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August 30, 2010 BLUEFIN TUNA JIGGIN!!!

Anthony , Sal Bananas, Erwin jr, and Tony headed east to the Tuna grounds in great conditions. Rounding the hook at 4 am I set my course and just a little after sunrise we arrived on the numbers. There were a few other boats there and did not look like they were into anything. My guys dropped their lines and started fishing. Thats when we all noticed that out east , the whales and porpoises were having a feast,and thats where I wanted to be! Once we got there,  I expected great fishing, however it would take awhile until that started. All we could catch were sandeels. My friend was into the fish hard about 25miles away, but I could not, did not want to leave with all that was going on. Patience (I have plenty) paid off when Anthony hooked and landed the first under. Then Sal hooked a good fish which made it into the Tuna Hotel, giving us our over and plenty of Dark meat. Tony got into a few unders, all released, I landed a fish close to 100 that was released along with Anthony’s fish which we photographed prior to releasing. Action was great, a couple of double hook ups when it happened. Setting up on another drift, Sal went into his lunch box and you will never guess what he pulled out. After all my warnings, getting tossed off a boat out of south Jersey, just doesn’t not get it. You might never hear of him again in these reports. Back to the fishing, all of the fish were caught on jigs, Shimano Butterfly, Hammer jigs fished right on the bottom in 180′. It did not matter how they were fished, just give them a little motion, even a dead stick jig hooked a tuna today.   Great day, great fishing, those Tuna can pull!!! 

August 28 crew trip

Just trying to put some white meat in the freezer, so Sal, BIg Vinny C and Zempe headed to the grounds. The first couple of drifts put a few decent keepers in the box before it really turned off. WE would have had 1 more, but someone that will remain nameless insisted on netting his own large fluke. You will never do that again right Sal ??  Big Vinny even tried to make a donation to the fish gods, to no avail. Good Ihad extra rags!!!  We tried here and there fished hard with many different baits only to have the fluke come up short. Sal did try to have his netting mistake count in the total, but Zempe and Big Vinny took care of that with a verbal beat down that should leave Sal scarred.  Any how when the day was finished we all went home with the white meat and Sal did have the most “keepas” and the largest as well.  There will be no living with him now, good the season shuts down next week……….

August 27, Rob Hellwig

The day started out promising as Rob made it to the marina on time. I was figuring that the hard fluking yesterday would open up a little for the guys. After a few drifts, I knew today was going to be a tough 1 for the guys. We moved here and there, tried everything from bait to bucktails only to catch the shorts and seabass. This was a bachelor party trip, and the guys were great, had lots of fun when Chris the groom to be, went into the lunch bag and pulled out a BANANA!!! You all know that I don’t believe in that silly story but thank God for the Seabass…………..

August 26, 2010 Sal Bananas “almost”

Cancelled  the off shore trip due to the forecast (mistake) and went after the fluke. Sal has been fishing hard with limited results all yea,r and after having his ass handed to him the last 2 trips fishing against Diane was determined to turn it around before the season closes.  We found the fish, it was not easy fishing but by the end of the day, had close to a 3 man limit with Sal having 1 more keeper then me. I was allowing his 1 snagged fluke but questioned 1 fish he put into the fluke hotel. Back at the dock, as I was transferring the fluke, this 1 fish looked short. Sure enough, it did not meet the minimum and was released back into Raritan Bay. A brief discussion was held and it was determined that he should be DQ’d for cheating. Sal almost had his career day, but he is definitely getting better. Same thing happened last year, only to forget everything during the long winter……….

August 22, Jason Fluke

I threw Jason, Chris, Ian right into the fire by taking them bucktailing. After the last few trips I had to do it. Fishing was not as good in the very sloppy seas as it has been, but the fish are still there and the big boys were hitting. Fish to 8lbs made it into the fluke hotel and by the days end the men had enough fish to fill their cooler for the ride back to PA.  Once they got the feel, it was time to head home in nasty weather. Chris boated a real good 7-1/2lber, his first fluke ever. Fun day despite the weather, hope they like the white meat……….

August 21 Al B Fluke

After yesterdays fishing it should have been a easy choice as too where to go. However I would like to see bigger fish. Keepers are nice, nice keepers are better.  So I rolled the dice and the guys made it happen. Bill lead the day with a nice 8.55lber along with Ralph had another mid 7 along with Kevin’s 7, mix in Rob’s good fish and Ralphs limit of real quality and we had quite a boxful. 31 total fluke with most of them being real nice. Al had the fish of the day when after a battle that the fluke was determined to win, broke the leader right above the dropper loop!! This was a “BIG FISH” and this is how they get big. We have 2 weeks left to try and land a doormat. There is alot of technique that goes into bucktailing and after 3 super fluke trips this year, they know how to work it……….

August 20, Zempe Fluke

My plan changed once I found out that another charter boat beat the crap out of the fluke on Thursday. Zempe and Eddie worked hard all day long bouncing the lead, Matt, RIcky, and Anthony(lose the circle hooks) tried hard as well.  When the bite is on gulp, thats what they want!! Before the day was over they had a 5 man limit in the boat in great conditions. Super bunch of guys, with lots of fun all day long. Hey Zempe should I say who caught the big fish today?

August 19, Off shore Tuna Jigging!

Jumped on with my buddy Capt VInny along with TIm, Jimmy and Mike for a offshore trip. 60 miles out and the water still was not looking good when Captain Quigly gave me the heads up and put us on some good numbers and great fishing. We boated fish to 125lbs on jigs and easily got our over and under in beautiful conditions. A great day on the water with the guys. Captain RIch M (Michele Ann) also gets the thumbs up for putting us in the area…….

August 7, Leonardo Fluke Masters – Big Fish!!!!

I together again with my buddy Jr on his boat, OOAL, along with Boston Pete and Scrubby we needed 5 good fish and 1 big fish for the Calcutta. Fishing hard, on all out spots we put a good catch together during the course of the day, boxing our 4 man limit with most of the fish between 22 and 23″ (4lb average) with 2 real nice fish, Pete had a near 8 and I had 1 a tiny bit bigger. Back at the scales, our big fish weighed 8.75lbs, big enough to take the Calcutta and our total 5 fish was just over29lbs, taking 2nd place. Not a bad day by any means!! Thats 2 Tournaments this year that we finished high in. A perfect day on the water, super company, and the guys fished hard, real hard all day long!!! Can’t wait for the next time…………. Congradulations to Capt Derek on his Fisher Price on taking first place!!!!!