Monthly Archives: June 2012

June 29, 2012 “A” Team Fluke beat down

So Uncle Lou arrived 45 minutes late, it did not make that much difference to Zempe and his crew. We had to dodge some storms and we did get hit by some heavy rain, but the men fished hard. The Fluke bit, but were small, 1 keeper per drift as I worked the area hard. They were putting together a catch when I got the nod to try a spot that I have not fished yet. That move turned out to be a great move as the men put 35 keepers in the Fluke Hotel. 2 big Fluke were lost and even Uncle Lou caught a few keepers finally.  It was another bad moon rising for the Fluke-  right Zempe?

June 28, 2012 Terry Talcott Bass? Fluke

Terry was willing to give it a try, even though the morning reports from the past few days were terrible. So after a few tries we made the move and went straight to where we left them biting last evening. The action was good and he hooked and landed fish after fish, just enough keepers for both off us and plenty of shorts. A beautiful morning on the water, and despite not catching any bass, another great trip.

June 27, 2012 Bernard’s trip Fluke!!!!

Cancelling out the last few trips due to high winds, I was not sure if this trip would sail. The west backed off just enough and the men were eager to get down the beach. Mitch and Mike and Bernard did a very impressive job working my bucktails while working my drift lines. By the end of evening, they had a Hotel full of the sweet white meat with Mike catching his biggest ever at just under 7lbs. Mitch came from Iowa to fish and I can’t tell you how it felt to get him on some nice size Fluke. For me, this was another trip where the guys just wanted to have some fun and catch some fish. If I did not misplace my camara, you could see their smiles, which says more then what ever I could type.

June 25, 2012 Doug Austen Anything that bites!

Doug along with his 2 kinds and is brother in law really were just looking for a trip that bends the rods. So with a very stiff NW wind, the beach was very inviting. There we found Fluke, Sandsharks, Cow Nose Rays, Searobins bit through out the tide. Zach hooked and landed with a little help from his Uncle a great big Cow Nose Ray  on the lightest outfit on my boat. He did a masterful job and took him over a half hour to get this fish along side the boat!!! He also did a great job in hooking Fluke, Allie his sister also did very well in very wnidy conditions…

June 23, 2012 am Matt Smith Bass/ Fluke

Matt was the first guy to book me at the Harrisburg show. His enthusiasm was pouring out of him while discussing this trip. With bass fishing like it was all week in the hot weather, it was only a matter of time before it was going to die out. I mentioned how I felt, and Matt and his crew were ready to give it a try. They did get some bites and we did boat 1 bass before the Saturday boat traffic and the sunshine killed the little bite that we had. Thats when we went to the Fluke spot and the men did a great job in fast drift conditions in boating quite a few Fluke. I would have like to fish a little longer until Jingles,thinking it was Sunday got down on his knees and started praying off the back off my boat. His buddies quickly came to his aid with mayo, mustard, and some very disgusting images that made Jingles get rid of the devil from within!!!!!! and he did not get any on my boat. So we headed north on a hot sunny day. Once we got the White Meat packed up it was time to hit the Tiki Bar at he Marina where we enjoyed the cold beer and great company. Another group of guys that just wanted to have fun, fish and enjoy a day on the water. They came from far away to fish with me and I know they had a good time, I certainly did…….

June 22, 2012 am Zempe and the “A” team Bass n Fluke

No problem with leaving on time and we made it south very early. We got on a bunker school and picked away with Zempe leading the way with another 40lber!!! Once that bite died, the plan was to go fluking. Eddie had to settle a score and was ready when we dropped on my spot. Once there the men beat on the flat fish with Eddie catching a 8lb 120unce fluke and a 6 man limit of the sweet white meat to go along with the half dozen big bass to make this a great trip. I hope this is a sign of things too come this summer… When Eddie is on my boat,  fluke beware!!!!!!!!

June 21, 2012 am Richie Spalsh Bass???????

After the last 2 morning trips, leaving the dock early is key as the bass chew and then shut down. Rich was all good for leaving the dock early. So when I arrived and saw Doc already waiting, I was excited. Too bad Rich did not arrive until 45 minutes later then we were planning on leaving. There is always something with him and for me when I give you a time and you say thats good, then that when we leave. I almost told him to take his shit back to his truck and jump on another boat. SO any way we headed south and did manage to get on a bunker school that was hot and were quickly rewarded with bass bites, and they did not stop. They had fish all morning long, great sized fish and the Hotel filled up quickly once again with the white meat. A greater power was looking over Rich and his crew as they had his best trip of the year. Plenty of White Meat to go around.

June 20, 2012 am Anthony Sickinger Bass

Anthony had a afternoon trip and with the hot wave, was able to move it to the morning. After yesterday evenings trip. I could not wait to get on a school. It did not take long before we had a hot school in our sites and the snagged hooks were flying. The bass did not disappoint us as they quickly inhaled the baits. The Hotel filled very fast with great bass and I could not have written a better script for my buddy and his friends.. Even Phil aka Bo Tangles landed a few. Fluking was so so in flat calm water before we headed for the fillet station where the Ice cold Coors Lite went down like water, a great trip all around….

May 19, 2012 pm Terry Talcott BASS

Having to cancel his last few trips, and with the fishing building, a very stiff SE was not going to get in his way. It was very lumpy, and the Scales and Tales had to take it slow, but the fish were waiting. A few miles north of my destination, I very hot bunker school was being harassed and the snagged baits got hit as soon as you turned the bait. Terry landed and released bass after bass in very sloppy seas. Fish to 38lbs!! We kept a few that were hooked to deep, and released many more before he had enough and we took the ride back to the calm waters of the bay. A super afternoon, and it could not have come at a better time to a better person!!!!!

May 19, 2012 am Bill Hasko BASS!

My choice was easy and so was the bait, but the fishing was not. So while drifting in the deep with no action and watching the schools of bunker flood toward the beach, I tossed out my treble. It did not take long before we had to change tactics. Thats when the Hotel started filling up. Rick, Joe and Bill all hooked and landed beautiful bass. Even Cowboy Mike was catching. Mike (let em go Pilot) did everything he could to ensure that the bass population will go on. By the end of the trip they had plenty of white meat and was treated to a Thresher that ate 2 baits before going away. Anytime I can put Mike C on fish I feel like I million bucks….. I real good trip fishing the bunker schools…