Monthly Archives: July 2009

July 24, 2009 Zempe Fluke

Yesterdays weather left a big swell and some dirty water inshore, but the guys were upto trying the rough stuff. After a hour, Charlie could only manage catching the fluke and no the bottom, Zempe’s sinker bag was 10lbs lighter, I made a move north and ended up in the “A” channel. There we were able to find fish, but only small ones. Then I got the call, and it could have come at a better time. So we made the run back south where Charlie continued putting on his clinic and we did manage to put some keepers in the box. Anthony hooked a fat 3lber that looked like it would be the money fish only to have Rick feed his bait to a nice 4 -1/2lb fluke that was the big fish of the day. Jimberoni did well for a while until he lost his concentration and Zemp put a real hurtin on the seabass population. Ocean layed out and you could not have asked for a nicer day.   

July 22, 2009 Crew Trip Tuna Tuna Tuna

After last years goose egg on tuna, we started the year with a bang going 1 for 2 on tuna hits and Anthony setting the bar high on a very nice Mahi. In clam, clear warm water we used Islanders and Hoo on the surface to get the monkey off our back. August should be a great month to get off shore……..Big Joe put the bluefin, 40lb in the boat and we also had many skipjacks hit the lures. Anthony’t fish hit the short line right next to the boat and put on a great show in the crystal clear water…..

July 17, 2009 Zempe Bass

Leaving the dock a little later then normal for Zempe and his crew, I had the right guys in the bow looking for a bunker school, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, so when I made the turn, they both thought we left someone at the dock. 1 throw filled the tanks and a pail and off we went. Tom hooked into the first bass right away and we had bass on for the next 2 hours, until the tide dropped. Zempe had 2 on live bunker!! Thats when we made the move to the channel to try for the flat fish . Fishing was far from fast, but they did manage 3 keepers among the many throwbacks, which are very small. This bass trip was a success as they were able to go home with the white meat……………

July 14, 2009 Prosser Bass

Great weather again, I know where there are stripe bass that are ready to take a bait, things could not get better right?  Bob informed me that he does not want to fish for fish thatare only 30” and would rather catch his limit of fluke rather then waste his time on the bass. I could not believe what I was hearing but it is his trip. So off we went to the fluke grounds, It is not that easy to catch keepers, but he will find out soon enough. Fishing the rough stuff is difficult to say the least and after a hour of nothing but snags I moved towards the beach. On the way we came across a patch of large blues on the surface which provided some great top water action. The only fluke they could catch were small, real small. Weather was great and as the day wore on the fishing got slower, we ended up on the reef where there were plenty of Fluke and Ray did manage a keeper and a nice seabass. Should went striper fishing…………….

July 13, 2009 pm Keith Force Bass

After last Monday’s fruitless attempt at bass, I can’t wait to get them out and into the bass that I know are waiting for us to catch. Beautiful skies, right tide, fish were there this morning, winds sw 5 – 10  ( yeah right). Rounding the bend to find victory at sea conditions with 15 -20 SE and 3 -5  waves with a 5 second interval. I got us were needed to get, however it was not fishable. Drifted alittle off the spot in hopes of having the wind back off, but it was only getting stronger. Finally we decided to give it a go and after 2 tries called it off. Headed back to the shelter of the bay, giving Jimberoni a wet ass on the ride back. There we drifted for fluke, making long drifts with very little to show for it. The wind never backed off, right to the end, blew hard. Toys are Us Rodney gave up soon as he does not have the feel for catching the bottom fish. I could not belive the lack of action on th einside as even the shorts were hard to come by. Now that I have a line on the bass, and can’t get these guys on the fish because of mother nature is hard to bare……… Plenty of laughs with Keith and his crew, can’t wait until next year…

July 13, 2009 Mike Burns Sharks/Bass?

After enduring a terrible thunder and lighting storm, not to mention  extremely heavy rain on their last trip, that by the way interrupted a great stripe bite. The great weather was a welcome site. I told Mike what was going on and that I feel confident that we couldget into some bass today. Mike and his crew, not being spoiled by the lack of size decided in quick fashion that we will give it a go. Bait was easy and we were off. I knew needed the right tide and that we had to wait a while for the change over. All the while I am thinking this is the perfect weather to chase those sharks. Once the tide started, the fish showed up and we had fish on every drift. The big fish going 31″ but everyone except Terry had bass. There was 1 spot that when we drifted over, someone was going to get hooked up. Plenty of throwbacks but plenty of action. Very sporty in the current and the guys had a real good time hooking these fish. Stripe Bass are a great fish at any size. Mike made the right move and they all were rewarded with great eating fillets. A few fluke were also boated with 2 making the minimum size. I wish all my trips could be like this………

July 12, 2009 SHBA Fluke Tournament

Final day, my crew is dragging and Skinny water Al must have told his friends our secret spot, because we were the first boat to the area and all the boats swarmed right to us. He has alot to prove today and the water dropped, new batch of water moved in, signs not too good. Fishing very slow, but I am not moving, all or nothing in this spot today. After a few hours and only a couple of small keepers, Skinny water hooks into something big,again. I could tell right from the start that this was a fluke, and a good one. He did a great job with his Toys are Us rod  getting this fish off the bottom. Everytime the fish dug for the deep, my heart skipped a beat. Skinny Water was shaking and I needed to give him a confidence boost by giving him a pep talk during the battle. Hecould not see the fish in the gin clear water, but I could, and I did let out a “Holy Shit” that did nothing good for Al as he had no idea how big this fish was until now. One more lift and I had her in the net. Thats when Skinny water melted, his hands shaking like a heroine addict and his knees not able to hold him up. (toughen up Al). High fives all around, this was the biggest fluke that I ever was involved with. Digital scale bounced from 11lbs to 12 lbs, but it is the scale at the weigh station that counts. We were able to keep her alive the rest of the day and we got her officially weighed at 10lbs 14 ounces. Good enough for first at 15:30 hours. I did see another boat land a giant that was as big a the fish we put in the boat, time will tell. Back at the dock, we had the hard time of wating that 1 1/2 hours until the scales close and when we saw that other fish, we knew it would be close. His fish weighed in at 11lbs even, 2 ounces heavier enough to take first place, knocking us to second.  Nothing we could do other then shake his hand and congratulate them on their catch. Skinny water did come prepared to fish and did box our big fish. Hope his wife lets him come next year………..

July 11, 2009 SHBA Fluke Tournament

Skinny water Al was allowed 1 more chance to prove that he can catch fish in water deeper then 10′. Sal bananas really wanted Al on the trip because he is the only person that Sal ever out fished. I had some spots in mind and on the first stop we put 3 in the box and thought that I had hit a home run. when the drift dropped out, I could not even buy a fish powerdrifting. So we headed down to the money spot. A fish here and there and I knew that we would have to stick it out until we got the right tide. Then it started, Al hooked into a decent fish, over 6 and we were boxing quality, not giants, just quality. Even Sal had a fish! Then Skinny water Al hooked into a big fish, real big fish. After a few minutes and not much gained on this fish, he lost it.  Well that could have been the fish, one will never know. He did have a very good day, Although Dean was Hegg hook with keepers, Al put the big fish of the day for us on the boat. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

July 10, 2009 Zempe Basss

Now that I have my finger on the pulse of the bass,  I did not fish yesterday but my buddy did and did very good. I could not wait to get the guys on these fish. Birds everywhere, no marks, just a matter of time. However it did not develope in time and we switched over to fluke only to find out that the fish turned on a little later then we had planned. On the bright side was the nice patch of fluke we found, and Bob was able to put a few nice ones in the box.