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RECAP – 2010

Ok Toys are us Randy this is for you.  The year got off to a great start with steady fishing on the inside and a great jig bite down the beach with decent size bass in April. We even got into a live bunker bite near the end of the month. May found some very good fishing close to home for a little while before I ended up on some very good fish that bit in the morning and the afternoons for awhile. Thats when Erica caught her big fish and was the big bass of the year for my charters. June we bounced back and forth but the fish were hungary and my customers put plenty of white meat in the freezers. Even July was hot with super size fish up to July 8.  Fluking was great up until the last week of the season when the fish moved out early. Not jumbo size but plenty of fish in the 6 – 7lb range. When the weather was good, we made numerous trips offshore where the Bluefins were always waiting. Fish upto 125lbs made it onto my deck and eventually on the grill, sushi board, and civeche. Can’t wait to do that again. Almost all were caught jigging, really fun!!! The fall found a wind that blew from September until November and we cancelled many trips. The bass did arrive but they were a smaller class fish then we were used to compared to the recent falls. Jiggin was hot, but alot of run and gun fishing. Inshore Tuna was insane with jumbos busting all over. Caught the last BFT the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Blackfishing was good to great with good size Togs topped by Zempe 11lber. Before we knew the season was over and we were winterizing the boat. I cant say THANKYOU enough to the guys and gals and kids that fished with us again this year. You all made this another great year!!! We have built some very good friendships and I am looking foward to fishing with all of you in the near future.   We just finished up with the Sport Show in Pa.  What a great time and most of you were on the board with a pic or two. I can’t wait until next years show. Spoke to many good people that were amazed at some of the fish that you guys put in my boat last year.  I also made some good coantact with a few Captains from Cape May and Lake Ontario if any of you are planning on fishing these locations. I can give you some names.    WIth that being said, I will see you on the water, heres to another safe and productive year………………             

Sports show in Oaks, PA Greater Philly Sports Expo

I will have a booth at the Greater Philadelphia Sport Expo located in Oaks, Pa., starting on Feb 17th.  I can give direction if anybody needs them. Also if you would like to reserve a date prior to this show please give me a call. The start of the this season is right around the corner. I would like to do some combination trips this year at the start. Blackfish and bass, Bass and Flounder, Flounder and Blackfish, and then Ling. Looking forwardto fishing with all of you again this year.