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Feb 1, 2012 Harrisburg, Pa Sports Show

In my gallery you can find a picture of my booth that was set up on Feb 1, 2012. Featured is the Hi-Mar winning fish  47.3lbs, caught by Dean Martin in early June, it’s a great looking mount! Along with that fish there are a few great posters and many 8×10’s on my table top and in front of the table. Starting top left you will find Anthony Mattarazzo with a beautiful 8 1/2 fluke with Zempe on another big fish. Anthony did have the biggest fluke of the year at 12.9lbs, but that did not make the poster board. Next is Mike Cybulski who fishes as hard as anybody and did manage to hook and land this fluke on one of my buck-tails. If you know Mike, you would know what a accomplishment this fish is!!!!!! Below him is Kevin with the biggest bass of the year at 52.7lbs! Kevin caught this fish on the Monday after the Hi-Mar during a afternoon trip that found the bass eating bunker and pencil poppers with wreck-less abandon! This beautiful bass was weighed, taped, and released to live another day. Way to go to Kevin!!! Dan Graham is next with a beautiful Mahi that was caught on a fresh spearing in the deep on a Mahi trip. Next row finds Erwin Jr. holding Mike Witt’s clan’s bass that weighed 48 1/2 lbs!!!! All the boys took part in landing this fish and their smiles say it all!!!!The next pic finds Erwin jr holding Sherrie”s bass that almost spooled her in a great morning in early June along with her Husband and her son. Next is the Leaonardo’s Fluke Tournament FUBAR!!! A great catch, go back in my blog to read about this tournament. Zempe is next with his first over 40lb bass. This started a very long hot streak for him that lasted until the end of the season. Then we have Dave Berzin’s and his crew. I worked with Dave during my county days as he was and still is NJDEP!! That day we found the mother load of doormats as Anthony led the way with a fluke that weighed in 11.8 lbs with a few more that came in at over 10lbs! A day never to forget for sure. They took home the white meat!! Next row find Lynnie with one of her great bass caught on a live one on a Friday afternoon in super conditions. Then we have the “A” team with one of their great fluke trips in 2011. They prove every Friday what hard work will produce. Next row is Dean holding what turned out to be the money fish in the Hi-Mar 2011 event in real nasty conditions. Then we have Anthony form the NJDEP holding his 11.8lb fluke that bit his jig right at the end and put the icing on the cake to a super fluke trip!! Jay is holding up a decent Blackfish that was caught on a combination trip in April. I get on the board as well with a few beauties, not to mention a great big bass.!!! Last but not least we have Mark holding a BFT that he hooked and is destined for civechy during a real good offshore jig trip in great conditions…  There are numerous other pictures on the table and in front of the table to round out the booth. Thanks to all of my fisherman to make these pictures so special. 2012 should be and will be another super year onboard the Scales n Tales!!!!!!!!!!!