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April 27,2011 Rich G. Bass!!

The weather was much better then expected as we made the turn from Sandy Hook Bay Marina. 15 minutes later it was lines in, and in less then 2 minutes the rods were bent. Rich, Brian, Matt and Jim and Sean took turns in booking the bass a room in the striper hotel. In no time we were boxed up and playing catch and release. This did not take place before Brian put a very fat 27.1lb bass in the boat. This is the big fish of the year so far. Matt did his best with a 22lber and Sean put a 20lber to roundout the boxfull of bass. Jim and Rich did their best, but the young guys boated the big fish today. The guys were all smiles as they loaded the cooler with nothing but white meat and some ice for the ride back to PA!! With the water temps right where they need to be and the fish responding to the hard plastic its only a matter of time before I make the switch!!  Matt I thought you were only kidding about the belt? Sean did you arms really ache? Brian, I will never question you when you say that the bass is a tosser……..

April 26, 2010 Trolling on the LIL RED

It took 45 minutes to limit the boat with bass to 35″. We played catch and release for another hour before calling it a day. Spent longer on the Parkway then on the boat. Big Vin was grinning all the back to the dock. Jimmy V was looking foward to the white meat, Sal Bananas was crying about all the fish we threw back and I was just glad the rods bent……… LIL RED ran great and its only a matter of time before the Makos start hitting the deck…..

April 22, 2011 Zempe and part of “A” team

Finally we are leaving at dawn and with the whole tide to fish, I am expecting to load the boat. Even though Uncle Lou is recovering from surgery (get well soon), and Rick nursing a bad foot ( please get better Rick, I miss my Becks at the table) 3 regulars, Zempe, Matt, Eddie and one probational member, Bee Minus, plus Franky G (CFD) headed west in hopes of gathering the white meat on their first trip of the season. A like being the first boat on the grounds and today it really payed dividends. Reading fish way short of my destination, I decided to drop the hook and fish. It took about 20 minutes before Franky G hooked the first, then Matt, then Franky G again and it was on. Zempe, Eddie put their fair share in the boat but Franky G was on fire!!!  Bee minus did his best in hopes of making the team, but at this time, after talking to Zempe, his chance are slim to none barring any more injuries to the “A” Team. Lots of laughs for sure, and fishing was super as the guys boxed up by 8:15 and played catch and release to the end of the tide before we pulled the hook and headed back to the barn with 2 boxes full of the white meat to enjoy a few adult beverages back at the dock. (cheap swill but better then no swill, I miss you Ricky). So the bar is set high as the season is just beginning. Reports from down the beach are very encouraging. The “A” team is at it again…………

April 21, 2011 Mike Cybulski LFD Bass

A hard NW along with cool air temp and a incomming tide made for a far from comfortable ride out for the crew. Mike, Bill, RIck and Kevin were prepared for the ride and ready to go once we got to my destination. Bill once again put the first fish in the boat in not time before we settled in for a slow bite on the soft bait. Fish were caught at every stop most far short of the 28″ limit. Throughout the tide the fish bit, and when one spot died, the next spot provided just enough action to take our mind off what seemed like tropical force winds. At the top of the tide, I have had it, as did the crew, and I changed tactics. It did not take long before they had the rods bending and we were putting the white meat into the Bass hotel. All though the action was short lived, the 45 minute shot at the stripers provided us with enough action to get us into the next tide. With that tide it seemed the wind blew even harder and after Bill put the last fish in the box, the guys were looking forward to getting back to the firm ground. All the men today had what it takes and toughed it out in tough conditions. Plenty of white meat for all to have for GOOD FRIDAY.

April 20, 2011 Paul “T” Cop Bass

As I drove over the Driscol bridge and saw the fog I was not surprised given the warm temp that was fore casted. I was surprised about how hard the wind was blowing which made for a sloppy ride to the grounds. Paul and Joe, Tim and Al never once complained while I tried to find a fish that was interested in my hard baits. Using the radar and my plotter I hit most of my spots without a sniff. I did not want to say it, but at this point I was not happy with what was not happening. The guys were game when I told them that I was switching to plan “B”. After a short while we dropped the hook and Al broke the ice with a spunky 24′ striper. Then Joe, and Tim before Paul joined in the action. We had a decent bite with Al putting a brace of 15lbers in the box along with the rest of the catch to make this trip to a successful one. I cannot say enough about the guys that toughed it out in the begining and fished hard until the bass cooperated. Lots of laughs to go along with the white meat……………

April 19, 2011 Crew Trip

Myself, Jr, and Dean headed out in hopes of securing some white meat for GOOD FRIDAY. It took awhile before we were able to find some fish that wanted to eat in the dirty, debris loaded water. We kept 2 and released the rest with Dean catching a nice fat 18lber! There is plenty of sign but the action is not what I would call a good bite yet. The water temp is still cold, but the bait is very encouraging. Once the weather turns around we should enjoy another good bass season.

April 14, 2011 Scott Graham Bass!!

Scott, Scotty and forearm Dave jumped aboard in hopes of catching a few stripers. Leaving the Marina shortly after daybreak in a chilly NW breeze was refreshing. My temp gauge was reading a cold 46′ water temp. Not what I expected, but their enthusiasm never ceased. Seeing the same readings that made me put the lines in on Monday, I tried them again with the same results. A move here and a move there never produced, so I changed tactics. Casting stick baits and soft plastics in the shallows should entice some action so I thought. Wrong again!! So back to the hard bait and a move to the North. Thats when forearm Dave and Scotty decided to have an adult beverage, even though it was quite chilly. What a great move because within a few minutes we had our first hit and FOREARM Dave lost his cherry and put a nice keeper Bass in the boat. While he was still looking for Ben Gay to rub down his forearms, Scotty got the next hit and he too boated a decent size striper. Just like that, we had a brace of Bass and our day was looking much better. Before it was over we had our limit with a few very decent size fish (18lbs) and playing the catch and release game.  The weather was as good as it gets this time of year, and I am very grateful that we were able to spend the day on the water. They did get to go with plenty of the white meat, just hope Dave does not strain his arm lifting his fork!!

April 11, 2011 Finally its here!!

First trip of the year was long over due. What a good feeling when we finally splashed it at the AH ramp. A short ride out front and it was lines in. The fish finder was alive and it took longer then I would have thought before the rods started bending. We had fish in the usual location even if the water is still a little cold. We had 2 that would have made the table but all the bass went back. What a beautiful day in every way. Lets hope this season does not disappoint anyone…


Itlooks like we are going to have a much longer season on fluke this year. Starting May 7th and lasting to September 23rd with a 8 fish bag limit. The minimum size will stay at 18″. This gives us options as far a my trips go. Now we can do combination trips for the white meat.  Stripers early then switch over to fluke, I also fish in many spots where you can catch both fish on the same drift. Then there is September where we can chase Flase Albecore and then when the surface action slows, concentrate on putting some great eating fluke fillets away for the winter.