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November 28, 2010 Grand Finale !! Keith Force B n B

As we made it east in the chilly air, the sun was still below the horizon, a cruise ship was entering the channel. I felt like most of the passengers knowing the vacation will be over shortly. Is the season really over for me? Isthis the last trip for 2010? Where did this year go? Stay tuned for the my final post on this blog.  The plan was to get on the bass and then head to the sticky stuff and try for Blackfish. Bassn was easy as even Toys R us Randy caught 1 on a jig. Zempe was hot and was just warming up for the clinic he was going to put on later. Keith, Ron and John were hooking fish on just about every drop. However the closest fish to being a keeper was Ron’s 27 1/2″ bass. The reads were good, the fish were small. So we changed gears. Setting up on a piece got the guys on the Blacks right away. 6 throwbacks to every keeper, but they were putting the meat in the box. Zempe had his lips working as he had fish on every drop. If there is a better Blackfisherman then him I sure would like to meet him. Concentration, you have to concentrate as he hooked another 1. If we were not impressed yet he really started showing off as his fish got bigger with 1 fish almost 11lbs. The weather was really great and as the bite slowed the guys just tried harder. I was humbled as I got to drop down. Randy and I was going toe to toe on who can miss the most fish. Laughs never stopped, a little ball busting as we waited for the tide. Keith broke out the M&Ms peanuts, the Red Licorice and Zempe kept on putting the Blackfish in the boat. Ron did very well, to many to count that just missed making in to the Blackfish Motel. On the way back to the Sandy Hook Bay Marina, I could not keep from thinking about the beatdown Zempe did to the fish and other guys on the boat today, myself included. Before I could say how impressed I was, That cheap swill that he drinks gave him the power for him to start flapping his gums, and then it started. We deserved it, he was the hot hand today and I will say it again, when it comes to Blackfishing he is THE MAN!!  I have closed out the season with these guys 4 years in a row, all good trips, this was no different.  April will be here soon enough and we can start all over again.    Randy booked the last trip of the season for 2011… will be here before we know it!

November 21, 2010 Last minute TUNA

Having my charter cancel last minute ( my fault no deposit, that will change next year) pissed me off, not even by a phone call, just a lame email. Any way the last time this happened, we ended up in the winners circle. With that, we got the gear together and decided to give the inshore Tuna a try. The ride south in the moonlit sky, with a very chilly NE breeze was uneventful, although very pretty. I have heard of the reports of these fish being in very shallow water, 75′. As the sun came up we were in our search mode as Mark and Erwin Jr and I scanned the horizon. It took a long time, 2 minutes before we spotted the BFT busting in many different locations. It was game on as we would take our shots at the fish. Expectations were high as the lures would end up in or near the numerous pods. After a few hours it became clear that this will be very difficult to get bit. by 11:00 the BFT boiled on Marks lure  and my bait once. Wehad some really close encounters with nothing to show for our efforts. Jr decided to switch to the style that worked for us in the deep this year and I am sure glad he did. Thats when he doubled over his Trevala rod and it was game on. We saw the fish early into the battle and it was a decent fish. He has had some interesting battles this year and I was hoping that things would be different with this fish. He would gain 40′ and then the BFT would take 50′ and this was how it went. The tuna made a mistake when it surfaced behind the boat and Mark with cat like reflexes reached out and stuck this fish in the 10 ring and we had this fish in the boat! The guys fished really hard for 5 hours before this fish bit. This all took place well with in site of land. We stopped on the way home over some what looked like striper marks and loaded up with the white meat before making back to the marina.   With less then a week left in my season, this was a treat.   Fresh BFT steak for Thanksgiving……….

November 20, 2010 Rob n Crew Bass n

Again I have to say, What a difference a day makes!! After yesterday, I would have bet the ranch that we would have had a killer day. Thats why I don’t bet, big let down. I could not get the guys on fish no matter what I did. Yes, we got 4 keepers, and I did drop a keeper next to the boat, but no where near the action we should have had. The men fished hardand they were good sports watching my buddies bend the rods. As for us, the fish GODS did not smile. Sure, Mike and Chrischose not to bring their raingear with a 25mph wind, did MIke’s Fingernail polish scare away the bass?   no way!!! and did Chris dropping the rod rigger into the salty brine scare away the bass? I don’t think so. It was my turn to be the bug instead of the windshield. Just bad timing for the guys to be along to day. Still in all, lot’s of laughs. Can’t wait to see the picture of the wine bottle! Rob caught the 2 biggest keepers on 1 rig!! he was ready for everything, raingear, gloves, showed Mikey nails and Rob the rodholder how do do it!!! There will be other trips and we will make up for my poor performance today. I might not be as cute as the other captain that they fished with, but I am as determined………..

November 19, 2010 Donald and his men Bassn

The change of wind direction is a welcomed change. However, the speed that was forecasted was not. It did not matter as the men huddled low as I ran hard to the grounds.It has been a early bite, then it dies.  No birds, no surfacing fish like yesterday, but the screen was lit up and the bass were chewing. Renaldo, Bucky, Donald all got into the action and we were close to boxing up in the first 3 drifts. Bill and Ken also go into jigging and before it was over, we were 1 fish away from the limit. Decent size fish too! All the while we were battling the wind against the tide. The men did a great job in fishing in some very SPORTY CONDITIONS. They were game when I decided to put the rigs in. Thank God for Donald as his new nickname is now the Finisher as more then 1 of the guys needed relief in boating the bass that were jumping on the rigs. Mixed in with the bass were a few XL Bluefish. By time the tide was over, we had a boat limit of very nice bass and 3 Blues. All are welcome in the Bass Hotel!  The sun was bright as we entered the marina, the smiles on the guys put a exclamation point on a very good day. Donald and his men are going home with a cooler full of the white meat.

November 18, 2010 Dan’s Crew Bassn

As the sun approached the horizon I was hoping that the west wind would bring the bass in that are stacked out east. The birds were working and as we neared the hill we could see the bass swirling. Mike hooked up first, then Phil. These were a bigger class of fish then we have seen recently. Mike put a few more in the boat before Dan hooked into his fish. All the fish were way over the keeper size limit and each man kept 1 fish and released the others before the hot jig bite slowed. Out came the trollling rigs and I thought for sure that they will surely get tired of catching before long. Boy was I wrong! Not only did the marks disappeared, but so did the bass. It took quite a while before we caught some fish again. Switching between jigging and trolling the men managed a few more fish both ways before we raised the white flag and decided to call it a day. Even after we found some real good marks, we could not get them to chew, no matter what we tossed to them. Everything was perfect, the west wind, clouds, sunshine, cool temps, no boat traffic, except for the fact that no one told the bass. The guys fished hard until the end, when Phil finally said it ” Ok, I know when I am beat” and put his rod away. Dan did ask me prior to booking this trip, when do I think the fishing is consistent? Guess what day I picked?   Tomorrow is another day.  A Super bunch of guys! and it could have been much worse, I just have high expectations……

November 14, 2010 Rodney and part of the “A” Team

After the last 2 trips, everything was in place for a killer day. These guys were up for leaving early and it sure did pay off. Being the first boat out, found the bass swirling on the surface and Ron, (probationary member of the team) put a fat keeper in the box on his 2nd cast. Keith also put some fish in the boat before they dissappeared. We decided to put the rigs in, and get some meat in the box. This was easy as the bass jumped on the rigs and in no time, we had the boat’s limit and were playing catch and release. EAGLE EYE RODNEY spotted some life out deep and when we arrived, Keith landed the biggest fish of the  trip so far. This fish was released but proved to the crew that he is the man when it comes to bassing on the Scales n Tales. With 4lbs of eels and nothing to lose we switched tactics and went in search of bass that wanted eels. How many stripers do you want to catch and release? After a few stops Ron hooked another good fish, then Keith again.  Even Zempe got into the fun as we had fish on every drift once I got out of the crowd. The marks were building and the change over was going to be hot. Do you notice who I am not mentioning? Sure Toys r Us Randy  could not get a bite on the eels, and when he did he was just a tad slow in setting the hook. When he finally set the Gamu in the bass’s mouth, his HERMANS going out of business sale line broke like a saltine cracker when he came tight!! Back at the dock, we had 12 beautiful bass to fillet, and way to many release to count today. A great day on the water, the weather was unbelievable! I really think this is how it will be from here on out.  Zempe, Keith, Ron, Toys r Us Randy, know how to fish, any style, and it showed today…

Nov 13, 2010 Fred Bass

This trip was postponed a few times due to the weather and was touch and go  until late yesterday.  The look in their eyes said it all as we made it to the grounds. Huge swells until the tide change backed them off a touch. The fish did bite and we were able to box up fish to 32″. All on the troll, many shorts provided action through out the day. Yesterday I had MM’s on my deck, today it was ham and YELLOW cheese…. Glad it will back off.  Only a few more weeks left!!!

Nov 12, 2010 Carew Crew Bass!!!

Losing 4 trips in a row due to the weather did not have me on in a good mood. Steve elected to leave late and fish the afternoon which gave the sea a chance to back off, I hoped!! Rounding the hook and seeing the seas eased my mind because I knew that I made the right choice cancelling the earlier trips. Steve and his father, along with his brothers were game and we made it to where I wanted to fish. Lines in and in 2 minutes we had our first bass in the boat. Walls of water, lots of marks and bass that loved the rigs. At change over the fish really stacked up and there was a decent jig bite. Could not stay on the drift due to the wave heights. During the afternoon, a few of the guys did spill their lunch and snacks. I will admit, the new blue color in the MM chocolate covered peanuts does look good against my white deck!!! By the end of the trip each guy had their 2 keepers and many more throwbacks. As we headed west into the great sunset, It did feel great to finally be back on the water………..

Nov 10, 2010 Weather sucks!!!

We just got back from a great hunting trip out west with the crew going 3 for 5 on the Nebraska Whitetails. Before my hunting, trip I did get out on couple of trips and we did manage to boat our share of keepers. The weather this past week has forced me to cancel the past 4 charters. I am fishing today and the weekend. The bassfishing should be decent with fish be taken on the troll, some on eels and jigging when you can find the schools. I will post up tonight and again on Sunday. I expect great fishing from here on out.  I will be in the water until November 30. Anybody looking to put the white meat in the freezer, give me a call……….