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May 9, 2009 Daly’s Orphans – NJhunter Tournament

This much anticipated day arrived with a sever thunder and lighting storm. As I watched the storm pass to the northeast while standing at the dock, my only wonder was again,”are we able to catch bait”. Tom and his crew arrived and the chips were laid on the table and the plan was set. Off to GKH for bait and Erwin jr took care of that in just a few throws and a course for big waters was set. The trip was a long one due to the PEA SOUP fog but safety is primary. Once on the grounds I have a routine that takes me to numerous spots that usually holds fish and bait, today nothing. So we started fishing blind. Matt and Doug were first in the water and the baits got hit immediately. Then a few more grabs and only grabs, these fish did not want to eat the bait, and then nothing. Not what I had planned on for sure, credit to the crew because they fished hard, a move here and there and then finally a move to Sal Bananas spot. This proved to be the stop of the day as we were molested by bass for over a half hour. Tom put 1 in the boat about 18lbs, and then Matt hooked a nice fished that when put on the Boca pulled 22lbs. Nice start but I know there are much bigger fish to be caught, had them yesterday. To my dismay the bite ended, figured they would start once the tide started, wrong. No more bass!!! A move here and found the large size gators chewing on anything you would put in the water. We went deep, shallow, trying to locate the bass. No marks, no bait, like they just disappeared. So, in our Quest for the 1, we had a decent fish, certainly not what I had planned on, both in weight and quantity. I felt sure that I could put these guys on some cows today and was totally bumbed out when we called a day and headed for port. The men were great to fish with, and they were happy about the 1 decent bass we had. Back at the dock the fish even looked smaller as they loaded her into a cooler for a trip to the scale. Other then the slow fishing, it was a great bunch of guys to spend the day with, trading hunting , butchering, and other  stories. Looking foward to them fishing with us real soon. Then the phone rang and Matt says in a somber tone,” dude, we did not even take the fish out of the cooler, there was a 32, 34, 30 all on the scale and alot of high 20’s” and I was shocked, fished the last 8 days in a row and thought I had a finger on the stripe bass pulse. ( now I am mad at myself because I talked these guys into forgoing catching alot of fish for big fish) There was silence on the other end of the phone when Matt goes” We won it!!, we took first place!!!!! My reaction scared the family having burgers at the dock and was the icing on the cake to a real great day…………. Thanks to Tom and his crew for chosing me to fish with, and MATT for catching “THE ONE!!”

May 8 2009 Exploration Time

I could not sleep last night knowing we had fish down the beach, my only unknown was if were are going to make bait. Erwin jr took care of that so we were off in just a few throws to see if we could make them eat. Water temp is still cold but the bait readings are solid, so we started fishing. Fish are here, not really chewing hard and you have to have patience once you get bit. Not red hot but very decent, ended up with 4 fish to 29lbs. Had many more fish attack the baits and only a few blues. Highlight of the day happened right at the end when Erwin jr was tossing a popper and dead sticked his bunker off the port stern. His bunker cut a wake from way out heading right to my boat. About 20 yards out, a big bass was seen underneath the bait and then swirled on him in clear view, big square tail, brilliant green back, bright silver sides with black stripes, if this does not get you excited live bunker fishing is not for you!!!!! She eats the bait and heads east, she scaled at 29lbs. Just the start to another great bite, we cannot wait…………………..

May 7, 2008 Mike Wilson “To troll or not to troll”

It was decided to roll the dice, try and secure some live bait and catch some bass. Erwin jr caught plenty of live ones and off we went. All this rain finnaly caught up with the bay as the outgoing was terrible. I explained a move to the men and MIke and his crew were all for it. Let me say that the seas were everything I expected and more, however the men were caught a little off guard. Sporty conditons to say the least and only 4 of the 5 were able to fish. Birds were working and the fishfinder was alive, so was the ocean as the baits were eaten by the bass. Hooking them was another question and when 1 was hooked, fighting them in the victory at sea conditions proved to be nearly impossible as only Jim was able to put 1 in the boat. So with one passenger calling for “Ralph” we headed back to the shelter of the bay where we were able to cast to small bluefish and provide a little action to a put a bend in their rods. Back at the dock, Mike cancelled his shark charter before it was even booked!!!!!! A few fish would have gone a long way today. The guys were great despite the slow action and tough seas………

May 5, 2009 Rich Framarin Bass

After yesterdays action this was a no brainer and I was not to flexible if we were going to put some bass in the Scales n Tales today.  4 days in a row fishing in pouring rain, I am getting used to it, but as long as the fish bite, I could not care what the weather is. So we left the marina with a plan in place. The problem was before I got to my preplanned starting area, the screen lit up. Lines in, fish on, just like that, and that how it was for the first 2 -1/2 hours. Lots of bass to 17 1/2lbs again. A few decent blues mixed in, they backed off a lot from yesterday with the big drop in water temp. Again, it rained hard, let up a little, coll down some more and rain again. The crew were eagerly awaiting the next fish. The marks were the best of the year so far, lots of bait moved in and we had fish in many areas. Then the tide dropped and with that so did the fish. My screen was blank and the lures were untouched for long periods of time. Every now in then a lone blue or small bass for feel bad for us and eat the bait. I call them the pity fish. The fish god feels bad for the effort put forth and throws us that pity fish just to keep us in the game. You don’t feel the weather conditions when you are catching, but your miserable is miserable when the action dies. The guys did not complain and even were contemplating staying out longer to wait for the tide. However the cold ocean breeze combined with the rain made the call to head for port a easy one. All 6 men went home with the white meat and some real nice bluefish filets for the church. A good day despite the weather..   Again we made the right call as my buddy went striper less for the 2nd straight day fishing a different style. I will switch to live bunker before the week is over, and will post on this blog my results, whether good or bad……………

May 4, 2009 Rich Peters “Bass any Style”

Being on the water the last 3 days enabled me to know what our best chances are to boat some. So in the pouring rain while still at the dock it was decided to pull some plastics again. It did not take too long, 2 minutes before we had some action. Even though the blues bit early it would be only a matter of time before the stripers would eat. I had the perfect crew, 3 fathers, 2 with their daughters and 1 with his son. Action was solid and they were battling fish in some real nasty rain. We would mark some fish, and then catch them. (I love it when a plan works). No giant bass were hooked and very few fish were lost, but we did manage to boat quality fish to 17-1/2lbs. Erika did a number again on the linesiders as she put bass after basss in the boat. Jan caught her first striper ever and her smile in the rain says it all, even though she had on a “BOSOX” cap. Fishing was steady and the rain steadier. Rich, Dave (who came from afar), Greg and Andrew never ever wavered because of the nasty weather. At the end of the trip, both my fish boxes were full and all aboard would be going home with real fresh white meat!! Even at the dock as the picture shows, they were all smiles holding up some of the bass. Poor Andrew was soaked to the skin combined with the cold southeast, the only thing that could have been worse was if it was snowing. So the Rich Peters  2nd trip was the exact opposite in tactics from last year, but just as productive. Can’t wait to have them back………

May 3, 2009 “King Force” Bass

All winter long, we waited for this day in hopes of feeding live bunker to big bass. However, due to the lack of bunker, plans were changed. Keith and his friends were made aware of the fishing and after a very good try of putting a few bunker in the tank, we decided to pull the plastic again. The lures were not in the water to long before the first bass was on, but not for too long. Then another, same thing, then it was Keiths turn and when the 3rd bass hit and he went to set the hook, Erwin Jr, questioned his tactics, which was tersely answered with a ” Do you know who I am ? ” Jr, retracted his question and backed down form the King. After order was restored, the King quickly loss his Bass. Then the action slowed down, at which point Dale put on his rally cap and that started the fish to start chewing on the lures again. Through out the morning the action was much better then the weather and a good number of bass were boated, with  many stripers  released, some on purpose, some not. (story for another day)The rain certainly did not dampen the spirits as the crew were great and we enjoyed the day on the water. This will only make the bunker fishing that much sweeter when it finally happens. I am looking foward to have the guys experience the thrill of a “BIG BASS” taking a bunker off the surface.