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April 29, 2009 ” Tommy the bird”

Well the plan was to fill the tanks with bunker and turn them into stripe bass. After shredding a net in the harbor on very thin marks, we decided to put out the platisic and see what happens. It was only a matter of minutes before the rods doulbed over, ( no bananas on this trip) and we had some meat in the boat.  The fishing was solid for the nest couple of hours as the bass were eager to chew on my lures. Water temps was cold but the fish still jumped on the artificials. The boat reached the limit before long and it was catch and release rest of the day. After the tide turned, we landed the first blues of the year, which is a very welcome sign. Listening all day long to Tommy the bird whistle these bird noises is alittle much for me, but all in all it was a very good day on the water. ( every day on the water is a good day!) It will only get better…

April 26 2009 Brain Schmit

What a difference a year makes! With the trolling outproducing bait fishing both in size and in numbers, the decision was easy to make. Troll to the top of the tide, try and find some bunker, and catch some bass. Lines went in and I was figuring this will not take to long, wrong! Ran over some good marks, nothing. More marks, more nothing. Schmit is not the easiest guy to please and Stevie Wonder could see his dissapointment. After about 45 minutes of nothing, Erwin jr, asked if anyone had bananas. I of course don’t believe in that and of course someone who will not be named stated ” yes I do, 2 of them”. Well that explains it and Mike Scanio was not willing to part with them either. So after another 20 minutes of nothing the bananas were tossed over. We then proceeded to put some real decent bass in the box. Mario caught a fat 34″, Brain got a keeper, Gary got a real nice 39″ fish, Mr Rosa caught a keeper, all quality. As for Mike, he hooked into a throwback. Then the fishing died, looked for bunker, wasted good hour and went back to trolling. The bay was dead, no readings, no birds, no nothing. However bluefish were around and sunning themselves on the surface, could not get them to bite, but they are here!! At the end we ended up with 5 keepers,(biggest fish of the year so far – 22 1/2 lbs).  Cannot get any better weather, water temps on the surface were over 60 at days end. Back at the ramp, we faired much better then most, as many fisherman came over to the filet table to state how bad fishing was today.  I just need the bunker to show and will be out this week, not fishing, but scouting for bait.

April 25, 2009 “us against them”

With a 12pk for the biggest and 12pk for the most, tensions were high on the Scales n Tales as we splashed her in the back of the bay. Plans were to head for Great Kills and try to get some bunker. I did see some signs of life in the river, but not enough to throw on. So in the grayness of the early morning we hit it hard to the harbor. Naturally after a hour of minimal readings I decided to head west and see if those marks turned into anything. Bunker are there but not enough to throw on, so of we go to the trolling grounds. Once we were near my triangle, teams picked thier lures, lines in, game on. Our first 5 bass were real nice keepers, then we tagged a few. Again the weather was nothing short of magnificent! We had action all day long and when it was over the good guys took both trophys, not without some controversy, Sal Bananas had decided the last hour that they had picked a “BAD” lure and that should disqualify the results. We set him straight and the standings for the year of 2009 are GOOD GUYS 1, them – nothing.

April 24 2009 “Crew Trip”

Launching my boat at noon was very strange for us, but scheduling would not let us out any earlier. The nicest weather by far this year as we entered the bay. Catching the last of the outgoing, I decided to put the lines in and troll to my triangle. My friends that were fishing clams had told me the bite was very slow and the fish are small. Well it did not take too long, “less then 2 minutes” and Erwin’s rod gets slammed and before we knew it we had a 18 lb bass in the boat. This was how the afternoon went, catching over 10 keepers and tagging 10 fish with Littoral tags. Action was great as the weather, only thing was the southeast wind that kept the hoods on. Still no bluefish and more importantly, no bunker!! We took a slow ride from Belford to Seawaren with no signs of these baitfish. Another great trip with lots of action, trolling is really holding up for now.

Trolling Trip Special

I will offer a special trolling trip price for the next 2 weeks or until the bunker bite developes. These trips can be morning, midday or evening. When the bass are on herring, trolling can be very productive. Anyone interested in this type of trip, please contact me for more information…. This is not a wire line trip, light mono only………

April 18, 2009 Sally Bananas

Splashed the boat very early in anticipation of the saturday crowd. Watched a very large structure fire on S.I. and then headed for the grounds armed with my stretches. Started right where left off and nothing, a jog here and there and a couple of shorts but not the readings like we had yesterday. I decided to make a big move and boy did it pay off. Had fish on every pass, and decent fish too. Sal Bananas set the bar at 20 1/2 lbs and we kept 6 big bass and tossed back many more keepers!! The best part was that there was never a boat within a mile form me the whole morning. Put over 30 bass in the boat and lost twice as many! Very steady action. By noon we had had enough and weaved our way through the fleets that were in  the usual spots, and did not see a fish. Back at the dock the other guys were moaning about the poor fishing, hope this fishing stays “poor” until the bunker bite starts……….Anyone wants to do a trolling trip, contact me. I expect this to only get better now that the bigger fish are arriving.

April 17, 2009 Brian Schmit Bass

With a thin layer of ice still on my deck as we left the river for open water, I was wondering outloud if the weather will ever warm up! Water temps was 44′ with a forecast high of 70′ onland. As we approached the Reach I found a real dirty slug of water, but what the hell we are here to fish, lines in!! It did take about 30 minutes for my fish finder to light up but every time we went over fish, the lines went off. This was a trolling trip and we pulled hard plastic. The bass seemed to enjoy the lures and for while we had the are to ourselves. The fish were spread over a large area and if you found them, they bit. By noon there was a very large fleet spread from Keansburg west, and the bass were still biting. The bunker bite is comming, just have to wait alittle bit longer…     I ended up fileting 4 bass to 32″, all the rest went back to fight another day……

April 10, 2009 Bass

After yesterdays trip with the outgoing tide producing, I was willing to clam up and try and catch a few for myself. Finding some nice marks real close to my spot from yesterday, we dropped the anchor and set out the baits, after at least a minute, I hooked my first bass of the year, 32″. F0r the first 2 hours every bait got hit. Most of the fish were in the 24-26 inch range with a few smaller ones mixed in. The bites were immediate, and on the light tackle made for some real good fishing. This happened on the opposite tide then yesterday, so we thought this is really going to get hot when it changes over. At slack we got ready to flounder fish and once the tide started, Sal dropped down his flounder rig and put 3 in the box in 2 minutes, then it died, no more flounder, no more bass, no nothing. Outgoing killed the action, and after most of the tide was over, we headed back to the harbor among the gannets that are feeding on the herring that will attract the big bass that we are all waiting for. Water temp today was 47, just a couple of nice warm sunny days and the bay is going to really turn on……

First Trip April 9, 2009

Anthony, Skinny Water Al, and my son along for the first fishing trip of the year. I have been hearing about the big numbers of Bass that are being caught so we all had big expectations. My fish finder lit up on the flats and I knew the clams would do the trick. Before all the chum pots were loaded, Jr landed the first bass, and they kepted coming throughout the tide. Skinny water Al had the big fish of the day at 30″. We did end up with 13 real nice size flounder as a bonus. The boat ran well, weather was great as the fishing. Al did manage 1 flounder and set the bar high for Sal Bananas who will be fishing on tomorrows trip. Anthony was high hook with the flat fish and did manage over 12 nice schoolie bass. I cannot wait for the live bunker fishing to take off.     Soon…..