crew out on Friday in hopes of finding some of this action.

November 15, 2008 Weather hurts again

Another Saturday and another blowout, mix in the rain and there is not much one can do. To bad because the deer are still chasing and the bass fishing is great even if the fish are small. Fish are spread from the Tip on south. Mix in the big blues and it is super fall action. I got a report on some bigger bass being caught on live bunker, I will give this a try on Tuesday. Herring are here and that is usually the sign of bigger fish. I will also be out on Wednesday and next Saturday (weather?). For me, no matter how cold it is, once I see the birds and swirling bass, it just raises the temperature. Once the season is over, we have a while before the bass hopefully show up again in the spring. If anybody is interested, I will run Bass and Blackfish combo trips. On the deer scene, deer are still shadowing does, and we have seen some big road kills. I think most of the does have been bred and we now are looking at the 2nd rut to happen. I hope I can post a very good report on Tuesday evening……

November 10, 2008 Mike Cybulski “Bass”

Leaving the harbor in a 10mph west forecast, it was not when the fish would show on the surface but where. It did not take too long to find out as we rounded the hook and looked east. Dark clouds of birds working in many areas. Pulling up to a flock and tossing the jigs in, and bass were on immediately. Mixed in were somedecent size blues and it was run and gun fishing for the next 2 hours. Mike, Rick and Bill of the LFD tossed jigs and bucktails and had steady action (except Bill) with these fish. All the bass were shorts. When the area died down, I made the move down the beach only to find the area to have very scattered life. We put out the trolling rods and in no time started hooking up with blues and bass. Mike ended up with a keeper and a few more throwbacks and RIck and Bill were reeling in the blues. Once the tide started we ran back up north and found the birds to working the rainfish along with large blues and bass again. We finished the day in very rough water between the channels. Today was a great November day on the water despite the wind. Fishing was good and these guys fished hard all day long.  

November 8, 2008 Cranford Elks “Bass”

Southeast 15, big heave, rain later in the morning, temps in the 50’s, boy if I close my eyes, “I mean eye, ‘ I can picture the 30lbers inhaling the live bunker fed from fishermen clad in tank tops and shorts. However, this is November and it’s great to get out before the season is over. The small fish are a good sign, we all want the big ones, but we do need to see the 25-28” as well. The guys fished hard over very good marks in a nasty sea, wind against the tide. Randy was puting on a clinic again, as he has the feel for clams. Pete did hook the big bass of the day and everyone boated bass, but the conditions were poor to say the least.  A few things to keep in mind for the next trip: Randy, you need to buy a big bag of M&M peanuts, Zemp, please pay close attention to your mop, Jr warned you, Keith, please don’t feel bad about my eye, I have another one……..This trip turned out far better then what could’ve been, everyone went home with some fresh meat, no one was pissy, and the company was terrific again.

November 2, 2008 Mike Pimpinelli “Big 6”

It is not the size of the rack that makes this deer special, as any father will know the first deer you kill with your son are daughter is truly a moment. Mike was on stand with his 10 year old son when this buck made a appearance. Not realizing how big this buck really was it was decided early that they would harvest any deer providing he could get a clear shot. So with his heart pounding, as this buck got closer and closer, he drew back, placed his pin in the 10 ring and let the arrow fly. Big Mike knew it was a good shot, it felt good and he had a good release, but little Mike let him know right away by saying”great shot Dad, looks like a double lung”! After a 60 yard blood trail they placed their hands on this very special deer. It only seems like yesterday that I shared this same experience with my son even though it is 15 years ago. I am sure all the fathers that read this can relate to this story. Congratulations goes to Mike on this buck. The deer dressed at 165lbs…………

November 1, 2008 “Zempe” Bass

Had eels and a bag of clams, real good intel from yesterday a good forecast and my “A Team” on board. Stopping on full screen marks at a few locations found the bass to have lock jaw. We moved here and there, fishing hard at all locations but could not find any takers. The Frank Genova came thru and boated the first bass of the day drifting clams over soem good marks. Well the day was turning out great weather wise but the fishing was tough. Romer Shoal was the spot in the morning however I was not there. I tried deep, shallow, down the beach but eventually found the bass were we started. Frank was the hot hand today, he also showed off his casting skills by placing his clam back in the spread and never tangling anyones line. Fishing for me and my crew was tough and we did not come close to what we had expected, however nobody got “pissy” due to the slow action. We tried  all day and the guys fished hard never taking a break. On the way in, we came upon a large school of bass that were being chase by alot of boats close to the harbor. Frank put the icing on the cake with 1 last bass before well called it a day….

October 31, 2008 Bow Season finally

Many good bucks came into the shop this past week, topped by Steve Ski’s 205lber taken yesterday sporting a huge 7 pt rack. I saw many small bucks but nothing that would make me want to take a shot. Hunters are talking about the chase, some are seeing it some are not. Extended will be hot. Good luck, hope you all get a chance at a beauty…..