Monthly Archives: November 2011

November 5, 2011 Sonny Bass (maybe)

Sonny and his guys fished in September in some very tough conditions only to find a very nasty sea. With the forecasted NE, I again made the choice to fish despite the bad bite and rough seas. Sonny was good with that and it was up to me to get these guys on some fish. I switched up and loaded up with clams. I had to make a drastic change, and these guys had to catch some fish. Well, my first stop was uneventful and after a hour n ahalf picked up and headed into the hard NE. Jr set the anchor and started cracking and in no time Sonny was bent over on a bass, and his crew followed his lead and caught bass, although mostly small throughout the tide. A very pleasant change. As the NE let off and the weather really became nice, a quick stop in the chanel put 1 more good fish in the box, this 1 bit a eel as Sonny and his crew where rewarded for their efforts in some very tough conditions with a boxful of Stripe Bass. BAck at the dock, Sonny rested as his guys posed for pictures, and these men were taking home some fine tasting “WHITE MEAT”

November 4, 2011 Tony DeCampos Bass???

After yesterday’s trip,I had to get another plan for these guys. Weather was coming in and the fsih should chew. The only part of a tide that I did not fish was the last 2 hours of outgoing. When I got a phone call from a buddy who told me that he had some fish in the river in the wee hours of the morning I called Tony. He was good with my master plan and we left the dock at 3:45 am. We got a bite after 20 minutes and Shawn landed his first Striper ever!  With over a hour and a half of dark I figured this is just the start.  WRONG!!!! NEver got another bite in the river so we made it to the Sandy hook Chanel and dropped the bait on some very good marks. Again these friggin bass would not eat. So made the move to the big chanel to fish the prime tide. As the winds picked up and the temperature dropped all my praying did no good as I just could not got these guys into a bass. As the tide turned and it got just plain nasty we made another move and then another with nothing to show for it. Again despite my planning, I only could manage 1 fish for my guys.  2  dud trips in a row…..Thank God for Alcohol………

November 3, 2011 Vincent DeVidio Bass!

Had Vincent and his brothers from the NYFD onboard for another bass on eels trip. Vincent hooked into a keeper on the 2nd drift and it turned out to be the only bass of the day. No other bites, no other fish. We fishedhard and long and the guys stayed at it until finally we could not take any longer. After 3 super eels trips, today turned out to be a vey big let down. These guys came ready to fish, to bad the fish would not cooperate.

Nov 1, 2011 Jeff Cromis Bass on Eels

Jeff was on board a month ago on 1 of the dud trips. Beautiful weather no fish, after this weekends blow I was not sure if the fish would still be where we left them. The forecasted NE in conjunction with the outgoing will make it very “SPORTY”. It was beautiful as we rounded the bend and Erwin Jr got the bait ready. Jeff was well aware of my feelings that we have to kill a little time before we get the tide right. Russ thank God he left the bananas home was not listening as he hooked on the 2nd drift a real nice fat 25lber!!! On the 3rd drift on the wrong tide he set the hook on another bass that pushed the boca down to 30lbs! A few more bites before the tided ebbed and then it died. As the tide turned the seas got mean, but the bass really turned it on as we were getting multiple bite on every drift. Griffen fishing the bow was putting on a clinic as he hooked and landed quite a few bass, all but 1 were way over the legal size. Jeff was steady but lost a good fish when he got the rod butt tangled in his jacket loop and could not move the rod. Frank got into the action near the end of the trip as well and Rocky got to reel in 1 of Jeff’s fish. We left the fish biting and headed to some calmer water on the way back to the Marina. It felt great to get Jeff and his crew into a decent bite, they did a super job in tough conditions once again. I really liked the beaver hat, everyone likes a groomed beaver………..