Monthly Archives: September 2010

September 23, 2010 The bite was on

heading out in the early morning gray light was just what the doctor ordered!!!, boy did it feel great, its been a long time. Visions of Falsies busting got my blood flowing. Jr, Capt Vin C., Jay the Polack, Sal Bananas and myself all had plans to chase some surface action. Stopping on the rocks as the sun came over the horizon found stripers as far as one could see!! The problem was that they were all dead, floating being discarded by a gill netter that had not figured on anyone else being there at this time. I do not think that they are breaking the law but this is wrong!!!!!They can kill hundreds and if a fisherman gets caught with 1 over the limit or fishing outside of 3 miles, has to pay a steep fine!!!! total bullshit (BULLSHIT)!!! any how there never was any surface activity and we ended up on the hook over a piece that put the boat limit of Blackfish on the Scales n Tales along with a 95 quart cooler of XL Porgies and a few seabass. Jr was hot and Jay had the biggest blackfish at over 6lbs. Man I can’t wait for the fall run to start………….

Sept 13, 2010 BFT on the “TNT”

Since the last post on my blog, I have fished twice, tired once and cancelled 6 times due to the weather. The 2 times have been on the TNT with Tim, Jim, Mike and Capt Vin C. We have put 6 BFT on the deck between the 2 trips. The conditions have varied form real nice to real nasty. Since the Labor day blow the weather window has been slim to none for us to get off shore. It’s a shame because there are real good fish out there along with a super bite mid range on Mahi and Skipjacks and smaller BFTs. All we need is the right seas to get out there. Closer in near the beach the Porgies and Seabass along with Falsies are producing. A friend on the dock this week put some keeper size bass in her cooler. This is a very good sign for the fall fishing. With all the bait that is stacked up just off the beach, all of us are expecting another great fall season. I hope everyone had a good summer and hope to hear from you this fall. Erica Peters still has the big bass of the year at 46-1/2lbs. I will be fishing until November 30, however the bass are normally  not the size that they are in the our early run. Fishing being fishing, no one can predict what size fish will arrive in our waters. The offshore fishing stays hot through October, lots to choose from….. Good luck and good fishing!!!   I will recap the season up to now at the end of the month,  some feelings might get hurt……..