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May 30, 2009 ” King Force” Live Lining

After a late start and a spilled coffee we headed for the striper grounds. Not much was said during the trip south other then someone mumbling about all the missed fish on Friday ( this to shall pass Zempe). Once on the grounds, Jim put a small bass in the boat and Brett hooked a stout 23lber. Thats when we got the call and in a short time we had 4 bass on. Due to technical difficulties, only 1 of the bass made into the boat. All my customers who use their own equipment please take note: Line that was purchased at Hermans going out of business sale is not allowed on my boat!!! On the next drift, 3 more bass were hooked and only Toys r Us Rodney was able to put his in my boat. The largest fish of the year so far was inches away from the net when he made his last surge and with the drag tightened all the way snapped the line and was gone. I won’t name names, but Dale  adjusted his drag and will use his thumb for extradrag. Then the jumbo blues took over and I decided to move. We did not encounter any more bass until Brett hooked another nice fish and after a nice fight slid him into my net. Thats how this beautiful day ended. 1 highlight of the day was that Zemps got the monkey off his back and the bass better be prepared for next week. Brett Force had his limit with his brace of bass and everyone was able to go home with some white meat………….

May 30, 2009 “King” Force Bass on lives ones

4:30 came and went and we were still missing a few fares. When they finally arrived and their gear stowed we shoved off, not before someone had spilled my coffee. Keith was not in the mood for the usual early morning chop breaking so the ride south was a quiet ride except for Zemp’s mumbling about yesterdays trip. Once on the grounds, young Bret Force had his bunker attacked and the hook was set. Jim hooked a small bass on a head, and in a short time we had 2 bass in the box. Then I got the call that we all want and we were into bass, 4 on at a time. Due to technical difficulties, only 1 made to the box. All fisherman pleae take note, line that was bought when Hermans went out of business is no longer good for striper fishing!!! also, keep the drags on the loose side and use your thumb to apply more drag. I won’t name names, but Dale lost a 40 plus bass at boat side due to a overtightened drag.

May 29, 2009 Zempe “Bass” Swing and a miss!!

What a difference a week makes, not in the weather but in the fishing. Last week he was the hero, this week the zero!! First light, baits in, Zempe first bite, fish on, and off. A few minutes later fish on and off, strike 2! Still no one else has had any bites on the bunker. A move here and then it happens, hard take, big runoff Zempe sets the hook (the hook is another story) and fish on. NOw here is when it gets dicey. While fighting this big bass and I mean big ,a “POLISH EAGLE” decides that he wants to eat the bunker that slid up the line. We all knew what was coming, and with one swipe of the beak his fish was gone for ever except for the memory  of that moment. Strike 3 and he was out for the count. Thats when Uncle Lou, Matt and Ricky decided to step to the plate and in short order filled the box with fish to 32 lbs that Uncle Lou (big fish again) handled with expertise, and Zempe’s pride took another hit. Thats how the day went, and after a ride south to fill up on fresh bait and the weather turning nicer, we called it a day to enjoy a “SLOW” ride back to the harbor………. Everyone went home with the white meat, some more then others. Tomorrow I have” King Force” ( do you know who I am?) and “Toys are us Randy”, I can’t wait….. Zempe gets another chance……

May 27, 2009 Mike “Noodles” Carfello Bass – no bunker

Dismal reports on gathering bait but still had to give it a try. So after a galant try in all the spots, I anchored and clammed!! The crew consisted of Noodles, his son Cody, Wire line George and his daughter Amanda, and Eddie the Leatherneck. The ocean was still very sloppy and the weather man was off again with the wind speed.  It was not terrible laying on the Knoll in the wind against the tide and Amanda put the 1st bass in the boat not 5 minutes in. Then Cody hooked up and before we knew it, we put a few bass in the boat although small they were bass. Fishing slowed with the end of the tide but resumed at slack and the bite continued into the flood. With Noodles willing to fish through the night we called it a trip with the bites still occurring. All aboard did a great job in working the clams and the kids were great, nothing beats their smiles when they are holding their first STRIPE BASS!!

May 22 2009 Zempe “Bass”

Plenty of bunker in the tanks and a early start down the beach only to find cold water and very little action. A couple of fish chasing the bunker right before the sun was up then a whole lot of nothing, a ride here and there found zero fish. Back at the starting point Zempe put the first bass in the boat, even though he was using the funny hooks. After the 20 lber hit the deck I thought we might get into a few more. Then he hooked another on the next drift and we had a brace of nice bass in the box. However that was the extent of our action for today. No more hits, nervous bunker anything, not even a bluefish bite. This bass season is getting off to a very slow start and I hope that it turns around soon, real soon. Big dissapointment this past week in the number of fish caught, and bites. Need to get rid of the south wind that seems to be blowing every day. Hopefully after the moon this weekend, things will straighten out and we all can enjoy some good bass action………..

May 18, 2009 Dave Matrisciano Live bunker – Bass

With yesterdays northwest blow, I could not wait to get on the water. Dave and his men were waiting when we pulled into the marina and in a few minutes we were off to the bait grounds. Both tanks were filled quickly and I decided to try our saturday spot. Birds were all over with fish swirling and every bait got hit as the blues were very hungry. No bass were hooked and I did not have the patience to wait them out so we were off to the southern grounds. (I knew the bass would turn on sometime during the day here). Once we arrived my fish finder was alive, however no bird life and only 1 other boat. Did 3 drifts over very good marks with no results, a move here and there found some blues but still no bass. Then it happened, Mike in the stern had this runoff and the bass dropped the bait, the bunker was intact with no scales and I knew that the men were in the game. Rich had a bass bite, Mike another. Then all the guys had fish on, boating 2 of them with Rich’s fish being the biggest at around 20lbs, Dave had a 18 and the other fish never got to the hook. Next drift a few more bass runoffs before Dave put another bass in the box. Mixed in were a few blues and the for rest of the day we would get a bass bite then nothing. With a cool (cold) north wind blowing along with cool (cold) air temps and no sunshine until we got back to the dock it was far from comfortable on the water. No complaints from the guys as they opted to stay out longer and try and put a few more fish in the box. Another tough trip with just a few fish to show for all of their effort. Fishing will break at my spot once we get some stable weather, and when it does, I plan to be there!!!    To top it off I got a phone call later questioning my move south as the bass started chewing before my Scales n Tales was out of sight from up north,  some days I am the bug, other days the windshield, today I was the bug………….

May 16 2009 Sal Bananas “ASA” 11th place

The crew consisted of Sal, Erwin jr, Anthony P., Dean M and myself. The plan was to make a long run with 2 tanks full of bunker to the big fish grounds to the south, mother nature would the final say. I knew something was up during the run to GKH at 3:30 am to secure the bait. Fog as thick as it can get and that cold easterly wind. Bait was easy, but the navigating was not. Most of the Captains on the water were doing a good job in these treacherous conditons but every now and then a knuckle head would coming flying through, first you see him on the radar, then you hear him, sometimes you never even got to see the boat, glad to hear there were no mishaps on this day. SO we changed plans due to the weather and the forecast. Plan “B” was solid, I was provided some real good intel on a spot out of the way. Once there, birds were working, fish were boiling and the bass were biting, just not big enough. Then we started hunting and I could not put the crew into any more bass for over the rest of thed day. Moved here and there, tried all the spots that I had in this location waiting for the tide to turn. Once it did fish started to show on my screen and the blues were chewing again. We had Anthony’s 20 in 1 tank and Erwin jr in the other. Dean and I only had blues and Sal was stinking like skunk when it happened. Zempe had called and said, never count that guy out, have faith in him.Thats when it happened, from the back of my boat I watched as Sal stretched his arms out as far as they would go while letting the fish run, when I asked him if he had 1 going I was told “sush”! Then he set the hook with his only Sal can do style and the rod bent over and the line came real tight and headed for the point. Thats when his hooked came free from that fish and left us to wonder just how big that fish was. We all knew that the 20 lber would be laughed at back at the scale, and Sal who specializes in catching only “big fish” had the game in his hands with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. There were some real good fish back at Bahrs and we were happy to weigh 1in. Next year things will be different, (think I used that once before).  We all told Sal on the long ride home that if he washed in tomato juice he should be able to wash the “SKUNK” before the next fishing trip…………

May 15, 2009 Brian Skerlanitz Bass

With the constant SE keeping the ocean temps cold, I decided to make a drastic move and fish a spot that I have not fished in 3 years. We anchored in a very comfortable spot and got the baits into the water. Doug wasted no time in hooking the first fish within the first 10 minutes and then Jim sr hooke dinto a nice fish and in the first hour we put 6 real nice bass in the boat. This action all happened on the “bad tide” so when the action slowed I told the guys to get prepared for a hot bite in about a hour. Well that hour came and went and so did the next one. Not even the blue swould chew on the fresh bait. We had a bite here and there but nothing like we had experienced when we first got there. Brian, both Jims and Doug fished hard the whole day long and Doug added 1 more right before we called it a day. This was the most productive trip of the week and I am looking foward to getting back out to the ocean. Tomorrow will be a big day………..

May 13, 2009 Jan Bera Bass Trip

Maybe I am pushing the live bunker a little to early. I can’t help think that the bass would eat the live ones if they see it, water temp is good, winds are right but the bass don think so. So when Jan, Tom, Rich and Noodles wanted to go striper fishing it was another easy decision for me. 2 Tanks full of live ones and off we went. Poking fun at some of the equipment they brought along, I could only wait until the first fish were hooked. Nooldles finally put a nice 23lber in the boat well into the trip. A few blues here and there a few bass bites and then it died. Rich picked another nice fish on the troll and then it was over, stayed out long in hopes of the fish turning on which never did. Thick fog and cold air temps did not damped this crew and they fished hard throughout the day. At the trips end we had only 2 bass to show for all their effort, and they did not get many chances either!!! Last week at this time I was chomping at the bit, looking foward to the bass bite, it will come, I just don’t know when…………..

May 11, 2009 Greg White Bass “livelining”

We had a first catching bait as Erwin jr on his first toos put 2 weaks in the boat, 15 1/2 lbs and 12lbs, pictures were taken and both with were released. Then he loaded the tanks and off we went. Fun bunch of guys, and with 2 videos camaras onboard, I was expecting explosive fishing today. Once there, the screen remain blank as very little life was marked. Action came quickly as the blues found the live bunker very tasty. So after fighting off the blues a bass was hooked and landed by Bob put the first bass in the boat and a little while later, John caught another.  The striper bites were few and far between and the guys realized soon that either they have to hook these fish right away or let them run, and either you hook them or you dont, no in between. Lots of laughs and a little chop breaking combined with the nice weather and good crew made for a nice day on the water. Too bad the bass did not feel the same way………..