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Jan 20 Duck Hunting-Navesink River Guide Service

My good buddy Chuck along with his son Chas, and my son Erwin, and I went with Navesink River Guide Service, owned by Andy who runs a great operation. He met us at the ramp in the dark and took us to his duck blind that was preset with numerous decoy sets already deployed. As the sun started to rise on the eastern edge of the Navesink River so did the ducks. Andy gave the go ahead to load up and it was game on. The ducks had read the book and took to the sky, flying east to west, some high some low. The first duck that entered the set did get a ride in Andy’s boat as Erwin Jr killed it!! That was only the start as we got many chances at many different types of waterfowl. Bufflehead, Ruddy, Hooded Mergansers, Mergansers, Broadbills all entered our spread, some flew to live another day, some did not. Laughs were plenty and the ball braking was non stop.  Andy  would call  at the passing waterfowl, enticing the ducks into range and giving us great shot opportunities all morning long in blue bird conditions. I my self went through a box of shells  Jr, and Chuck did the same. By late morning, we had over a dozen ducks in our bag and sore bellies from laughing. Andy’s blind is like a Cadillac, and is as comfortable as it gets, the action was super and the company even better. As for me any day on the water is special, but to spend the time with my son along with my buddy and his boy is a treat. Andy was super as  our guide and worked plenty hard to make sure we all had a enjoyable experience!!! TOO bad the season is over in a few days. For all you guys that are into this type of hunting, Andy is your guy. Check our his web site in my links to contact him, or contact me and I will give you his info….  Another great day on the navesink!!!!  2 months to Fishing season, but who is counting……..


I will be at the Eastern Sports Outdoor show starting Feb 4 – 12 in Harrisburg this year.- booth number 328-   I will be displaying many pics from this past year as well as the 2011 winning fish at the HI- Mar tournament this past June. My book is open and I have been booking reservations for the spring bass run. Give me a call if you are interested in a specific date. We are running 2 trips a day from April until July. I am expecting very big fish this year as we have another great age class due in this Spring.

Surf fishing, RED HOT BASS January 5, 2012

Had to see if the for myself if the bass bite was as hot as they have been saying.  So I loaded up some gear and made to the beach. There I found, no birds, no bait, no signs of anything. What the hell I am here, lets fish.  2nd cast, I get a bump, next cast I am doubled over and that is how the afternoon went and I left them biting with bigger fish really turning on as the sun set lower in the western sky.  This time of year with plenty of bass to be caught, and I am not talking about rats either is unreal. I can’t wait until spring time…….

November 27, 2011 Randy and last chance bass

Randy was out for his usual last trip of the year and for a change we found super weather again. The fishing was as good as it gets as we quickly boxed up and it was catch and release the rest of the day. We caught deep, shallow, on eels, they bit everything. Not much to say other then the men went home with plenty of “white meat” and tired arms. Makes me very sad to say this is the last trip of the year.

November 26, 2011 Jim Nicholson Bass Bonanza

Jim and his crew headed south in the most nicest weather you could ask for this time of year. There we found miles of birds and silly fishing. The bass hit the jigs with reckless abandon. By 10 am the guys had all they could ask for and it was a early trip back to the marina. Plenty of “white meat” for the winter as we were filleting in our tee shirts.. It does not get better then this, great bunch of guys, great weather, great fishing!!! To bad tomorrow is the last trip of the year…….