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Open Tuna and Fluke Jigging

Anyone interested in getting in on some off shore Tuna fishing and a little Mahi fishing as well just let me know. I have a few guys that are interested. 4 man max.    I am also going to try and run a few all day long Fluke Bucktailing trips before the season ends. Just shoot me a email and I will get you on the list. Seems to be many guys that cannot fill the boat. That fluke trip will be limited to 5 guys and or gals……

July 27, 2010 Crew TUNA!!!!

Plans to go all the way changedwhen we heard of the decent BLUEFIN bite and slow Yellowfin bite out deep. I was almost 2nd quessing this after a very slow start on the Bluefin grounds. I know how important patience is when trying to find these fish. So when we could only catch some jumbo blues, I had to make a move. Thats when the right rigger went off and Jr quickly put the first tuna in the boat. Smiles did not last long as we got the set back out and another boat cut across my stern and cut 5 lines!!! After pulling along side and letting some steam off at the boat operator we went back on the hunt. The surface action was increasing and my guys wanted to give the jigging a try. With Skippies, BFT andsome Rays around the boat, it wasnot too long before Jr and Mark came tight on 2 decent fish. Mark’s made the over and with that fish in the boat, the rest of the tuna were released. Thats how the trip ended, JR and Mark hooking Bluefin and Anthony hooking bluefish. He is a bluefish magnet. A great day off shore, plenty of fish for all. Back at the dock, Joe (Reel Turn on) and Paul (Kingfisher) supplied the condiments and we all enjoy fresh as it gets sushi!!!!  A great way to end the day at the dock, fresh fish, good friends and cold beer!!!

July 26, 2010 DMD Rizzi Fluke

Doctor Rizzi and his son Rob headed to the fluke grounds in perfect conditions. Our first couple of drifts had no results. A couple of moves and we found some fish. However most of the fluke were right under the 18″ size limit. Bucktails, bait, did not matter, the fish hit it all. A few more moves, deep, shallow made no difference as most of the fish the fish fell just a little short. One thing that was certain was the weather, you could not order a nicer day. The day ended with just enough white meat to make a nice family dinner. Another great day on the water with a father and his son.

July 21, 2010 Crew Tuna

The intel was very inviting to take time and take the ride. Large Bluefin were taking the meat at the Chicken Canyon, so we were there shortly after sunrise. Beautiful blue water, semi calm conditions, and no life after trolling 4 hours made us pick up and try another spot. There were found the wind picking up and some surface activity. 4 rods went off only to findthat we were mugged by giant Bluefish. IT was then that the long rod went off and we put a under in the boat. Not what we were looking for, but I will take it. After that fish was iced, we decided no pick up and make the run home.  Not great, but it sure could have been alot worse………   Fresh Tuna Steak for dinner tonight!!!!!!!!!

July 23, 2009 Big Vin C Skates!!!

Had Captain Vinny C., Steve and his 2 brothers, and Rich (I will have another Miller Lite) out for a day of bottom fishing. Fluking has been pretty decent recently and that was the target species. On our first stop, Steve hooked and landed a decent keeper,  a few shorts made the deck as well. Rich did set the hook quite nicely on the sticky stuff but never was able to land it. Thats when the wind picked up and we had to make a move. The west wind made the beach very inviting, unfortunately the abundant shorts were not chewing, but the skates were!! Thats how the trip ended, a cooler full of skates, 1 keeper fluke and some dogfish.  Lots of laughs, great weather, a real bunch of good guys just looking for a day on the water. They did go home with some white meat (skate wings), but they don’t count in my book……….

July 11- July 17 2010

Sunday morning had us fired up and looking for a decent fish, Sal Bananas has to tell us how lucky we were in being the high hook team on my boat.( now there is some shit!) He can’t even spell buck-tail!! Any way we got on the fish right away and Dean and I quickly boxed up with to to 7lbs.(my fish) We still did not get into any fish worthy of the scale, but we put a dent in the fluke population these 2 days. Zempe, Jr held their own, Sal Bananas and Skinny Water Al are, well,   uh,  lets just say out of their league when they want to compete with me and my partner. A middle of the week trip with Dan Strachman found plenty of action with a decent pick of keepers with 6 year old Alex being the high hook, and pool winner. This little boy can fish, and did great for his first trip!! What a great bunch of guys, plenty of laughs, Dave just enjoys life!!! Weather was great, fishing was good, but the company was the best….A crew trip to finish off the week included Dean, Sal Bananas, Captain Diane from Lady Diane and myself in search of the flat fish again.  It did not take too long before Dean had the fish hitting the deck. Diane also had the feel and put her limit of fluke in the hotel with every fish over 3lbs and 2 fish in the 5lb range! By the mornings end, we had 22 keepers in the boat with all being decent fish. Lots of white meat in the fluke hotel. (you feeling this Vin?)  Daine, Dean and myself all had a great day, Sal fell back into his no catch-em ways.  He needs Conway Twitty on the radio to get the bucktail to dance……..

July 5-July 10, 2010

Al had the Monday trip and wanted to bucktail for fluke. (right up my alley)  The guys had by days end, 25 keepers to 5lbs in the fluke hotel. What a way to start out my fluke season!!   (you reading this Vin?) Tuesday was back to bass fishing, as the Mike Pilot got into fish to 40lbs in the morning in steamy hot conditions. The PM trip with Mike Cybulski was one of most uneventful trip we have ever had. Couple of small blues and nothing else. Terry Talcott on Wednesday morning finally got his live bunker bass (40lbs) after a 2 hour excursion looking for bait. That paid off his he was able to fight bass after bass releasing almost all of his fish. Thursday morning had Andrew treating his father to a combination trip and after putting 4 nice fluke in the box wanted to try for some bass. It did not take too long to box up with bass up to 38lbs before playing catch and release.  Friday the “A” team was missing their leader and after electing to try for fluke, (the bass bite moved far to the east), found out that bucktailing is hard work. We are on the fish, however they are not jumping in the boat. Enough white meat for everyone, but pretty uneventful. Saturday I had my “A” team out and by days end had a 6 man limit of fluke to 6lbs, with a dozen of fish over 4lbs. Fluking could hardly be better, and plenty of laughs to spare. Of course the beer will taste good tonight, being Skinny water Al and Sal Bananas could not carry our tackle boxes. Zempe and Jr tried in vain to stay with Dean and I, but they too will have to reach in their pockets and Quench my thirst!!!!   (VIN, you reading this?)  However we do not have anything for the scale, tomorrow is another day……

June 28- July July 3, 2010

Started the week off with Bob Able and his quest for some live lined bass. Could not stay buttoned up with the bass, but did boat 1 of the 2 DRUM that hit the drifted heads. Angelo put 1 in the boat over 75lbs. Later that day I was able to fill the Cybulski cancellation with Rob Marino and we quickly put the guys into their 6 man limit with bass to 38lbs. Tuesday had Zempe and the “A” team back into bass early and some fluke later into the trip. (Vin are you reading this?) Tom Skirmisch had the Wed trip and we had hot action for about 2 minutes with Gus Putting the only bass in the boat. The Penedipede party had decent action with bass, with only a few making to the Bass Hotel, but we had our chances, should have been all boxed up……On Friday, Keith Force and his crew had good action with Heads and chunks on the hook. Pete and Randy had the hot hand and we boxed up with the bass.  Not a bad week. Its getting close to the end with the warm water temp and all the bunker boats taking every available bunker…………..(hows that Vin?)