Monthly Archives: October 2009

October 22, 2009 Tom Penny Bass

This trip started out just like yesterday even better, Tommy hooked a nice keeper setting the port side rig out. Then it stopped, a few short bass, some blues to keep it interesting, but a very slow trip. Nothing to throw at besides 1 shot a a school of blues and no bass to jig. Tried eeling but that was non eventful, another trip where Tommy should have been here yesterday………….

October 21, 2009 Bass Bonanza

We did not have the lines in the water for more then a few minutes before the port side went off and thats how it went for hours. We kept 6 fish to 36″ and tossed all the rest back, many that were decent keeper size. Sometimes the rigs had 2 bass on. With the eels bite almost non existent, it was the right move to pull the rigs. Even after we went looking for fish to jig or throw poppers to , found none, and went back to the rigs, it was fish on right away. 2nd trip in a row were it was non stop action……

October 14, 2009 Sal Bananas Bass Bass Bass

Finally, the fall fishing is here. Birds, bait and Bass!! Plenty of fish to 32″, Sal siad he had to many to keep count. The bass were spread out over many miles with blues mixed in. The larger fish, upto 34″ and a boat limit, were caught trolling. We did catch quite a few on jigs and poppers. Eels produced only bluefish. Water temp dropped again making this fishing possible. I just hope this weekend storm does not hurt the huge amount of bait that is stacked up in the bay and along the beaches. Should be a great fall season……….

October 11, 2009 Vincent Carlesi Bass/Blues

Knowing that there is a bass bite, and that we will have the wrong tide, did not give me high expectations. But   you have to try and try we did, went right to the spotsand dragged eels. No fish and thats when I decided to bend the rods on some blues. Further west then I wanted but they were there and 150 boats with the same plan. Chris put on a clinic and every one hooked into these big hard fighting fish. We gave it 1 more shot for the bass when Vincent hooked into a very large blue that took all he had to get him into the boat. Knowing what was going to happen at change over made it very hard to leave, but we ended the trip with no bass. Less then 2 hours later, while getting on the GSP, I got a phone call from another Captain who had 15 bass to 21 lbs, said they were all over , swirling, chasing sandeels, clobbering umbrella rigs. If only we would have stayed……….they are here and it should get better from here on out……..

October 9, 2008 Penedipede’s Blues n more Blues

The target was to find surfacing bluefish and toss poppers. 5 minutes from my dock and it was game on. Staying with these fish out towards the tip. Crashing on surface, feeding hard on the peanuts, great action. Decent size fish to 12lbs. Anthony had the big fish of just over 13lbs and his father put on a clinic in the afternoon when the fish really went wild. Word has it that the bass are starting to bite eels, and that the tunas are going strong a short ride off. If weather allows I will do both next week. Tremendous amount of bait around, just need a drop in water temp. 

October 5, 2009 Blues and more Blues!!!!

Found them everywhere, right out front, towards the back, and they are feeding. Fish to 12lbs, crushing my pencil popper and everything else you would toss at them. For me, just having them hit the surface popper is enough, let alone the fight. Now the good news, the inshore TUNA bite has started, not far, and the fish are decent size too. Anyone interested in fishing for these fish, contact me for a special rate.

October 2, 2009 John Schnedeker Inshore

With a not so good forecast, I cancelled John’s tuna trip out deep. Just not right to get out there and only fish for a couple of hours. He reluctantly agreed and decided to try for bass, blues, whatever. Tried eeling in the channel with no action and very little life. Headed south to where we found action yesterday only to find the area void of predators. A move east and John got into a real nice Bonita and the rest of theguys were able to hook into some decent blues. Not great action but just enough on every drift not to look else where. I was hoping that the jumbos were still inside and was all smiles when we rounded the hook and saw all the bird life with the yelloweyes crashing the surface. John and his crew continued catching these fish until finally they had enough. You have to love the blues on days like these, they never give up, not fussy about what you toss at them and put a great bend in the rods. Not the tuna trip as planned but today turned out pretty good considering.. A few more degrees cooler water temps and the bass will arrive, then it will be game on……..

Thursday October 1, 2009 Sal Bananas

Needed to leave mid morning to find very few boats and large areas of jumbo blues busting on the surface. Almost 2 hours of every cast hookups had the guys looking for a break. Took the ride south in hopes of getting into some different fish. Smaller blues, bonita and false albecore feeding on very small bait. There was bird action and some surface action but not alot of fish. Headed back to the bay and found the blues stacke up along officers row smahing peanuts. Again they hit everything you tossed at them. All big fish, great action. Now if only the bass would arrive………