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June 22, 2009 Keith Force pm Bass

I still cannot believe this, we are waiting for Keith and his gang to arrive when I get this call from another Captain telling me “Erwin, only a few boats here, bass exploding all over, hurry” That gets my attention, I don’t want to miss another hot bite! As I was looking to call Keith, he calls me and states” We just got off the highway and going to get a burger!” when I tell him what I just heard he laughs and says good, but I want a hamburger…..This bothered me but what could Ido. So they arrive to the boat, with filled stomachs and we are off. Around the hook, I get the call, the fish backed off, good luck.. The way my luck has been it just figures. Now we arrive and The first bait goes in the water, and it is immediately smashed and a fish is hooked, then another and another. All the baits are getting hit and the hookups were solid. Even Jimberoni (clicker-on) hooked into a few. Put 11 fish in the boat on the first drift all nice fish between 22-30 lbs. Then it was over, all I could think about was if they only could wait until later to eat that burger. So we go hunting and end up south again among huge schools of bunker. A few more fish on, Rob needs to wait until he has a fish hooked before he announces fish on!!!!! Keith needs to use alittle more tact in his response to the Captain (I have feelings too) although his words did not hurt as much as when he poked my eye out. Many laughs, and lots of bass. A few more for the boat down south and we finished up where it all started with another shot of these great game fish back north. Just what the Doctor ordered, fishing is fun again…………… 

June 20, 2009 pm Don Eyerich

I gave Don the option to change this trip from the morning to the afternoon, due to the “hot bite” in the afternoon. Sitting at the dock in the rain, hearing about the bite that was occurring at this moment, all I wanted was for it to last until we arrived. It was not to be, bluefish were chewing and we managed to put 1 bass in the boat. We hit all the spots, just could not make it happen, made a final attempt further south with no results before I called it a trip, way below my expectations, nice bunch of guys and we had a lot of fun. Matt needs to loosen his cap alittle………………..

June 19, 2009 am Zempe “Trophy Bass”

I really had no idea what yesterdays storm had done to the bass or the bait. So when we came upon a large school of bunker tight to the beach, I knew this was a good sign. 2 throws, plenty of bait and a nice 38″, bass, which was released. The the school was starting  to get pushed by bass, we had a couple a runoffs and trying to stay with the school which was tight ot the beach was not easy with the large left over swell. Having another boat get between us and the beach did not help either. If I can lob a bunker into your boat (KATMAN) you are too close. He killed the school and the bass bite so it was time to go hunting. Charlie had the first of the cows when a 42lber sucked his bunker off the surface and after a short battle on his Toys r Us rod he had the first fish of the trip. Zempe was next and then Anthony, yes Anthony hooked 1 and got it to the net. These 3 fish were 42, 40, 38 lbs. Quality fish in sunshine conditions. A move north put us into a real solid bite, large blues and if you got on the marks it was all bass. We had 5 baits getting boiled on at a time until the bent rods attracted enough boats to scatter the bass. The “A” team came through today, putting together a great catch, action all morning long. Anthony gets the most improved angler award, Rick used Uncle’s Lou rod to put a nice bass in the boat. Charlie was his steady self, as was Zempe who now agrees with me that braid is not suited for this type of fishing. Jack – leave your circle hooks home!!! A great trip, great weather, and great day……… Another charter boat, Jersey Devil got the block of the day when he positioned his boat that blocked the trolling fleet from getting on our drift, that enabled us to get 1 more hot bite, Capt, beers on me at Barnacle Bills, thanks!!!!

June 17, 2009 pm Charles Geyer Bass

For a week everyone has been enjoying the great evening bite, same winds, storm coming in tonight, bait for miles, fish should bite right? Took a little time to find the fish, but once we did they responded to our baits and Tom put the first fish in the boat on the 2nd drift on the beach. All the guys handled the big swell, although at times it did look like I had a bunch of drunken sailors on board. For the first 2 hours the bass would chase the baits and bend a rod, then the bunker schools really balled up and at 1 time, the bass exploded on them. Scott was fighting his bass and we could not get to the mayhem in time. Then everything settled down, the bait spread out and the action died. Except for the occasional bass bite. they were very hard to mark and when you did get into them, the marks had lockjaw! It seemed like the fish chewed earlier in the day. Chuck and myself had very high expectations for his crew, however like so many times this year they were not to be. Great guys, fished hard in the nasty weather, just a slow evening……..

June 16, 2009 pm Zempe Bass

Coming off of yesterdays shutout, and losing the morning trip due to one of the customers having a case of Montezuma revenge, and fore casted stiff SE winds the trip made me really wonder what are we going to do? Zempe and his crew were ready for the hard ride south and if the fish had lockjaw, so be it. There has been a very consistent evening bite and we just needed this to continue for 1 more day. Near the grounds I received a call stating that it is going off further south, naturally when we got there it was over. On the rebound north, we came across breaking bass and just about all aboard put multiple bass in the boat. A move here and there found nothing and we ended up where they bit hard the evening before. Looking around I found some markings and needed the bait to get in the water NOW!! Keith listened and quickly hooked up. Every time we found the marks we hooked up. Anthony using his jigging technique attracted the fish to the baits, combined with Bob’s chumming with live bait had the rest of the crew into pretty steady action. 2 highlights of the trip was #1, Zempe hooked and landed a 40lber for the big fish of the night and #2 he held on to his fishing pole on this trip. Rick and Keith both put quality fish sin the box as well.

June 15, 2009 am Mark Fiduli Bass

Rounding the hook and seeing the big swell that was forecasted to be 1 – 2, I knew what kind of day we were going to have. The day timebite to be honest has sucked the last 4 days in our area. It has been all evening. It will change, and I am hoping today is the day. Mark has sent me numerous customers and unfortunately my dud trips this year have all been these trips. So with 2 tanks of bunker I headed straight for my honey hole that has put fish in the boat many times this year. 1st drift, nothing, 2nd drift we marked them and no takers, 3rd try, nothing, after the 4th drift and nothing again,  Imove dto the rocks in hopes of bending a rod. My plan of setting the anchor and chunking got tabled when the big swell would have made this very uncomfortable. A few blues were boated, a few more were not and we finished the day fluking and did have a few for the box, should have made the move sooner. ps- The evening bite found slaughter conditions for a few hours a little further south, but there was a bite!!! go figure…..

June 14, 2009 pm Rich Framarin Evening Bass

My hopes were high as we missed the evening blitz that occurred yesterday. My buddy left early and located the bait, which we loaded the tanks in short fashion. Same winds, early morning bait conditions so things should be the same, I hope. Well it did not take too long before Big Donnie hooked into a real good fish, in short order he had a 30+ laying on the deck. Then Rich hooked into a beauty and we had 2 in the box. The next drift we had bass crash our baits, follow them in, jump on them right next to the boat. Although they did not stay on the hook too long, it sure did provide great excitement. Rich and Big Donnie put another fish in the boat before I had to move because of the boats that insist in fishing in my boat. I got a call from up north and on the way, bass blew up on a bunker schoole that got Dennis into a few bass and Rich another 1. Big Donnie had numerous fish on but seemed to be snake bit when it came time to put them in the boat. Then it was over, but another great evening bite, a box full of white meat, smiles on the crews faces and a pretty sunset for the ride back to the marina.. If only everyday could be like this……………

June 13, 2009 JCAA Fluke Tournament

Myself, Erwin jr, Sal, Anthony and Dean had planned on this trip since last year, but first we still needed to get our fix of bass. Being Saturday I knew that there was going to be a tough bite and after 2 drifts over good marks and no takers we headed to the fluke grounds.  Once there we put down the jigs and it was game on. Anthony and Dean were hooked up with decent keeprs on the first few drifts and Jr was also putting soem meat on the deck. Just enough action to keep me from moving. We did the same line 5 or 6 times when Anthony fishing next to me, set up on a fish and the bend in his rod said enough, we all knew this was a fluke by the way it dug for the bottom and not a pain in the ass dogfish. When it was in the net a few high 5’s and some smiles that we finally had a fish that might hold up in the top ten. We finished the day with a few more nice fish 4 -5 lbs and a live well full of keepers. Anthony’s fish weighed in at 7-1/2lbs and was good enough was 4th place at Julians when the scales closed. Sal did get to fish for a few minutes ( he went thru 15lbs of sinkers), and did catch a fluke, although it was small. He said it would have been 1 more then Skinny water Al would have caught. Al he misses you!!!!

June 12, 2009 (pm) Mike Carfello bass

Mike and his crew were ready and willing to get into the fish, so was I !   On the first stop, we had the bass biting right away, missed a few and caught a few. Then the phone rang and I had to make a decision on running and gunning for a few more fish. The guys fished hard and the friday night traffic did not help in our effort in landin gsome bass. We did have a small boat, 21′ Aqua sport run over a hooked bass (asshole)!!!!  Thats when I decided to find some less busy water. It paid off as we boated some real nice fish and loss a few more. Greast weather, calm water, good guys, Hooper drives the boat CHief!!!!!!   Missed George, but Mike tried his best in rallying the guys to stay focused, thankgod he left his noodle rod home………..

June 12, 2009 Zempe Bass

We all know that every day cannot be Sunday, and every now and then you need to chew on some grizzel before you get to the pink meat. So after a few real good trips we were due for a dud. Again the weather was dismal and the forecast was not any better. Zempe kicked things off with a decent fish on the first stop and Bob put another bass in the box later in the morning, then the slow action died. Here and there and no more fish or bites and we decided to head to the marina so the guys could fill up on cheeseburgers…………We will get them next time…..