Monthly Archives: December 2011

November 17, 2011 Donald and his crew

Had Donald and his regular crew on board for their yearly fall bass trip. We were met with nasty seas and the ride south was uneventful. Again, we could see the birds long before we were there.  These fish chewed and chewed before they shut down. While we waited for the tide change we put out the rigs and were into the bass , 3 at a time!! Once we got the tide, they appeared again and this time they were bigger and even more aggressive. The rocks were covered, inshore off shore, all over!!  This is what the fall fishing is all about and the action was super. Again, Donald got into great fishing, but they had to put up with less then desirable conditions. However, with a boxful of white meat, no one paid much attention to the cold, wind and waves…….. The men worked for what they caught…  Fall fishing at its best!!!

November 16, 2011 Tony Bass and Blackfish

The rise was nasty, but it was worth as the sky was filled with birds and the bass were swirling and chewing. We had to catch lots of fish to box their 6 man limit and once that was done, headed to the rough stuff to catch their black fish limit as well. The blackfish were not the size of yesterday fish, but good enough to keep…. Plenty of white meat for the guys..

November 15, 2011 Zempe Bass n Blacks

Took the early ride down south to seee what the sunrise brings. Birds and Bass however the bass where once again on the small size. After a few hours of chasing we decided to check out o spot that I wanted to Blackfish. Setting the anchor it took awhile to get them going and once they did it did not take long for them to shut down. A move was made and this time we found the mother load with fish to 10lbs being caught and released. Over 30 supersize blackfish were hooked and thrown back as we did have the 1 per man limit in the boat. This was the best blackfishing that the Scales n Tales has seen.

November 12, 2011 Rich Porteuse Bass!

WEll to say that I was expecting very good fishing was a under statement. Once we saw the birds and then the fish as I pulled up to the schools of bass that went forever, I was not disappointed. However, the size of the fish was a bit shocking as they lost 8-10 inches from yesterday. The action was hot and Rich and rich after fish on his jigs. We were in the fish most of the day before the tide ebbed and slowed the bite. Still, they hooked and landed bass. Eels did not produce any bigger fish and they had to work to box their limit. Still in all, a very productive trip  with plenty white meat to go around……..

November 11, 2011 Mike Cybulski Bass n Blacks

Mike was able to get himself out of the woods for a chance of putting some white meat in the freezer. The weather was nasty and the men put up with some tough conditions, but the bass bit and bit and bit.  Birds, fish on top, fish on the bottom, fish all over. Mike and his crew put the boat limit in the boat while playing catch and release for the rest of the morning. Once they had enough a switch to blackfish was made. The men quickly learned the feel and had decent fishing for the rest of the day. They all ended up with some very tasty fillets, all of the white meat!!   A super day on the water………

November 8, 2011 Jim Schendorn Bass n Blacks

Had Jim and his 2 sons on board for a combination trip. It took a few tries to find the bass but once we did it was a quick limit, then a fast ride south to the rough stuff where Jim and his boys enjoyed a nice pull of blackfish in the most beautiful weather you could have for this time of year. A father and his 2 boys on the water fishing together, it does not get better then this!!!!