Monthly Archives: September 2011

September 17, 2011 Bob Centimore Bass!!!

With Fluke no where to be found, the only choice I had was to try and get on the bite that I heard was going on last week. Bob was good with this plan and as I loaded up 2 bushels of clams and felt the NE breeze, I got the feeling that things will work out for him and his crew. As Jay dropped the anchor near the shoal, I can remember saying to myself that it has been a long time since I have seen the Shoal that nasty!!! It took about 10 minutes before Ralph set the hook on the first bass that was released before we could get it onto the net. It was the last of outgoing and we all expected fishing to get real good when the tides turns. Paul was next before Rich took over and boated 3 in a row. The bites came 2 at a time before it turned off. The fishing turned into a very slow pick. A move here and the found a few fish and by the trips end they had 4 keepers in to box and released a lot of fish that were not even close. The conditions were tough as my my mate Jay started calling out for his long lost friend “RALPH”, he never found him even though he called for him time and time again…. Bob felt bad for him and almost started calling out “RALPH” as well. Not what I had invisioned at the start of the trip. None the less the men fished hard as usual, and they each got to go home with a pair of Bass Fillets. This is just the start of the fall bass run.  It has to get better……… 

September 17, 2011 Last few trips

As you all know, Irene and the heavy rain the next week really put damper on the fishing. With the local waters dirtier then I can remember, the fishing took a nose dive. We all lost some trips due to rough conditions, and I have cancelled a few more due to lack of fish.  The few times that we have been out has resulted in some quality Blackfish, mix in a few Seabass and some jumbo Porgies and the guys have been satisfied just bending the rods. I still have hopes that the Fluke will bite before the season shuts down next Saturday. The Bass have arrived which bodes well for our fall fishing and with the cooler temps and the bait migration about to begin I am hopeful that we will get into some decent fishing real soon.