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May 29, 2010 Bill Brymer am

Despite my plan that came to me at 1:15 this morning, I headed south in hopes of getting these guys on a couple of the bigger bass.    What a mistake!!!   Had the marks, weather, everything we needed to catch the fish except the fish were not on the same page. So with a ZERO hanging over my head, I picked up and had to find something for these guys, they had to get some white meat to take back to PA.. A stop on a bunker school did nothing except to stuff the tanks. I was going to chunk the tide and hopefully get some fish. That did not work either. The bay was flat calm and noboats which made spotting the school of bunker easy. Once there we started getting bit and Scott finally set the hook on a nice fat bass. Thats how the afternoon went, lots of bites, great boils on the bait, some bent rods however not too many made it to the net. Bill and his guys fish hard on this long day and by the end of the trip put enough bass in the boat for all the guys to be going home with some white meat…..

May 28, 2010 Zempe n the “A” team bass am

I know this sounds like a broken record, but there is a reason that these guys have earned the “A” team moniker. All the guys fish hard, fish every minute of the trip, and they are 1 with the bunker! So with some left over bait from last night and numbers not important to the guys as catching a BIG fish, I headed south. I set up the drift over a little piece that usually holds fish and Eddie sets the hook on a solid 30lber, of to a good start. Matt, Uncle Lou, Charlie all hookand land good fish, fish in the middle 30’s before the bite dies. We spent the next hour filling the tank with real fresh bait before returning to the grounds and boxing up the striper hotel. Zempe waited until the end of the game  before sending a nice 36 lb fish to the fillet table. A 4 out of 5 hook up was the perfect way to end the day ! Just a note regarding Uncle Lou (Lou’s Hotdogs), he offered his fish to Zempe all morning long so Zempe could pose for a fish pic……thats the kind of guy he is!!!

May 27, 2010 Prosser Bass pm

As the weather was changing, I figured the bass bite to heat up from this morning. We set up on the exact spot that we had them 2 hours ago. 6 baits in the water, 4 bass bites, 4 hook ups, 1 bass in the boat!!! Then nothing for the next few hours. The blues moved in and before long, everyone was getting harassed by these feeding machines. A few more bass bites, another 1added to the box and then the nasty weather. Andrew has to tighten it up if he thinks he has a chance of taking the big fish crown away from Erica (46lbs), my money is on Erica!!

May 27, 2010 United Country Outfitters am

What a difference a tide makes. Where could they all go?  Bait as far as the eye could see yesterday evening, hardly any this morning. After a tour of Raritan Bay, and some greatly appreciated help from Steve the Bait man we were going fishing. Unexpected marks along the way and it was baits in. Young Brandon hooked and landed the first of his 5 bass in short fashion. Brooklyn Frank brought along a feast from the neighborhood and we ate like Kings. Fishing was good, lots of bites and some really good surface strikes. A few more fish would have made into the striper hotel if not for trying to make this trip a Hollywood production!! (right Phil?) Lots of laughs, bent rods,  and white meat for all… check out the picture of Brandon and his proud father Scott in the gallery and the link to United Country outfitters

May 26, 2010 George Curreri Bass Beatdown

With the flood of bunker that flooded into the bay this morning, and the dismal reports from down the beach it was a no-brainer as to where to fish this afternoon. Bait was simple and in no time we were fishing. Big Ron hooked the first fish right away and it was game on for the rest of the evening. Even Money (look at me) had hooked and landed multiple bass. It was not 2 long before we were playing catch n release. We had to make another bait run and thats when George hooked and landed his career best. Check out his pic in the gallery, his smile says it all.  This was crazy fishing, the bass were smashing the bunker close to the boat. Lots of fun, good bunch of guys, plenty of white meat to go around……..

May 25, 2010 Chris Trebus

Chris and the boys finally got in on a live bunker trip. The first 2 drifts found the fish and all had bite. 3 fish were landed before the beautiful weather put the fish down and we all got to enjoy a beautiful day on the water.. The killer fishing had to end sometime, to bad it was today.

May 24, 2010 Crew Trip

Coming off of this mornings trip, and seeing the fish finder being lit up on the way back to port, I had to get back out. Made a few calls and we were fishing by 2:30. Big Vin,Zempe, Anthony and myself. We were not disappointed. Fish were all over, blowing on the bunker down south and eating everything in site. Multiple hookups the whole evening, if you put a bait in the water, you got bit. Really great fishing! Big Vin missed his target by 1/2 lb, thats the only negative of this trip, great company, great fishing……..

May 24, 2010 Rich Peters Simon Peters Sports

After Don’s killer trip, I know we are due for a downer, just can’t be today. With the Furuno Radar I was able to make it south, not another blipon the screen. We were able to make enough bait and we headed east. Thats when my fish finder lit up on the way to my predetermined area to fish. It took about 30 seconds before Greg was on, followed by Andrew. Then Rip their lips off Ray, who lost his fish. Ned was next and Ray missed another one. This was how the trip went, baits in the water, fish on, except for Ray. good fish too!! 25lb to 38lbs. Fish on every drift, except for Ray. The fish seemed to be getting angrier and the bigger too. Erica set the hook on another fish, and unlike a few of the he men from last week, went about fighting this fish in no unordinary fashion. This fish fought hard too, just that with all this going on, no one paid attention. Even Ray landed a good bass during this battle. That’s when Anthony my mate yelled out that she has a really good fish. WE all saw this cow at the same time and when the net was slipped under her, could not believe what was laying about to be laying on my deck. A true trophy in anyone’s book!!! After pictures, we got back at and Ray after catching his bass on my rod, switched over to his trout rod to prove me wrong. With 15 beauties in the box, we were all boxed up, I did not mind. We were playing catch and release and he might as well release them way before he gets them to the boat. Andrew then hooked into another great fish, 42 lbs which we kept. Rich, Greg and the rest of the crew, were throwing back 35lb fish the rest of the trip. At the end of this unbelievable trip, it was not the 2 cows that Andrew and Erica boated, it was the 32lb bass that Ray hooked after his 15th miss on the Toys r Us Rod that made the trip. (in his mind). Congratulations to all on board, in sloppy conditions, they toughed it out and battled great big bass all trip long. This is a trip that will be remembered for a long, long time……Thanks to RIch Peters with fishing with me again……….and to Ray a USMC vet 4 yrs in the Persian Gulf (Thank You for fighting for our Country) for finally hooking and landing a fish on your trout rod. You persevered and succeeded.  I think you boated 3 fish out of 27 fish on…………….