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Week of June 21-26

A comfortable midday fluke trip found plenty of short fluke, however only 1 keeper made it into the fish hotel and was released back into the Sandy Hook Bay Marina. Zempe and his “A” team go into a decent bite Tuesday evening with the boat boxing up with AL taking an 35lber and great action close by before slowing down. Rob (road map) Hellwig was on schedule to leave early to get his guys on a bite down the beach that I think is their –  early.  However, the plan fell through after Rob (not to be mixed up with Ferdinand Magellan) ended up in Red Bank and even after speaking with the 2 tooth wonder woman at 4:30am at WAWA could not find his way to Route 36! So he followed the bread crumbs back to the GSP and then taking Rt 36, thats right Rob, Rt 36 to the marina. So when we left at 5:45 I was not having happy thoughts..Rob did turn things around by hooking and landing the first bass and by the end of the trip everyone except Bobbo had bass in the box. The trip turned out well, lot’s of laughs and plenty of white meat to go around…. Wait until Skinny water Al hears this one! Dave Falk was out again in hopes of boating a bass this time. A high, hot sun did not help. Bait was easy and I headed to where I left them 2 short hours ago. As luck would have it, nothing was there and it took a couple of drifts before little Mike hooked and landed the first bass. This little guy can fish, and he quickly limited out. A stop on a bunker school down the beach put all on board into fish, not all making it into the striper hotel but bending the rods. At the change over, a move back up front found a great bite with fish busting all over and pouncing on every bait. Fishing was so good that Guy put a few in the boat as well. A great trip with lots of laughs, great weather and Little Mike showing all on board how it is done……….2 trips cancelled due to weather on Thursday and Zempe and his “A” team arrrive bright and early on Friday for my plan of heading south in hopes of finding a hot bunker school. We found the right school as bass had the poor bunker trapped close to the beach. The guys then put the urt on the bass like the bass were doing to the bunker. Uncle Lou was done before 5:30 with a brace of mid 30’s and everyone contributed in filling the striper hotel. When this bite was over we ended up on the school that provided great action all week and played catch and release until the boat traffic, and or tide slowed the bite down. Uncle Lou’s request to go fluking was granted by Zempe and we ended up in the reach with only a couple of shorts on this beautiful day on the water. If only they could all be like this.  Saturday morning had Harry Streep arrive early and we were in the game with high hopes of finding the right bunker school. Stopping south of Monmouth Beach without so much of a mark on my machine and asking if anyone had bananas, and finding them in their cooler pretty much sealed the deal. My mate Anthony said it best ” Hey Capt, were doomed”  end of story. 2 trip in 250 that I could not find bait, the first one was banana related too………       #^$* the bananas…………. Leave them home….. Of course I do not believe in that myth……

Week of June 13-18

Snake bit Keith Force had another dismal trip with only blues taking the bait on Sunday evening. Anthony Mattarazzo turned things around quickly on Monday morning. Good luck Charm Uncle Lou of Lou’s Hot dogs in Carlstadt (how’s that?) and the rest of his crew found great action with good fish and boxed up quickly with catch and release making up the rest of the trip. What a difference a tide makes. Steve Carew and his crew including his father alsofound great action and again boxed up quickly with Mr Carew (78 yrs young) putting another hurting on the bass. Some real good fish to 35lbs found a home in my striper hotel. Plenty of white meat to go around. Paul “T” Cop was up next and had pretty decnt action down the beach, first off the beach and then on bunker schools. The afternoon trip also had great action for the Matt Albanese crew with super action and another boxed up trip. Greg White was back again with his crew and started slow before I was called into a bite by my buddy Lou. Their we found unbelievable action as the bass were crushing the bait and Scales and Tales boxed up once again. Slow to start Dan turned it on and we left the bass boiling on our bunker. Richie from Meltzers Sporting Goods found some big fish fianlly on bunker schools. Not super hot fishing like the past few trips, snag and drop with some real good fish caught and released. Nasty ocean conditions forced us in early and the afternoon trip will be cancelled. Zempe and his “A” team came close to boxing up early on a very hot bunker school. Some guys think that the more expensive equipment they have makes then better fisherman. Rob, (not a member of the “A”)you need to learn how to use a baitcasting reel. When the fish are busting all over the place and you cast and tangle everyone, the motor, backlash the reel, time and time again, you take away from all on board and really piss the Captain off!!!! Some guys are just clammers………

Week of June 7 -12 Bass n Fluke

Anthony Sickenger started it off with a real good catch down the beach with great surface bites in very clean water and a bluebird sky.His gang filled the boat with all good size fish, with Bill having the hot hand.   Chuck Geyer and his crew were taken to the same spot and hit it right with great action with very decent size fish right away in the afternoon and quickly filled the box before the sun started to set on beautiful afternoon and sunset. Anthony Mattarazzo had great action early on another beautiful morning with super surface bites before they turned off. Not before filling the boat! Mike Burns had the 9th, all day was scheduled due to losing some time last year due to serious weather. They did not need it as Mike and his crew hit it right with fish eagerly taking the live bait as soon as it hit the water with a couple of 40’making it in the boat. We were boxed up on the first 2 drifts and it was catch n release the rest of the morning. Mike Carfello had a slow morning at my hot spot with 1 fish and only a couple of bites before he hooked a giant 45lbs, on a bunker school. Amanda also got a decent fish into the boat before we headed in. Bob Prosser’s group in the pm started out with numerous hits and bent rods for the first couple of hours before a heavy rain storm put a halt in the action. Zempe and his “A” finally caught a bad trip as I could not many bass, Zempe hooked 2 fish early and they turned out to be our only bites we had the whole day. Marookian was out for the afternoon and my only choice was to have them bottom fish early as the bait and bass seem 2 have disappeared. I late run to Shark River to catch bait, found to takers on some my my good spots and I struck out for the guys again. (makes me sick) Finally a fluke trip on Saturday with plenty of keepers with Jrs 4-3/4 lb taking 6th place.

Week of June 1 – 4 Bass

Started the week off with George on Tuesday morn and found a pick of bass down the beach with plenty of white meat to go around. Nothing exceptional, with Codey and Amanda putting fish in the boat. Money (look at me)  was hot again and a fun day on the water. Inthe afternoon Anthony Penny and crew headed out and found a hot bite local with great action with decent fish before we were chased in by a violent lighting storm. The next morning I took John Lombardi out to where we left them biting the evening before and it did not take too long before the bass started biting. The real nice weather, lack of tide killed the bite in the morning and we finished the trip chasing surfacing bass and blues near the tip. The Keith Force trip that afternoon found only a couple of real nice Black Drum and bluefish, no bass. Thursday had the Bob Prosser trip down the beach fishing in the deep for a great bite of Giant bass, only a few made it into the boat, but great action non the less. Zempe was in the same spot the next morning early and made the most of their bites (10) by putting 9 bass over 35lbs in the boat before the bite died off in the beautiful calm conditions. In the afternoon,  the Marookian party was forced to fish inside due to the rough seas and found super action on bunker schools with both bass and blues in the shallows. This trip had action from the very start and left the fish biting. THis week had its ups and downs, 2 late cancellations( not weather related) , great to so-so fishing with 1 skunk trip and ending up with a 50.6 on the HI-MAR scale.

June 5, 2010 HI-MAR Tournament

Having a charter not show up on Thursday morning, then finding out Friday afternoon that my Saturday trip cancelled, did not leave me in a good mood. I have been on the big fish, and my “A” Team beat them up again on Friday morning after Thursday pm trip missed way to many to count. So on then way back to port after a very good evening trip on Friday, my buddy JR from OOAL Charters, asked me to fish with him in the HI-MAR Tournament. I quickly said yes!! Big Doug, JR and myself made bait and headed to the spot that has been good to me the past few days. It did not take too long to get a bite and Doug set the hook, the fish made a strong run and Doug had stated that this feels like a really good fish. When the fish got, close we all knew that this was a “BIG FISH”. I have put quite a few fish in my boat over 40 lbs to Erica’s 46lber here and this fish was bigger. We all knew this fish would weigh, but were very reluctant to get too excited. Time would tell, we added another 24lber to the box before the bite died off due to a huge Thresher Shark that I hooked. Thats a story for another time. Back at the dock Doug’s fish weighed in at 50.6 lbs!!! Big fish of the day!! What a time to catch a trophy. We could not keep the smiles off our faces!  While we did the boat chores back at the dock when we got the phone call, “Jr, I hate to tell you this, but someone is challenging your fish!” Some fckn JERK-OFF thinks that we cheated!! When I find out who he is, I will name him here. So Jr and Doug had to go all the way back to the scales for further examination. When we originally weighed in the cow was alive, her girth was enormous as well. The fish was checked then and there was a bunker tail sticking out of her gullet. Back at the weigh station the fish was reexamined and certified as the first day leader. Almost 50 boats fishing this tournament, hope it holds up…….