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May 29, 2011 Bill Shea am Bass

Today I did not schedule for boat maintenance. Due to the mechanical problems earlier in the week, was taking care of. So when we got back to the dock last night and unloaded the catch at the dock, it drew many onlookers. BIll had come up to us and explained that he would really like the chance to get his son on some bass. I can relate to a father wanting to take his son fishing and did not hesitate to say yes, thats what I do, FISH!!!!  We made the plan to leave early catch them up and return early. Bill and his son followed the plan as they arrived in the dark. Now I need the fish to be there. Danny was in first and before we could get Bill’s bait in Danny got bit. Then Bill, the fish were here and Hungary.  Twice they landed doubles and had many more bites before the boat traffic killed the bite. A moved in shore found another big fish for Bill as he landed a super 35lber!!  The fog cleared,, and we enjoyed a very nice ride back north. Back at the dock, Bill had his family along with his dad, meet him. It was a great way to end the morning as we talked, as I fixed the white meat… A last sec trip worked out just fine as a another father and son got to make some memories………

May 28, 2011 Shawn Green Live Bunker Bass

The bite has been so super, all I need is to get these guys on the bass. I need bait and in the Se it won’t be easy. Jr was on the net as we found some marks that he threw on only to bring up some keeper blackfish. I noticed the tell tale sign of bunker and headed into the deep. in 50′ we found the schools and after a few tries, he had the tanks loaded and off we went. It sounds  a lot easier then it was but we got what we needed. At my spot, we were the only boat there as the baits entered the water. Once again it was like the bass were waiting for us. Fish jumped on the baits and provided super surface action. Most of the guys had no experience in this type of fishing and learned quickly how to set the hook and land the fish. My mission was to put 9yr old Logan into his first striper! As the rest of the crew was fighting fish, I was working with young Logan and I missed the first bites that he got. He was all by himself holding onto his fishing pole when he got the hit. What a good Job he did in setting the hook and holding onto the pole. A his father Josh videoed the fight, I assisted Logan with the rod as he did all the reeling. In about 6 minutes he had a beautiful 28lb striper on the deck and everyone on board was estatic! Jim was hooking 1 after another as was Eddie. Shawn did his best as he he boated a great big fish that weighed 40lbs! Wally was another guy that could not get a break. Bite after bite for 1 reason or another he could not bring a fish to the boat. Finally, after a bunch of shots at fish, he hooked and landed a fish on a spinning rod, that gave him a super fight and he did a great job in landing his first sriper. By the ned of the evening, all the men had the technique down and doing great in setting up on the fish. The striper hotel was full and it was agreed to pull the lines and take a slow ride home to the marina. Jim hooked the bell fish and after a good battle landed another great bass.. It seemed like yesterday, as we were pulling plugs in the bay and talking about live bunker bass. Now it has happened and is over, but not before the guys made plenty memories as this was as good as it gets once again….another load of white meat  is heading west.

May 28, 2011 Bill Brymer and crew BASS!!!

Bill and his crew arrived early which was the one of bests thing that could happen today. All we needed was bait, and having my son along to throw the net took the pressure off. All I need to do is mark them and he will net them.   Finding them in the deep was easy, and he did make it look easy as the other boats were struggling to make bait. 5 dozen bait would be plenty to put a catch together and I did not want to wait any longer to get to the grounds. We were again the first boat there and the bass were waiting.  Work it Harry was hot and he made up for last years trip as he battled a few of the big bass. Joe, Bill, Barry, Chip all added to the hotel as it was full before the trips end. Many of the fish ate the bait but never made it to the boat. After we ran out of bait and the guys were looking for a break, I put out the spoons which produced nothing for the first time this year. The men were not phased as they talked about the super action that we had the first few hours. The fog broke later in the morning and we enjoyed a super nice ride back to the dock and Bill and his men were  going to take home a few coolers of white meat!!!!!!!!!!

May 27, 2011 pm Jim Nicholson Bass

With 2 tanks of bait we headed into a hard SE and 4-6 swell that made for a uncomfortableride. The men took the bumpy ride well as I stopped on some marks in the deep.  In about 30 seconds the first bass came up and it was game on until the tide dropped out. Jim and his men boated a boat load of the white meat and before we knew it, the striper hotel was full!! Many of his crew had never done this before and did a good job in landing these big fish. On the ride home, Jim had mentioned about eating at the restaurant and I had mentioned to him about last nights meal with the fresh fish. So here we were again, another real good fishing trip trip with a bunch of good guys and another fresh fish dinner back at the dock with some very good memories….  and Jim and his crew is taking home plenty of the white meat!!!!

May 27, 2011 Zempe and His “A Team”

After last night, how could it get any better? Still hearing in my mind the hooting and hollering that took place as I rounded the bend, I was sure that we would land on the fish where I put them to sleep last evening. When Zempe starting pointing in the lavender sky and I saw the acres of bunker with the classic bass boils in many different locations I knew we were off to another great day. As soon as the bait hit the water, the lines came tight and by 5:45 we had the striper hotel full and played catch and release the rest of the morning. Zempe caught his biggest so far at 41.5lbs that was released along with many other bass that weighed between 35lbs and 40lbs. Matt, Uncle Lou Eddie all had many fish that were trophy class that got to fight another day! Uncle Lou battled 8 fish that all beauties on his spinning rod. Glad his battery on his pace maker lasted!! What a morning, back at the dock early……….

May 26, 2011 pm Ceasar and crew chasing bass!!!

Steve at S&S had me back on the water before noon. A test ride around the bay found my motor to be up and in fine running order. This has to be a good sign!!! The guys showed up and were in their usual mood which is always upbeat. I get such a charge from how excited they are and I want them to get on the fish. However, they did not come with warm enough clothes for where we are heading. I explained the conditions and they made the right choice to to pick up some sweat shirts. The ride down the beach in the chilly fog was uneventful looking for bunker. I started marking in the Deal area and after a few tries we had the tanks full of bait.  Time to fish!!   So we end up in 55′ off the beach with the baits in the water. Little David hooked up first, then Big David, and yes, Caesar did too. George, and Russell got into the fast action with these beautiful bass. Everyone hooked and landed multiple bass and in notime, the striper hotel was full. No doubt tat the few other boats could hear all the hooting and hollering that went along with my crew. The excitement of having the bass boiling on the bait, bass flopping on the deck, lines crossing, who needs bait, another bass ready to come aboard combine with the energy that starts with David and Caesar is indescribable. I love these guys, and a evening like this does not come around very often. To top this off, Caesar had the restaurantat the marina “The Original Oyster” make them dinner with some of the fresh white meat. Everyone should try this with their catch as the fish is fixed a few ways and is truly delicious. This is how the night ended for me, surrounded by great people, breaking bread,  enjoying the fresh fish and realizing how lucky I am……….  Thanks guys!!!!!!

May 24, 2011 Dan Stupinski Bass

After a very slow morning, I was determined to find some fish that would eat. Water temp was back up and the ocean had backed off. I hit a few dozen spots and could not find any fish before we landed on a few scratches in the deep. It did not look good for Dan and Mike and Scott after we were inundated with flies. The wind went SW and the flies went away and the bass showed a little interest. A wolf pack coevered us up and managed to hook 2 of the 3 hits. The 2 fish crossed line and the braid quickly cut the mono and we ended up putting only Dan”s fish in the boat. A few more drifts and a few more boils but no bites had me on the move again. Finding a current break, and some marks it was lines in. Mike was on immediately and with Dan in the back of the boat, landed his fish! We had a few more shots at somefish, saw them eat the bait but could not come tight on them.  With the sun getting lower I wanted to try a few inshore spots, determined to get Scott hooked up. That’s when it happened, My port side motor let loose and we had to limp home on 1 motor. The guys took this very well as they opened up a few beers and had a very slow but calm ride back to the marina. Once I rounded the bend, the sunset was spectacular, however this was a bass trip and not a tour. Hope they enjoy the white!!!!!

May 24, 2011 Brian Morris Bass

Hard South east and another foggy morning. Got on my spot early and had action right away. First couple of drifts had decent action. None of the bites made it into the net. When the tide changed, the water temp dropped 5 degrees and it killed the bite. A lot of searching before Brian finally got his bite and he stuck the hook in a bass in the mid 20’s. On the way up north, found a pile of bass, dropped on them twice, could not make them eat. That sums up this trip!! The guys fished hard, the bass were not interested this morning……..

May 23, 2011 Rich Peters, Simon Peters Sports Bass Bass

I am not putting any faith in the weatherman so I was not upset when I arrived and found the winds blowing. After what these guys went through last week, the last thing that I wanted was for them to take another beating. Little did I know that was what they were going to do to the bass. As they walked down the ramp I had a good feeling when I saw Danny Bluefish and Big fish Ned among the crew. RIch, Andrew and Greg filled out the rest of the crew with  greenhorn, John. I had a spot in mind and it did not take but a few minutes before Andrew hooked and landed the first bass. For the next 3 hours, the guys put a hurting on the bass. Plenty of white meat in the boxes but still a few more spots available in the bass hotel. Ned put a beauty, 40lbs in the boat for the big fish of the day. When the blues would not let fish the baits, I switched to the metal.  Thats how we finished the day, pulling the “TGT” spoons and filling up with the white meat. Despite the weather, a great day on the water, a little chop braking and a great bunch of bass.  Some crews are just meant to catch stripers, Rich has it……

May 22, 2011 Keith Force Bass and the toy rod!

Boy did the weatherman blow this forecast!!! Another rough ride south, but the guys hung tough and we were at the grounds. So were the blues, they ate the baits as fast as you could get them in the water!!  We moved here and there before Dan bot us on the board and boated his first ever bunker bass, even Johnny E got into the action as the bass were getting beat by these yellow eyed eating machines. Keith lost a good fish after a lenghty battle on less then marginal equipment (not mine). A big bass fights hard and with alot of line out, can be very tough to land, he tried and the fish won. The men fished hard all day, we stayed late in hopes of having the bass turn on, but the blues won out today……..