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Septembet 25, 2009 Zempe “Bass n Blues”

Winds forecasted to blow 15-20 with higher gusts and sunny. I am going fishing, and the charter was all for it.  The sunrise was sensational, the fall is here! We arrived to my location just as the tide was turning and the sun peeked over the horizon. Thats when the birds started flying and in no time led me to a patch of fish. Ricky’s first cast landed right on a stripers nose and Scales n Tales had the first fall season bass in the boat. Action was good until the few boats out there killed the spot. A decent move found them again. and Jack Hicks put the first keeper of the fall, a fat 35″ in the boat as Anthony Mattarazzo was fighting another one. Then the action died, birds disappeared, the fishfinder could not locate them and we made a major move to the blue fish grounds. My CONTENDER handled the sporty conditions and the guys wee into great jigging action. Big blues, 12lb fish were hooked up constantly, we kept a few and released the rest. Any kind of metal that you would toss out and reel back into the boat was attacked. They stayed with it for hours until finally, we all had enough action and called it a day. Zemp and his crew were great as usual and this was the way to start the last part of my fishing season…………….. Jack also jigged a huge seabass that weighed almost 6lbs, a real trophy for where we were fishing!!!

First deer report 2009

The rainy opening morning combined with the warm temps kept a few of the die hards out of the woods. However there was a steady flow of does from the guys that the tag for the early season bucks. Reports in the shop have just about all hunters seeing some real nice deer. Pete Burns got into a good 10pt that is the biggest so far. If Skinny water Al had not messed up (choked) on his 130 class heavy horn brute he would have the lead for the big buck. Don’t worry Al, maybe he will come back, the season is long, and with any luck he will step into your zone, 12 yards might be a little long………

September 14, 2009 Offshore on the NYSE-LY Done

A too good to be true forecast, and a bunch of gung-ho guys, Captain Mike headed for the tuna grounds a few hours before the first signs of daylight. For a change the weather man was correct and the sea conditions were perfect. We arrived at sunrise to find the ocean full of life, porpoises, whales, tuna chicks, bait on the surface and decent marks deep. Jigs were dropped and I was expecting good things to happen soon. That was not the case as no one could entice the predator fish to eat our offerings. A move further east and we were in the area of the decent bite yesterday. A dozen boats and some not so good fishing reports on the radio made Captain Mike put out the trolling spread in hopes of finding some feeding tuna. We ended up going 1 for 2 on BFT. Time for the Hudson in hopes of loading up with Tilefish. A stop on a pot found a eager school of large Mahi that were chewing on anything you tossed at them. The crew ended up with more then a few dozen large Mahi that provided great action for the guys as well as somegood video. The tilefishing was slow, just enough to give everyone a taste of the sweet white meat. While the guys were fishing, Mike was grilling and the cockpit was filled with the aroma of grilled pork chops, London broil and burgers. Combine this with the great sea conditions, nice batch of fish in the box, super boat, cold beer and Satellite TV and this was turning into a great day. A few stops on the way home in hopes of the BFT eating in the pm was non eventful. Captain Mike tried everything however it was not to be and when the sun dipped below the western horizon it was time to head for port. All I can say is today was perfect in every way, we did catch everything we tried for as well. I said this before, anyone heading off shore should check out this 50’Viking, Captain Mike will get you on the fish…

Opening day Bow Season 2009

Rain held a few of the guys from getting into the woods. There was a few large does shot, and a couple that were taken with the crossbow. It is very early and the word is that there many quality bucks out there this year. I will be posting pics again and will try to write at least weekly for now.   Good luck to all and most importantly, be safe………..

Last week of the Summer

Blew hard on Monday, cancelled the off shore, Tuna Trip. Blew hard on Tuesday, cancelled the Mahi Trip. Crabbed Wednesday, 3 dozen big Jimmies, Lisa will turn them into my favorite meal. Thursday went fluking when Erwin jr got home from the firehouse. Lots of fish however we could not find the right size.(only 2 keepers) This was to be the last fluke trip of the year. At the fire pit that night, we decided that there was no way we could end the season on this trip. Early Friday  we made to the sticky stuff in less then ideal conditions. First drift 2 nice keepers then nothing. A move here and there and lots of nothing. The weather kept getting nicer so we stayed fishing. Finally we ended up on a patch of keepers. At the end of the day we had 17 nice keepers between the 3 of us, with Sal Bananas having his best day of fluking ever!! Glad he went fishing and did not stop at the Diner (Dina) in Staten Island. Thats another story. Erwin jr had the big fish at 6lbs and all the fish were quality. Got to love the rough stuff. So now the fluke season is over, we can still fish fish for them, just can’t keep them. Small bass and the Falsies are in, and with any luck we can get a weakfish bite. If the weather is good, the offshore is red hot in September and the bass will arrive in force in just a few weeks. I am open, anyone interested give me a call.  Of course the Blues are back and very hungary, plus they are lots of fun……….. Thanks to all the guys and gals that fished with me so far this year, it has been great!!!!