Monthly Archives: April 2010

April 29, 2010 Greg White “Unforgettable”

Winds blowing 20 NW, after yesterdays 25-30mph, and a gung-ho crew, only 1 move to make. Greg and his men were game and prepared for any style of fishing to put a catch together. It did not take too long to figure out what we needed to do to catch some bass (see pic in gallery) and it was game on. Mike, then Rich (Simon Peters Sports), Greg, Andrew, Dan everyone had a bent rod that is pretty much how it went through the trip. Mix in a few blue fish, and this was truly a unbelievable day. Metal, Plastic, Lead, it did not matter, shallow deep, fast, slow made no difference as these bass ate and ate!! By noon all onboard were bassed out!! Never ever have I seen such fishing this time of year. I am not complaining and hope everyone gets a chance at these great game fish. The smiles on all the guys faces said it all and this day will go down as a fishing trip as good as good as it can get. Great bunch of guys, great weather and plenty of white meat to go around………….

April 24, 2010 “A” Team Live bunker and bass

It took awhile to fill the tanks, but it did not take too long before we had the bass biting. Ricky had a great runoff before the bass dropped the bait, Matt and Zempe did too. Thats when Ed stepped up and hooked his fish, not giant but a good start to the live bait season. We had action on our first 3 drifts before we headed south to try the rough stuff. The fish cooperated pretty good for awhile before they shut off, even though we could mark them, they were not interested in the live bait. A switch to hard plastic and Matt hooked into the big fish of the year so far at 26lbs. A few more hit the deck before we switchedback to live bait at the change over. Thats when the huge blues took over, we could see the bass following the blues back to the boat, but hooking them was another story. Still another great day on the water, its hard to believe we are only in April.

April, 23 2010 Big Joe Bass finally

Last years trip found only the gator blues for Joe and his crew, I needed to get them into the white meat. As the cold north west wind blew I did not want to take the chance and head south and miss the tide where I knew we could catch some bass on the inside. The guys were game for this plan and in no time Pat hooked into a nice bass that was well over the size limit and the game was on. The bite lasted for over a hour before it died. We tried here and there, took a ride south, could not find anything and ended up back in the bay for the incoming where we found another bite. Not a slammer day be any means, but the guys all got to catch a few, and it sure could have been worse…  and to top it off, Big Joe brought sandwiches that were incredible, thanks again Joe.

April 22, 2010 Anthony Peninpede Jig Bite

The weather was beautiful as we headed south looking for signs of life. Anthony(eagle eye) spotted the birds first and as we arrived, Lee and Anthony were both hooked into Bass, Tommy had a blue. A few more casts and Lee was taking Anthony to school on catching these bass on the soft baits. A long dry spell, waiting for the tide, finding good marks but to takers, finally came to a end when the birds tip us off again as a large school a good size bass was located. Anthony held his own  as did Lee, even though Lee dropped a very good fish. On the ride home in the chilly evening air eagle eye spotted a few birds off the beach and as we neared, they were pick the scraps from a large bunker school. The treble hooks were quickly tossed out and every snagged bunker got eaten, decent size bass and a few large blues. A perfect ending to a productive trip! Eagle Eyes gets the thumbs up today…….

April 20, 2010 The Bass Bite Continues

Myself, Jr, Sal Bananas and Capt Vin headed south in the gray morning daylight, hoping that the great jig bite lasts1 more day. The beautiful sunrise really charges me up and I had the Yamahas cranking in the cool early morning air. Arriving on the grounds and finding no life really threw me for a loss, however what can be better then this?  So we put in the rods and I started to work toward my spots when the starboard rod went off, then the port and before long we had the white meat in the boat!! Even a few blues bit the plugs and before this great day was over(10:30) we had put a limit plus on the deck of the Scales n Tales. Not the fishing we had hoped but it sure could have been worse. the big body of bass moved north and east and the boats  chases them were rewarded with great action.  As for me, I am not complaining, plenty of fish, great company and another day on the Atlantic Ocean…………

April 15, 2010 Zempe and the “A” team

All I wanted was for the bite down the beach to last 1 more day. SO as we approached the small fleet and saw nothing that would make me stop, I figured we were just alittle late. Then a bit further south, I noticed the birds and in a few minutes we were surrounded by diving Gannets and swirling bass. Zempe bent his rod first, then Eddie and it was non stop for the first few minutes. Run and gun fishing and fish on every stop before we ended up on the mother load with everyone on board, Uncle Lou was on fish every cast as the bass were inhaling his plastic shad, Zempe and Eddie were hooked with 10 fish following every hooked bass. Even Jimberoni had fish on most of the time before we had to leave the fish. In the box were 12 real nice keepers with Uncle boxing the big fish again, and way to many fish released to count. A few moves here and there produced fish at every stop. We ended up back in the bay and bending the rods pulling the plastics. This was a trip for the books, as I would never have thought that you can catch these bass in the middle of April on jigs, poppers. swimmers, anything you threw at them they ate. Back at the dock, everyone went home with full bags of the white meat, lots of laughs and a very memorable start to my season.   Zempe and the “A” Team strikes again……. 

April 13, 2010 Finally!!!!!

Myself, Erwin Jr, Anthony S and Captain Vinny took out the Scales n Tales on the first trip of the year. I plan on just running the boat and checking the equipment, we put the trolling rods on just for $^@%and giggles. Once it became apparent that all was well, the lines went in and we all hoped for a quick bite. That was not the case as it took over a hour to find a hungry bass. Stressing patience to my crew I assured them that good things come to all that wait. As the current picked up, so did the fishing as it was fish on, 1 after another. Anthony had the first limit of the year followed by Big Vin, the fish were not giant but well above the 28″ size limit and we had enough white meat for all on board aswe took home 6 nice bass.  Had over 30 in total with half those fish being legal. I hope this is a sign for things to come. First charter is on Thursday, and the “A” Team is anxious to set the bar high for the 2010 BASS season…….. Time will tell…

The Bass Are here!!!

Let the season begin, just got off the phone with a good buddy who stated that they could not keep the rods in the water without the bass would jump all over the baits. Then had the fish swirling as far as he could see. Limited with fish to 20lbs, then got tired of catch and release and was headed back to port for a evening cocktail!!! This is a very good sign of things to come, as for now, this is very good fishing. Got to catch these fish before the yelloweyes move in. If interested, give me a call. These are also very good eating fish, load your freezer now and let the big breeders go later………