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My last 5 trips—- all Fluking!!! waiting for Irene

Having to break in my new motors, we took it easy and all the guys were great. Fishing has been very good also!!  Lots of fish and decent size fish as well. Bob and his crew did very well in very tough conditions with his crew. George’s’ trip was good until we lost the drift but we made up for it at the Tiki Bar!!  T-Bone got his girls out and they got into some white meat in between the rain! Matt had most of the “A” team out, minus Eddie and did real good with very good size fish!! All on board had fish over 5lbs with a few over 7 to Matt’s 8lber!! Again they went home with lots of white meat,falling just short of their limit. We then took the boat home in respect to the expected Hurricane.  Offshore should get much better when everything calms down. In shore, well time will tell……………..

Rob Barr Fluking!!!

First time ever for Rob and his crew on the Scales n Tales, weather was great and our options were limited.  We all decided to give the Fluking a try as the men have never seen big “Flounder”.  So off we headed to some of my favorite spots. Itdid not take too long before ths fish started to eat the baits, however they were small real small.  I moved here and there, all the while the men stayed in the game, fished hard and as kept telling them that sooner or later I will land on some decent fish. It ook until the early afternoon before Rob hooked a good fish on my favorite offering. Then his son Rob Jr landed a good one and before the trip was over the guys had the Fluke Hotel looking good. Almost all on board took part of bringing home the white meat. A super bunch of guys that did a great job in staying with it all day long. 3 generations of 1 family makes for a very special day. On the trip back to the marina the beer was flowing, and I mean flowing!!  Thanks Scott – wish you were drinking Becks!!!! There we all enjoyed a cocktail at the Oyster before they headed north, another day that I just did not want to end…

August 14,2011 “A” Team fluking

I got the Scales N Tales back yesterday, ran it and the new Motors are incredible!! Not fishing all week always has me feeling like I am searching for a needle in haystack.  Reports were not good since  Monday and after the trips these guys had last Saturday, might be payback time. Long story short, by then end of the day, Uncle Lou, Zempe, Matt and RIcky had the Fluke Hotel near capacity with Matt having the big fish at 8lb!! Eddie the animal had a work obligation that prevented him from fishing. If he was there we would have been boxed up for sure!! We fished in all the usual places and had fish at all the stops. It was not the drop and reel fishing that we have seen the last few weeks. Hard work for a few bites but at the end of the day the men went home with plenty of white once again.

Scales n Tales add another 100 horses!!

We are out of the water until Friday as we are re-powering the boat with Brand New 4 stroke 300 hp Yamahas!! My next trip will be on Saturday when I hope to pick up where my son left off last Saturday. Fluking has been nothing short of sensational this year with decent size fish and many boats limits to boot. The guys have been enjoying the white meat. I have been fishing the deep, banging the bucktails. If there are any guys or gals that do not have enough for a full charter, let me know, I have a few guys that want to fish and we can put together a trip—5 guys or gals,  9 hours,  bring your own bucktails. I will filet your catch. The season extends into September this year which will give us plenty of time to put some tasty Fillets into the freezer for the winter. This year you have a great chance of catching a real doormat as well!! Anything close goes to a “CERTIFIED SCALE” no dream weights……..

Aug 6, 2011 Leonardo Fluke Masters FUBAR!!!!!!

Erwin Jr assembled a crew to fish on the Scales n Tales without me. I was invited to fish on Jr Santos Out on a Limb again this year after taking 2nd place and the calutta last year. We have been on some big fish this past week as were some other guys and this tournament was going to be a shootout.  I did see some decent fish come aboard during the course of the morning. My son and I did not call each other and we fished seperate drifts, but I know the men on the boat and I did see a lot of action on the deck. I was fishing against him, make no mistake about that, we wanted to win, as did everybody else. So at 3pm we headed home and heard the chatter on the radio about the weights that are on the board, we were speechless. 18lb calcutta fish, 48lb stringer??  can that be??  We did have a 48lb 5 fish total on Monday, so it for sure can happen. I believe the record is 52lbs taken a few years back. The radio chirped again with the same weights when Pete got the phone call that 1 boat got the big fish and another boat got the 48lb, and if he knows the guys on the Scales n Tales??  They got the 48 Pete said, and your son never called? Thats when I picked up the phone and spoke to him, they just tied up at the marina and was very, very excited!  He told me that they had an 11 lb big fish that was weighed on their scales along with a 5fish weight of 48-1/2lb net –50-1/2 with the basket. A super catch and still another 1/2 hour of weigh ins.  There are some very good fisherman entered in this contest and this weight, is beatable. My son did not want to count the chicks until they hatched. I was floored when I heard they got beat by a 1/2 of pound, but that’s how it goes, 2nd is not too shabby, especially on his first tournament at the helm. His crew, having come so close to 1st place, was not upset and happy to finish in 2nd. Thats where it gets interesting. I stopped at the fire house to see the final results, on the way to the Oyster to celebrate with my son and buddies, when I was told something very interesting by another fisherman. First I never told anyone there my affiliation with boat number 37, only that I fished on another boat and did not weigh. This guy stated to me that the guys in 2nd place should be very upset as he was at the weigh station and witnessed both boats and said that the 2nd had fish that blew the 1st place fish out of the water, they had only 1 decent fluke, How can I say this without being called a sore sport?? Weight is weight, no fudging on our end, never did, never will.  How can this be, but I still gave the benefit to the 1st place boat until I got to my marina. Thats where I heard that “your son threw some great fish on the table, much larger then the boat that beat him”. Then I heard it again from another guy on the other side of the dock. So I called my son and he told me that they seen only the big fish, maybe 10lbs. The word on the dock was that the other fish were not over 7lbs, maybe 35lbs total, how did they get 49lbs credit???  So my son gets back from the Firehouse with the 2nd place money, goes over and shakes hands with the 1st place Captain and comes in for a beer and says that he will try harder next year, not a bad word or bad thought. ME on the other hand is fuming, how the hell can 14-15lbs in extra weight happen?? Next I get a phone call stating that the 18lb was only 10 on the scale at Julians. With the high numbers that were reported, how many men did not com to the scales and weigh?? My son’s big fish weighed in at 11.05, 30″ long, certainly no scale mistake on his fish, and big enough to beat the Calcutta fish, but at the time it was 18lb!!! Now over the years, we have come close a few times, got beat by a ounce in the Sandy Hook Bay Tourney, the old Leonardo Fluke tournament, and never ever questioned the scales, just shook hands with the winners, but this is different. Good thing I was on another boat for this contest, but I am angry, very angry. Then I get the call that flips me out. A friend calls me and asks me if I am sitting down, which I was and he told me that he just received a call from the 1st place boat that stated that they had between 33 and 34lbs on the boga before they went to the scales. It backed up everything I heard from the guys at the marina. Now I am irate! How can the weigh master make a mistake like that, 3lbs per fish? No one questioned the total weight compared to the size of the fish??? what about the 18lber?? Each and everyone of the boats would have liked to see that fish, 18lbs??  How long? No one asked at the scale about that fish?? The scale was off 6-8lbs at 16 -18??? wtf??? When my son weighed his fish it weighed 11.05, where was the extra weight there???  Again, what can I do, who can I call without sounding like a cry baby? I am not blaming the fisherman, however I am cut from the cloth, it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. My son is the same, just what the fish weighs, not what a bad scales says. So thats how Saturday night ended, but the fired burned in my gut all night long. Sunday morning found me pacing before the sun came up, this is wrong, very wrong, not just for my son and his crew, but for everybody that took part in this event. Shame on the weigh master for not being able to see that a 6lb fish is not 10 and for not seeing that a 10 fish is not 18!!! Shame on the radio transmissions that stated the bogus weights over the air that kept untold boats from weighing in their catch!!!! I did get some phone calls during the day and I am not alone with my feelings. But the phone call that rocked the cradle came at 7:30pm when the Captain of the 1st place called me. Alan stated that he has heard that some things are being said on the fishing site and that I should be aware of. I don’t post there, am not a sponsor, and don’t read that site. He does want to have a problem with me or my son to which I told him– Alan there is no problem but I do have a few questions– 1st  what was your weight?? He said not over 35lbs!! What, you took credit for 49 lbs what gives? Well if the scale was off for me, it had to be off for everyone, its all fair….Really??? Then he said when he got his big fish weighed and it weighed 18lbs, he had to take it to Julians so his guy could get the “REAL” weight. What about the “REAL” weight of your 5 fish?? He stated to me that he questioned them and the scale master said, “thats the final weight”,  what was I to do???  To me, this is only getting worse, the more I hear, the madder I get. Why would you want a phony final weight, how can you say that you won the Fluke Masters tournament when you clearly know you did not, what about the guy that got knocked out of the money because you accepted the 49lbs? Over the years (40) of my fishing career, never ever have I witnessed anything like this. Sure on occasion there might be a discrepancy here or there, but never at this magnitude where the scale master caused so much  confusion. I sure would like to hear some feedback, good or bad. This is my tournament take and yes I am bitter. If I sound like a sore sport, I am not, I did not fish on the 2nd place boat. This is a cut and dry issue. We will never know who really won this event. My son can hold his head high as well as his crew. Its over…………….I have to say that I never saw my son’s fish, or the first place fish all 2nd hand info. Bottom line, all the entrants got cheated, not by any Captain but by the Weigh Master!!!


I have been using a new Bucktail made by Blue Frog. They make a swing hook that is very important to landing the big Fluke. It has a very durable finish and comes in many different colors and sizes. It is also a few bucks cheaper then the Spro which comes into play when you are fishing the sticky stuff. The best price I found is from They also have great looking Teasers with huge eyes and again many different colors. With Fluke season open for another 7 weeks, stock up now and lets put some white meat in the freezer before the netters get their turn at these great eating fish……

Last week – We have been all over!!!

We left the dock early – 2am, and arrived at the Bacardi before the sun. The plan was to chunk in hopes of catching the YFT that were in the area. However, we never had a touch on the sardines. Put in the trolling gear and made it to the tip where we had 4 shots at white marlin! Long story short, no Tuna on this day, jigging, bait, and on the troll. We did feed a big shark and found some flotsam near the Texas Tower that held hundreds of Mahi. We caught all that we needed and headed west to the BFT grounds where we were shut out.   Fluking has been great with big fish, the numbers are decent, but you have to fish very hard all day to put a catch together. I have been using a new type of Bucktail, check out the  next blog.  My boat will be out of the water for the week of Aug 8, I am upgrading the motors to brand new 2011 Yamaha  4 stroke 300’s!

Aug 2nd, 2011 Dave Berzins aka Fluke Master!!

Talking fishing with these guys goes way back to my county days. Having David book a trip and knowing that Anthony was coming along meant alot to me. I always want to produce for my guys, but today was special. Anthony and his brother Steve arrived early and it was quickly decided that we would fish for big fish rather then put up numbers. I have not seen neither of these guys since I left the county and we had alot to make up for. Talking occasionally was good enough but seeing them was special for me. Having them on board for a fishing trip was super special and I wanted to produce for many reasons. My first 3 drifts in my honey hole only got us some shorts. So I rolled the ivory and took a chance on a spot that I was saving for a “family trip”. Dave proved this to be the right move by dropping a 9lb plus on the deck on the 2nd drift. Quality keepers kept finding their way into my fluke hotel on every drop. Steve got hot and was putting on a clinic for a few drifts before Keith took over. After Keith cooled off and the Hotel was getting near full, as the wind was picking up hard from the SE, I announced that the next drift would be the last. Thats when Anthony, who fished hard the whole day, as the rest of the men, set the hook on a good fish. With me to his left and JR to his right, he battled the fish to the surface, where we all could see that this fish was much bigger them the  2-9lbers that were already booked in the fluke hotel. I slid the net under the doormat and Anthony had his biggest fluke ever!!!! After all the high fives, and pics, the scale told us that his fish weighed in at 11lbs!  Another great fish was joining the rest of them in my fluke hotel. This was how the day ended, what a bell fish!!!!! see the pics in my gallery.  So after not seeing the guys for over 4 years, to come together and have a day like this is very special. Each and every one of them fished hard and was rewarded with a trophy fluke! These days do not come around very ofton, and when they do, I appreciate them. Another super great day on the water with some special guys, and they get to take home the white meat and some great memories fishing on the Scales n Tales!!!    it does not get better them this……