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October 26, 2011 CAESAR Bass on eels!!!!!

I could not help but wonder if these fish will be there again today. Fishing the tide we left the dock much later then usual. Caesar and his crew arrived and loaded their gear. Of Course their excitement was bubbling over as we made it to the channel. Erwin Jr explained to them about the eels and what to expect and it did take a drift or 2 before they came solid on a bass. THe fishing was super as we had multiple fish on on every drift. We did not land everyone but thats what makes it so much fun. Caesar had his “A” game. David caught this few fish then enjoyed watching everyone else catch. The other David put his fish into the boat aswell while losing a few more then he landed. George got into the action with a few nice fish. Chris in the bow put on a clinic landing the 3 biggest bass of the trip and the fall season so far. THe day was made really special when they broke out some fresh Mozzarella and some bread that we all shared. ITs amazing how a box full of bass takes the edge off me. These guys come to fish, but more important to escape for a alittle while from their busy lives. I am grateful that they come on my boat to do this a few times year. It is always a great day. Back at the dock they were already making plans to have the fish cooked, this is becoming a tradition with these men and I don’t mind the added pressure of needing to catch so they can eat. They ended up at Bahrs’s where the fish was prepared and we all sat around the round table laughed, drank, and broke bread once again. I have alot to be thankful for and these are special times with special people…. I love my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 25 2011 Steve Post Bass on eels

I am not sure what I would find today with Steve and his crew. 2 terrible bass trips in a row for me, but today is another day wnd we will give it hell trying. Waiting for the tide to change, we did manage a bite on the first drop only to lose the fish. A few moves here and there found alot of nothing. WIth a stiff NW blowing my only hope was the deep where we needed 16 ounces to hold. They did get bit again but it never made it into the boat. ON the way to a little structure we came accross some birds and real good marks. George set the hook on a fish and we had a fat 18lber bass laying on the deck. The marks dissappeared and we were back to square 1. A move west turned out to be what we needed. It was us and 1 other charter boat working this area that had us inot fish on every drift. Before long they had their limit nad we decied to make the move back to the marina. These guys fished hard in some nasty water. A few of the guys did not have rain gear, bad move. Back at the dock, a few pics and we were off to the fillet station to send the men home with some hard earned white meat………

Finally!!!! there here

After 2 very unevenful trips in a row. Scales n Tales broke out of the funk and got into some of the best eel fishing that we have seen in a few years. Mark Malon and his crew fished hard all day last Saturday with nothing but a few skates to show for it. THese guys bounced that baits at every drop only to come up empty. I just could not find a bass that wanted to eat. THe day before I found the same results fishing my southern spots. On Sunday we had a BFT trip that produce a handful of the Tuna to 35″. We caught them trolling and on jigs, and lost 1 on a sardine. This is the first time we ran offshore with the new motors. THey ran great and made it a very short ride out to the tuna grounds. It felt great to put some fish on the deck again after the 2 skunk trips.

The blow is what we need to kick the fall fishing off!!!

Anyone interested in fishing this next week, please let me know. I will running WED and SUN for bass and am looking for anyone that does not have a full charter. I have received enough emails that I think we can get out on a few open boat trips. I will sail with 4 fisherman. The bass started real good right before the blow on Friday night. Also the inshore Bluefin bite has been very good within 25mile from the beach which in the right conditions is a short ride for us. This trip is for up to 4 crew and can be done for 800 plus the mate. I will be running at least 1 open trip a week until the end of the season…. Just let me know what works for you guys…..

October 9, 2011 Mark Greco Bass??

Can we duplicate yesterday’s catch? Using all 600 horses to get down the beach before the expected crowd, we arrived on the snags that produced yesterday. Somebody forgot to tell the bass because that spot and many other were void of fish. We tried here and there, they fished hard on some marks that I was able to land on, to no avail. After a few hours and only 1 bluefish to show for their effort, I was ready to change over and catch some of the blues that bent the rods yesterday. Thats when I saw it, not 1 banana, but a whole bunch of beautiful yellow bananas. That put everything into perspective and we and the crew tried very hard to find some fish that wanted to eat, we never did. At least it was a beautiful day for a boat ride as I ended up way further east then I had planned in hopes of bending a rod. What can I say, today the fish won….

October 8, 2011 Conner Beyer Bass!!!!

Conner and his buddies were waitling as we pulled into the marina. My only hope was that the bass were as eager as these guys. A chilly ride down the beach with a decent NW blowing had my hopes high. It did not take too long before they hooked into their first bass and we played chaes and catch for over 2 hours. When the bass finally headed for the deep we changed tactics and pulled on the very decent size blues that were eagerly taking our offerings. By trips end all the guys were going home with some very nice bags of the white meat. A great trip in summer time conditions.