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June 28, 2011 Matt Ozempko and the “A” team

Zempe, Matt, Eddie, Uncle Lou, and Allen were along for the ride today. A try for bass came up empty and finally we were able to go fluking. After yesterday trip, not sure what we would find, but this is the “A” Team and Eddie was hungry. As soon as we made the change over, he had fish coming over the rails, that was important because it got the other guys into the game. They were prepared too!!!! So I made the move to one of best spots given the conditions and I never left. Drift after drift the guys beat on the fluke. All quality fish, no giants but fish to 6lbs!!!!! All on board had their limit and even I got into the keepers with 45 fish our final tally. Eddie dropped a good one when she spit out his bucktail right near the boat. Zempe started slow, but finished strong as he always does, Eddie was steady and Matt put on a clinic in the Stern with a fluke on almost every drop. Uncle Lou, well he did super as he was hooking only quality fish. The guys worked their lead heads hard and they were rewarded for sure. Uncle Lou was wearing his picnic table cloth shirt, that was his good luck charm for sure. So now the bar is set, 45 keepers, 6 guys,  who will beat this????   The best line of the day belongs to Uncle Lou, when he offered Zempe a chicken wing. Ask me about it, you had to be there!!  No bass again, but plenty, and I mean plenty of white meat to go around…………Thats why they  are the “A” Team……….. See the pic in my gallery…

June 27, 2011 Walt Hewitt

A try for bass if they were around was the plan if not, switch to Fluke and put the white meat in the box. Bass were not to be found so it was on to plan “B”. A few stops here found nothing. Then stopping right on top a favorite spot put Don, Vic and Walt into 3 real nice keepers. However I could never find any fish that wanted to chew on our lead heads like that again. I went here and there, they bounce the jigs without success.  After many hours and too much gas we ended up on some fish and by days ends the men got to go home with some white meat, not what I had expected from the first fluke trip of the year. Tomorrow is another day, and with the “A” Team scheduled, I like my chances!!!!!!!

June 26, 2011 Mike and his crew

The forecast was good, and I was very anxous to get out there in the evening with the bite that is ongoing in the late afternoon. Mike and his crew arrrived and quickly loaded their gear and we were off. I knew where we were going to stop, bait was right where I expected it. Things should fall into place, just give it time. The SE was a little harder then expected, but not bad. I Will fish the deep and move in when the bass arrive. The guys fished their baits hard for longer then I should have let them. When I finally decided to make a move it happened. Just like it has been in this area all year, reeling in the baits provoked a bite. Not just any type of bite, but a bite from a giant. Isaw it, Jr saw it, and it was game on. First it was the little guys turn, then Mike and finally we had this great striper in my boat. 50 lb was going through my head, I knew it would be close. Jr put it on the boca and double checked with the equation. This fish weighed in at 48lbs! not bad for their first ever bass on the Scales and Tales. Jimmy later hooked and landed another quality fish and with the memory of the big fish fresh on the minds of the crew. Decided to call it a night. So we headed north, back to the marina and back to the Brazilian Party that was being held at the Oyster, (see my pic) with the white meat.


Losing 4 pm trips in a row really hurts. However, first and foremost is your safety!  Fishing has been very, very good in the evenings, but it is far from port and with no place to hide, not where we would want to be when the weather turns nasty. 2nd is your enjoyment, you want to have fun, and I want you have fun. Thats not possible when you get stuck in the middle of a lighting storm, combine that with heavy rain, and high winds and nasty seas and you are not having fun. Brain, Caesar, Big Vinny, all understand this and never question me when I called their trip. As for you and you know who I am talking about, all the whining in the world will not change my mind when it comes to you and your crews safety. You think I am soft or afraid to take you out fishing? Maybe I am, but it is my call and when I say no trip, that means no trip……..I will always err on the side of your safety….ALWAYS!!!!!!

June 24, 2011 Zempe and the “A” Team

After a few duds in the row, these guys are do for a slam bang trip. I was prepared to go all the way to make it happen, however the bite had died off down south. We found a huge school of bait where the bite was last evening. No Bass though, so now I made the move to my favorite spot to fish. Thats where Uncle Lou, fishing with his Roosevelt Avenue spinning rod and a reel that would be small for Branch Brook Park, had a Thresher Shark eat his bunker, he did a great job in setting the hook (1st mistake), and before anyone could say a word, his reel was stripped of the gay flag colored braid that he had on the reel!!  He did have a good knot on the spool, as it made a loud snapas the Thresher headed east with all of his 35yards (2nd mistake) of line. After the laughing, and just a little ball breaking, we made another drift. This time Bob hooked into a bass that was putting up a good battle as Matt saw 2 more Threshers way off the bow. The bigger of the 2 sharks went after Bob’s fish, most likely the bunker that slid up his line and attacked it with a fury!! Never a video camera around when we need it. I am not sure if the Thresher got tangled in the line or bit the bunker, but his line got cut aNed that was that as far as bass goes.  We did manage some Blues up north in extremely nasty conditions. Another dud trip, the men fished hard, with nothing to show for it. The bass fishing is not over for us, we just need the weather to settle down for more than 1 day… We will put up numbers before this is over……….That I am sure!!!

June 23, 2011 Helping a buddy out

Not having a trip this morning, I was looking forward to sleeping past 2:50 am. That changed when my buddy, David Goldman, had mechanical problems and had asked me to take out his trip. We both were pleased when I came upon a huge school a bunker that were getting blasted by bass close to the beach. We managed to pull 3 beautiful bass out of the schools before the weather changes and the bite dies. We finished up the day pulling on huge bluefish before the nasty weather forced us back to the safety of the marina…….

June 22, 2011 Big Joe Bass? if we only had left on time

Joe and most of his crew arrived early and we were ready for the trip. I explained to him how the bite has been and how important it was to leave the dock soon to have a decent chance of putting together a catch. Big Joe, Lou, Pete all have fished with me in the past and have enjoyed some very good fishing. As of late the fishing has been for a few bites and a few fish. With last nights great surf bite, I knew that if we could get down the beach soon, we would have a good chance of putting some white meat in the boat. As fate would have it, 1 member of his crew was late, very *&*%ing late!! the 45 minutes could be the difference between catching and not catching.  So when Moe finally arrived, and after the ball breaking, we left the marina. Jr threw his usual pancakes and filled the tanks in short order. On the way south, I got a call from my buddy who was in the surf and killing the bass that had the bunker herded up between the jetties.  I had the Yamahas in high gear as we needed to make it there before it was over. What a great sight to see the bass blowing up on the bunker schools and only a few boats fishing this school. First couple of baits in the water had the stripers blowing them right out of the water!!! This would be easy and long over due. Wrong!!!! Only Pete stayed tight on his fish as Moe decided to open his brake in the middle of a bass run and bird nest the reel. After yesterday and Thumbs keeping his thumb to tight, this was not what I was looking forward too!! Jr was dealing with another birds nest in the bow, I gave Moe another outfit (spinning) and a bait and the gaffed Pete’s fish.  Big Joe had a little backlash as another bass ate his bait and snapped the 50lb test leader immediately. Now Moe was doubled over, but something did not look right, so when I questioned him about how it was pulling, he answered “not really” I looked over and found the he was tight to not 1 of my motors but both of them!! F^&* me! in the middle of the best bite since last week? why me?? I want the guys to have fun, I also want them to catch fish, and I want to catch fish. Of course the bite died and in a matter of minutes it was over and so was the chance that we had to fill up the striper hotel.  We fished the area and had a few more bites as Pete was the only guy that did his best in putting the white meat in the boat. What a difference 45 minutes made, I am sure that if we got here earlier, these guys would have had a super morning of bass fishing. However, they did still have some very good shots atthese fish. I can’t fillet shots of fish!!!! They did manage 1 more shot at the bass, as a suicidal fish ate Moe’s bunker (go figure) in the deep and he boated a good fish. Thats how our trip ended as that was the last chance at a bass, We all knew what we could of had, if only “we left on time”……..

June 21 Paul “T” Cop Bass

Paul did not hesisate when I gave him the option of taking the ride. With Joe (thumbs) and Paul’s dad along we needed to get into some bass today, for many reasons. Joe made a phone call to me yesterday and really put the pressure on me. Fishing has been very tough lately and it is time to break out of my funk. When Thumbs got bit early in the trip, I jumped off my seat as we needed this fish badly. When he came unbuttoned, my hopes faded, losing the first fish is bad juju. Then as luck would have it he got bit again. This time he found another way to release the bass when the fish was over 200′ away from my boat. That whne Paul’s Dad Sam stepped up. After his bunker was harassed behind my Yamaha’s, he set the hook solidly and after a great fight, landed a beautiful fish that topped 30lbs. He kept his Thumb off the Reel and it showed. Thumbs got another chance he this time he did as instructed and landed another great fish that was into the mid 30’s. Sam followed that up with another good fish when Thumbs hooked up again. This time Joe Thumb’s fish weighed 40lbs! Not bad, I was very excited as this is the best action since last Thursday when Thumb’s bait got bit right in front of the bow, a huge pizzabox tail smashed his bunker and swallowed the bait before heading east. Thats where his thumb came into action again, and after a short battle held onto my Avet with too much pressure and broke my/his line. Finally, Paul got his bite and set the hook into another real good bass, that was just a tad heavier then Thumbs. A real good day on the water, lots of white meat again,  maybe the bite will stick around…

June 20, 2011 Dean Henry Bass

I cannot say enough about Dean’s enthusiasm about this fishing trip. I know Dean since High School and he really loves his fishing. A Long for the trip were Ken, and Tom and my buddy Nelson. Timing is so important and this trip could have not come at a slower bass catching time for me. Astop at my favorite spot had Ken into a bass immediately. Again this was the last bass that we would see as the men caught blue after blue before they stopped biting. They fished hard, to no avail, no bass no blues, no nothing. We went here and there and never caught another fish the rest of trip. A huge disappointment, but the men never complained. What a difference a week makes………

June 18, 2011 Bob Homiak Bass….

Bob after hearing many of the stories in the deer shop, signed up early in hopes of getting his crew into the great bass action that we see every year. With super weather conditions I made the choice to fish north. It looked good for awhile after Erwin Jr loaded the tanks inside and we made it east with no other boats in sight. The blues were unbelievable with every bait getting hit shortly after entering the water. A very bad day to be a bunker for sure. Gus after a catching a few of the blues got bit and set the hook that was not a bluefish. This fish came up after a decent run and we all could see a good bass. For one reason or another, the hook pulled very close to the boat and we lost this fish. He got the best of this fish and should have had his picture taken with it. Again that was the last bass that we seen that day with the blues filling the void and the guys catching and releasing blue after blue……