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May 28, 2012 Reel Monster’s Capt Rick

Had Capt Rick from Reel Monsters Video on board for a day of taping in hopes of getting Capt Rick on film catching stripe bass on his center pin set up. Plenty of bait, and a little action with the bass, but not for him. I ended up south of Manasquan  in hopes of finding some bass. In swamp colored water and bunker all over I could not get him on a bite. We tried hard, real hard, but to no avail. He did land a big Blue on his specialty tackle and I can’t wait until he sets up on a trophy size bass. I will get him on a bass, mark my word………….this is not the end of the story. Once this is done he will be on the sportsman channel next year. I just need to get this done!!

May 27, 2012 Dan Walters Bass????????

After a non sleep night, any many different plans going through my head I was very eager to get on the water. When I saw that the men arrived early, this had to be a great sign. So quickly they loaded up their gear and we set sail. I dismissed all the plans in my head and was going to battle  where I know they live, its personal now. With no boats ahead of me I made the ocean and headed south. The first bunker school I found looked fishy and I could not get the guys in the water fast enough. As I was getting the last bait in the water, I had a line come tight in the bow. I did not want to look as it neared the hull, Mark was grunting just a little and I knew it had to be a bass. Thats when I grabbed the gaff and just like that, we had some white meat in the boat. They guys got another bass, lost a few and boated some blues before the Sunday boat traffic killed this bite. Still early, and we headed south once again. There they got bit 2 more times and both bass made it into the striper hotel.  Only 4 bass would be a dismal trip, but given the bite yesterday, I am very happy. I know the men come from a long way, and everyone knows I want them to go home with all the white they are allowed, but today was a victory, the bite has died and they did a great catching what they did. Sure the jumbo blues were all over, but for them to hook the few bass that bit, was a great.  Thanks Dan and your crew, you fished very hard, in tough conditions to make this day a successful one…..

May 26, 2012pm Brian Hufford Bass

Putting the very disappointing morning trip behind me, and having a great dish of fresh clams at the Oyster, this afternoon has to be better. I have never ever been skunked 2 trips in a row. You all know what coming next, we fished hard, blues were plentiful, but the bass were non existent for me. I did see a few get caught but as for my charter, they went home with out the white meat. I know they guys fished hard and are not happy at not catching any bass, but for me, there are no words to describe how this makes me feel.This can be a very long long night, hide the VO!!!!!!!

May 26, 2012 Bill Brymer Bass

My expectations were high as I headed right to where I left them yesterday, and they had them last evening.  Only once we arrived, there were no marks, so I blind fished and we got bit, got bit hard. The Blues moved in, eating every single bait you put in the water. Here, there every where. We went further then we should have only to find the same thing, very hungry bluefish. South to way north, the blues would not leave the bait alone and we did not get a bass, don’t even think I got a bass bite. What a difference a day makes…….No white meat for Bill and the boys…..

May 25, 2012 Zempe and the “A”Team Bass

Another morning of very heavy fog, if only the bite stay the same we will be okay, these guys can fish!!!! They took there lumps early in the year, but as of late, the fish have been chewing. These guys are the wrong guys if you are the bass and decide to chew on their bait. So taking the slow ride south in no visibility, I found the same marks as we had yesterday morning. This is my A team, make no mistake about that. So when they pitched their baits into that cool Atlantic and the bass came up and busted the bunker, there lines came tight, and they stayed tight until I sunk my gaff into the tasty white meat. In the first few drifts, they were boxed up. Not as many bites as yesterday morning, but they make every bite count. With the fog, we were able to fish the school with out harassment from other boats. Drift after drift we got bit, me and another boat, another Captain who knows how to set up on the fish. When the fog lifted a little, we got mugged and they killed the bite. So with one spot left in the hotel, they wanted to go after a big fish. It was easy for me to leave all the knuckle heads in the fog. We set up on one of my favorite spots and found very little action except for a few blues and a bass swirl or 2 until Zempe working my favorite bait    D  E  A   D!!!!!!! got bit. This man can fish, so when this fish pushed him to his limit, I really thought he was going to need the vagina belt, I was not sure if he hooked mr big or a shark. This fish stayed deep, the whole time. When we were able to finally see it in the clear green, it was real nice, not huge, but very respectful. I sunk the gaff and when we had the fish on the deck, we all knew he landed a beauty. That was our last bass, but was the best fish of the day, and we we put her on the scale, the best fish of the year so far. Just a shade under 45lbs! The fog made it easy for us to call the trip early as all of the assholes seem to target my boat. I just wish when they come so close they would bring coffee. Back at the dock it was another full wagon of white meat for the “A”team. If only every day could be like Fridays…………

May 24, 2012 Rich Splash Bass??

With the bite only lasting for the first hour, you have to make the best of your bites. For one reason or another , when the guys step on my boat, they always think they no better then the guy who is out every day. So when I stopped on some good marks,and got some men into the bass right from the start I figured this was going to be easy. I forgot that this is Richie splash and his crew. We boxed a nice bass right from the first bite, and it went down hill from there. When I say don’t rip the lips off, you don’t even need to set the hook, just come tight is enough. I mean it. They found out the hard way, only putting a tenth of what they should have boxed. If I sound frustrated, I am!!! The bite has been very inconsistent and when I land on the fish and they are chewing, we need to catch them. So the next 3 drifts, we have great bites and nothing to show for it. I want to spend time at the fillet station, I want striper blood on my boat, I want smiling faces. The bite changes every day, I know what it takes to hook the fish, all you have to do is listen……….

May 23, 1012–Ted Gysen Bass Clinic!!!!

Well at least Ted came prepared ready to fish!  All on board came loaded for bear, however we were bass fishing. So When I came upon a bunker school that was be fed on by the very fish we were looking to catch, Ted at least decided to use my gear instead off rigging up. By time I got all the crew in the water(all my setups were ready to fish) the fog rolled in,the fog rolled in once again. Ted did his best to fill up the hotel, with very little help from the rest of his crew. By time the trip was over,we were 1 fish short of our limit. Still plenty of white meat for all, and plenty of ball busting for sure. I just feel that we feel short of what we could have caught, still a great trip with plenty of action and laughs..  Thanks TED!

May 22, 2012 “DOC” bass

The men got to the marina early as I wanted to get back to where I left them earlier. Doc fishes hard and I really wanted to show him what we do on the Scales n Tales. The bass did not let us down, and the jumbo blues also provided us with great surface strikes and bent rods. Big fish, and Doc trusted me and fished my favorite bait hard when he caught a beautiful 35lber! All the guys had great bites and the Striper Hotel Quickly filled. Kevin put the icing on the cake with his “resident Bass” and his Toys R Us rod!!!  When I find the other half of the rod KEV, I will get it back to you! Then men were a lot of fun and to watch as they had 5 on at one time was really cool for me to be part of. Kelvin took home the money with a great 37lber that edged out Doc. A super bite, in tough seas once again. If only every trip could be like this…

May 22, 2012 Paul “T” Cop Bass

With the very unstable weather we were not sure if this trip was going to happen. It took a prolonged visit to the men’s room to come to a decision (not what you think). Making bait was easy and we took the ride south in steep seas and fog. It was the right choice as the bass were waiting and the guys quickly filled the Striper Hotel to capacity despite Joe Thumbs doing his best at becoming the Striper Conservationist of the year. AL got a good one on the BUNKER BOY swimming plug.They sure did make the best out of miserable conditions….  and plenty of white meat to go around…….What a bite, just what we needed!!!!!!

May 20, 2012 Paul Milatta Bass

With 3 days in a row of good to very good action, I had no reason to think today was going to be any different. Lou, taking over my helm as I was throwing the net, did a great job in securing 2 tanks full of live ones. Setting up on my first drift over very good marks, only reinforced what I knew, this was going to be a good drift. Getting the 6 baits in the water with no takers gave me that funny feeling when Dan came tight on a good fish. The swells were bigger then yesterday’s and made for a interesting fight as Dan did his best as he landed a beautiful bass. The drift was uneventful and I made the move to the deep, where the Blues were all over the surface. The guys hooked up and Paul landed the last fish in this area. The swells were too much and I needed to get back to some calmer waters. A stop on a bunker school that was really fishy, provided me with everything I need to know as far as how the rest of the trip was going to go. We had a few Blues bite the baits and I needed to move. Not a problem, I was headed to my favorite spot in the bay when I won’t say who, but John, took out a few bananas to eat on the ride in. Do I need to say more???????? Dan, that was great fish…You guys fished hard for no reward…..we tried…….