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April 26, 2012 Paul T Cop

Having a bag full of clams on board, plans of netting bunker, just in case, were quickly put on the back burner when I saw the sea conditions. No problem, I put the fish to sleep a few hours ago and  will start right where we left off. Of course the fish were not there and we had to work hard to get on some fish. The guys in very nasty conditions, did super when we did get the bites and my the end of the trip had the striper hotel 1 fish short of full. Joe thumbs landed the big fish AGAIN!! it was so big that I needed 2 pics to get the whole fish documented, at least it was bigger then a deer I cut for him this past year., but thats another story. As the conditions got worse, so did the fishing. Nasty with some fish is okay, nasty with no fish is no fun and it was decided to head for the barn before the tide change, which should have got the bite going again, but will give us wind against, something that we all did not want to see. So with a box full of white meat called it a day. Sure could have been worse……..

April 25, 2012, pm trip Dan Pepe

Dan wanted to take some very special people out for a day on the water bass fishing. With a cool SE breeze and so so conditions I headed north to where we had them on the earlier trip. The plan was to pull the hrad baits and look for some sign. Dan was very excited to be fishing and I was just hoping not to let him down. When the lines were set, I made a course for a little ditch that held some fish a few hours ago. Wayne, sitting on the coffin box stated” hey Capt, we been fishing for 10 minutes and still no bites?” I just knew this was going to be alot fo fun. His boys both were standing next to the rods when the port got hit and,  2 mintues we had the white meat laying on the deck. For the next 2 hours the bass bit like they read the book, and they hooked fish after fish pulling the hrad baits through the marks. Best fishing of the year for me so far, and my crew were really having a good time. Dan just smiled as he watched from the bow, all on board were having a good time!! Thats when we changed up and decided to try to get these fish to eat some live bait. The men baited up and tossed the bunker to the marks, again the bass cooperated as they smashed the bait with reckless abandon. However they would not eat them and they never hooked up with the right fish, but the surface action was pretty neat. We finished the trip back on the troll as they had the striper hotel full with a few fish getting a 2nd chance. Another trip with a Father and his boys, a buddy that goes way back with me, and my son.  What gets better then this………

April 21, 2012 Bill Jones Bass!!

Bill and his crew came from a long way and I really did want to dissapoint. Making bait was easy and I headed north. We had fish respond to the live ones, just would  not give the guys a chance to set the hook until Matt came tight on a nice fat 25lb bass that made into the striper hotel. Thats when the fog rolled in, thick, cold and very damp. A few more drifts and I had to move before I froze the guys and little guys to death. I am getting used to the weather man not comming close to be right or close anymore. Thats when the breeze started and we decided to pull the hard baits as drifting in the sea conditions were out of the question. Matt caught another keeper and a few blues and we picked away at he fish until the end of the tide. We did not catch their limit, however they did a great job battling these bass in tough conditions. The highlight of the day was when little Jake (5yrs) landed a beautiful bass(see the gallery) with very little help from anyone.. Way to go Jake!!!!  Joe (12yrs) also landed a nice fat striper. For me, 3 trips this week with father and sons— It does not get better then that for me.  Numbers wise, we did not slay them, but in every other aspect just a super great week for me and the Scales n Tales….. thanks guys…    Bill did go home plenty of white meat, sure he had room for more, but we all did the best that we could.

April 20, 2012 Zempe

The plan was to fish live bait in my favorite spot. Loading up the tanks was easy before I headed south.  Arriving early at the location,  had me thinking that this is going to be the day we have been waiting for since last year. Seeing the water temp brought me back to reality real fast. They had fish, but nothing came easy as Zemp and his “A”team worked harder then they should have to to box up their limit. The South east breeze kept the air temps cool , combined with the clouds, made for a colder then expected day. Paul T cop boated the largest bass of the season so far at 24lbs, and the guys all got to go home with nice bags of white meat. A nice start to the live bunker season. I have to remember that it is only the 3rd week of April……

April 19, 2012 Doug and his boys

Having a father and son out the day before, and seeing the Mark and his boys and Scott with his son was going to be a great day no matter what the fishing!  I had Andrew ,Nikko, and Drew ages 7, 7, and 5 on board for a afternoon of Bass fishing. Now if only the bass will bite. The boys were full of enthusiasism as we pulled out of the marina and by time we set the lines had asked a hundred questions about everuything!!  It took only 15 minutes before the first bite and in short time Andrew had landed a fat 17lb bass!!!  That was the only fish for the next 5 hours.  Sure we had some bites on the live bait but no takers. It did not matter to the kids as they fished hard throughout the very slow afternoon. The wind made it uncomfortable at times, but the kids never ever seemed to notice. What a joy to see the young generation enjoying the outdoors, with their dads!!! After what seemed way longer then it was, while some one was sweetening the water the rod bent and Nikko landed our 2nd fish. The boys all lined up to take their turn in making yellow water as the rods bent again and young Drew caught his fish, 5 years old with very little help!  UNREAL, by time the tide ended we had 5 in the box, just enough white meat to go around and a super afternoon except for the slower then normal fishing. 2 days in a row for me with Father and sons on board, it does not get better then this!!!!!!!! I cannot say enough about the boys today other then thankyou for fishing with me,  I had a great day…..

April 18, 2012 CAESAR and crew means BASS!

Caesar and his brother David, along with George and Chris and Caesar’s son Lucas arrived with high expectations to the marina. I had a few plans in my mind , so we entered the bay and saw the bait schools It came down to get some bait and take the ride. Caesar was all for it and it will be all or nothing!! We never fished live bait this early but the water temp is there and we all  wanted to try. Our first drift did not produce, so we made a move and it turned out to be a good move. Lucas got bit first, but never got the chance to hook the fish. Chris showed every body how it is done when after he got bit, set the hook and landed the first bluefish of the year. Caesar not wanting to be out don,e quickly came tight and landed the first live bunker bass of the year for us. Everyone got into the action and the next few drifts provided solid action until we ran out of bait. Not before Lucas fed his bait no a nice fat 17lber for his biggest bass ever!!! Even David had a bass on for a few minutes. With the striper hotel almost full, I put out the hard baits which the bass really wanted as we bent the rods for the last hour of the trip. At this point, with some nasty weather looming on the horizon and the men looking forward to the meal that has become a tradition back at the marina, and having the hotel with the no vacancy sign posted, headed back to the barn. There the men were seated next to the fire place and served a great meal provided by themselves, prepared by the chef and once again we all got the chance to break bread. Another super trip a bunch of guys that just want to get away from the daily grind for a few hours and have some fun. For Caesar, spending the day with his son is very special, I know the feeling!!!

April 17, 2012 The Grahams and Bass

Had the Grahams on the boat for the first official trip of the year and were not disappointed. Kilo Graham, Tele Graham and Cardio Graham got into fish on the troll as I could not find any marks good enough to try and jig. Kilo had the best at 22lbs with Tele not far behind at 20lbs!!! They boxed their limit with Cardio coming on strong at the end of the trip. A beautiful day on the water for the month of April. Only joking about their names, they are Christina, Scott and David  Graham….

Friday the 13th, Good Luck Bass!

Erwin Jr. ran out today with Mark, Zempe and Tony to try and “push their luck” with some Striped Bass. Well after crossing paths with a black cat on the way into the marina on Friday the 13th, everyone had just a little bit of an unsure feeling. The plan was to net and chunk bunker today. Spent 2 hours trying to get bait and barely had enough to make it happen, but we tried anyway. The lack of current was affecting our game-plan bigtime, but we did manage a few fish this way. After the bait ran out the trolling plugs went in the water. Spent some time trying to locate some fish and just when we decided to call it a day and leave with the fish we had, we found them! Had great readings of fish on the screen and they sure were hungry. Finished out the day with some great action trolling up 35″ class fish. Everyone had a great day and went home with their limit in Stripers.

April 6, 2012 The Bass Are Here!

Erwin Jr., Henry and Zempe ran out to put in a day of early season striper fishing. Ran south with hopes of coming accross the “jig bite” that has been around. Lots of birds looking around, it started to look like it was definitely going to happen, but after an hour of trolling around and glassing the horizon it just never panned out. Ran back to the bay where we had the fish the day before and had our first bite within 2 minutes. Henry put his first striper on the Scales N Tales in the boat, a very nice keeper. After a few more fish caught by all three of us we realized that we had our limit in the boat. At this time, I received some information that the ocean bite was on, but we had plenty of fish right where we were, so we did not make the run back down there. Wound up playing catch and release for the last few hours of the day. A great sign was that every single fish we caught was well over the legal size, did not catch a single short fish. After each of us had decided we had enough, we headed to the dock. Everyone had some fresh striper filets for Good Friday dinner and a really great time getting in on the early season bass bite. This season is showing signs of promising things to come!

April 5, 2012 First Bass of the Year!

Erwin Jr. ran out into the bay with Dean, Brian and Mike for an afternoon of striper fishing. After coming accross some diving birds, we put the lines in and had 2 bites very quickly. Things started to come together and then just died. So, we trolled to the areas that typically produce fish early in the the season and sure enough, fish on! Dean put a real solid 37″ bass in the boat. After that, Brian and Mike each followed up with keepers. After a few more bites, the guys decided to pack it in. Came back to the dock with 3 keepers for the table; a couple others swam away to fight another day. Sure felt good to run the boat and ice down a few striped bass once again. Not a bad way to start the year!!