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August 26, 2009 Crew off shore

Mother nature changes the plan, I still cant get over how the weather forecast is nowhere what it really is. We did have the fluke rods and I was determined to put the guys into some decent fish.  The grounds were covered with fluke and thick ones. however many were just under the 18″ line. Telling Paul that the reward is great for those that stick with this type of fishing, even though the snags are terrible and frustrating, hoping that he believes.  I hooked a good one and dropped it half way up. They always feel good when you lose them half way up!!! The wind kept all but 2 boats away from this area and it was very easy to get on the drift line. Then it happened, the tell tale thump, the downward tugs, the straight down, drag taking runs. My heart was beating fast when we first got to see this fish, and when Erwin Jrslid the net under this beauty, I knew this was my best fluke ever. It taped 30″ and hit my bucktail, which I make from scratch. After the hoopla was over, Paul had his chance and dropped a big one on the next drift, and Erwin jr had 2 big fish on and dropped them as well. There is no missing the distinct fight of a big fluke. Paul brought along some great sandwiches and between the action and the company, this turned out to be another great day on the water. Back at the scale, the official weight was 10.92lbs!!! My best fish ever and this overtakes Skinny water Al for the new boat record, shattering the old record of 10.88 lbs…….This fishing can be very slow at times, makes you say some pretty nasty curse words, but when they start hitting, is very rewarding and exciting. I still miss a lot of fish this way but I really enjoy it, and hope the guys do as well……..

August 25, 2009 Mike Cybulski Fluke

The plan is to best Mike’s big fish record that he set on his last trip. After yesterdays trip, I thought we had a very good chance. The water was extremely dirty and the bottom was covered with small seabass. Hot sweltering conditions made fishing very difficult. The crew did their best, as did I trying to locate some fish that would chew. Mike did land a nice solid fluke around 5lbs, and 2 more keepers were added. 1 giant seabass, and a few big flukethat got away rounded out the day. Mike did his best at imitating the Yamahas at idle, but needs to work on his tones. The Yamahaskie (polish outboard) needs work…… (no more cigars Mike).    A very nice day on the water, 2 boys with their dads, and Mike. Too bad the fishing was poor in the keeper category……

August 24, 2009 Anthony Sickinger FLuke

Leaving the crystal clear, fish infested waters on Friday, and having the storm pass us over the weekend, I had no idea what to expect. Every trip the expectations are to load the box, sometimes it just does not work like that. When we had 4 fish on the first drop, at least the fish were still here and chewing. Many small fish and only a few decent keepers. Al  wasfishing in the bow with bucktails was putting on a clinic when he hooked into a big fish that broke his line near the boat. The rest of the guys were into real good action with fish just shy of the keeper mark. We moved here and there and found fish at every drop. Then the bite started and the guys put quite a few keepers in the box before Anthony hooked into the big fish of the day near 7lbs that ended a fun, productive day. Great bunch of guys and another real nice day on the water.

August 21, 2009 Crew Fluke-(Mahi)

With my Scales n Tales out of the water for scheduled maintenance, I jumped on the chance to go with my buddy on his boat. 1 final chance to get on the flat fish before the big blow. So Dean, Boston Pete, and myself headed south on Jr’s boat. Once on the grounds, we encountered very clean, warm water and the fluke really wanting to take the baits.  Jr had his limit of quality fish before 10, myself a few minutes later. Boston Pete was also doing well when it happened. Dean stated that he just saw a big Mahi swim by the boat, Jr said nothing and rolled his eyes, and I said “are you sure it was not a bluefish?” When he said, “I swear, hope to have GOD take me now if I am lying.” Now I am trying to figure out what to tell his mother when it comes back and Jr and Pete see this beast as well. I toss a few live baits in the water to keep around the boat and this fish is attacking everyones offerings. Pete was the one bait that this fish took a liken too and when he set the hook, it was game on. Completely lit up, tailwalking, the blistering run  was all I could take as I watched Pete battle this beautiful fish. Finally I got the chance to get the net under this fish and what seemed like for ever, Pete had his trophy Mahi in the boat. (see gallery) This fish had interrupted a great fluke bite and after all the hoopla subsided we were able to get back to the flat fish. Thats when Dean finally put up the flag and rerigged like we hadasked him to do earlier. Then it happened, his rod doubled over and in the hard SE wind he had  the fish he has been hunting for a long time, it did not make that magical 10lb mark but at 8lb 10ounces was his best fluke to date. With a 4 man fluke limit,  1big Mahi in the boat, we decided to head back to the safety of the bay. I hope for the sake of all the fishermen out there that his blow does not drastically effect our fishing for the last 2 weeks of the season…. Time will tell……….. Plenty of white meat for everyone again………………..

August 17, 2009 Greg White MAHI!!!!

Finally, after 1 trip was blown out, we got the weather we needed and then all that was left was to find the Mahi. The first few stops did not produce and heading east, did not look promising. Finally we made the right stop and we were able to spot a few Mahi, Tim hooked the first 1 and then the others got hungry and we had some white meat in the box. This was not the EPIC bite I was looking form but it did break the ice. The next move really put us into the action as a debris line held jumbo MAHI and many larger trigger fish. The Big Mahi would not eat so we left in hopes of finding better fishing else where. Then it happened, the right spot where there anxious Mahi and lots of life. Dan then hooked into a nice fish that would have made the ESPN highlight film!!!! After a lengthy battle, we had a beauty on the deck(see gallery), and Dan had a trophy Mahi!! That was the fish of this trip and we then had a nice calm ride back to the marina.   Another very nice day on the water with a real good bunch of guys………..

August 15, 2009 Vincent Carlesi Fluking

My first to spots did not produce anything other then a few shorts and some nice seabass. Vincent and his son Chris fished hard during the slow period and kept the faith. Finally I got onto a spot that held some nice fish and we were able to put soem nice fluke into the box. I was bucktailing and Vincent and his son were using bait. Chris wanted to switch and he got the fell right away. By the end of the trip, he had the feel and touch and had fish on his setup every bounce. It was like he was doing this his whole life. Combine this father and son outing with the great weather and this day was very memorable, for many reasons…….

August 14, 2009 Sally Bananas

Here is his chance to get soem white meat in his freezer, only problem his he thinks that the searobins count as the white meat. While myself and Dean were hitting the flat fish hard, Sal was busy feeding the birds. The weather was incredible so when I lost the tide in the channel, it was a easy decision to head back to the sticky stuff to fill the box. Got on a spot that held quality keepers and we had multiple keepers on every drift, even Sal got a Keepa!! It was a great day on the water, even though we stayed out for almost 12 hours. Plenty of white meat to go around. The fluking has been exceptional the past week. Anyone wanting to get on this fishing better hurry, season ends in a few weeks……..

August 12, 2009 BFT Crew trip

With the very calm forecast and the reports red hot from the tuna grounds, we rounded the hook early and made the 53mile run in a little over a hour. We got the spread out and started the troll. A few friends in the fleet were into the fish on jigs and bait. I decided to stick with the troll. (mistake)  Finally I had the guys pull in the lines and we got set up jigging. A few more skippies and 1 small BFT was all we had to show for the effort. Back on troll and to some new water, only to find the same nothing other then the skip jacks.  Once we were 45 miles out, the weather turned and made it a very interesting ride back to port. Another trip to the tuna grounds, and another let down, the fish were biting for many of the boats there, a few of us had nothing to show. Next time I am going right to the jig, bet they bite on the troll.

August 11, 2009 Me and my son Fluke

Leaving the fish biting yesterday, and very few boats at this spot, I had to get back out there and try and get some white meat for my freezer. We got a late start due to Jr having to finish up his shift. Once there the only drift was the current, but it was the same direction and it did not take to long before we had the box full with our 2 man limit. Nothing giant, I did get the big fish at 4lbs, good for a 12-peck (Becks) and the most, 12-pack (Becks) thankyou very much!!! Feels great to fish again…Plenty of white meat today……

August 10, 2009 Chris Trebor Fluke

A stiff breeze that was against the tide made for some p conditions early, and the area that I wanted to fish held all shorts before the bite died. Just did not want to wait it out so I made a major move. Glad I did because, Chris along with his father,  his 2 sons, Will and Charley, and with a friend Anthony, found very decent fluking with a good number of keepers. Mixed in were the usual 17-1/2″ shorts and the searobins and dog fish. Toss in a few spider crabs and we had quite the mix. The kids were great, and kept the record straight, knowing who had what and how many. This is the 2nd year in a row where the 3 generations of Trebors were on board. A very special day on the water for all involved. I can’t wait for next year………