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July 26, 2012 Rob Parry Fluke

After yesterday’s action, I was up for a change and headed for some new ground that I have heard is loaded with keeper size fluke. After along ride, Rob and his son’s along with Uncle John found loads of fish only to find none of them able to make the size limit. That when the storms hit and we ran back to port with lighting storms making the choice a no brainer…………

July 25, 2012 John Brabazon Fluke

John along with his dad Big John, Eric, and Lil Dave arrived and quickly loaded their gear for a chance of hooking into a few decent fluke. John booked this trip back in February and asked all the right questions in hopes of catching a good one. We have been catching good fish, not giants, but good ones, and that what was he wanted. I was confident that we would get into some “good ones”. John’s first fish was a decent 3- 4lber followed on the next drift be another fish of 25″! Things were looking good as Lil Dave was hooking and landing his first sea robin when the action died out with the tide. I could not get these guys into any more fish where I was, so a move was needed. Once there, Big John put on a clinic, stealing the banana split from John with his limit of very respectful fluke. Action was decent as we got into to a keeper on every drift. John did come tight on a good one, only to have the fish come unglued near the top. Fishing was okay and I was glad I did especially when Lil Dave hooked and landed a fluke near the end of the day. The weather was beautiful and by the end of the day, these guys put a nice amount of quality fish into the fluke hotel. John never did put a “big fish” on my boat, but that did not put a damper on a very nice day. A great bunch of guys, that came along way to fish with me. A nice day all around, and they are taking home some very nice bags of white meat…..

July 19, 2012 FLUKE!!!!

Zempe, Mark, Jay, Diane, Jr, and myself jumped on the Scales n Tales for a 6 hour Fluke trip. I wanted to get this crew to give this spot a try. Commercial boat traffic really prevented us from pounding some areas, but my crew were putting solid fish in the hotel on every drift. Zempe was hot today and the rest of crew contributed to filling the hotel to near capacity. Mark hooked a doormat on his Toys r Us rod that gave him all he could handle, but he did and got the fish to the boat where I fumbled and used the wrong net. Nothing else needs to be said other then that fish is lucky to be alive today!!!! Lots of laughs, Jay never stopped talking, but you know that right? Mark got to tell his swordfish story for the 249th time! Diane tried to match me fish for fish, thats funny. Jr did his best to stay with Zempe, even crowding him in the bow, but was way over matched. Just a great trip with loads of fun, and we got a bunch of the white meat too!! Just glad my plan fell into place—–

July 18, 2012 Terry Talcott Fluke

Easy for me as to which direction I am going. A beautiful morning and the fluke were waiting. Terry did a super job in fishing 2 rods and the fluke hotel filled up as we were playing catch and release. No doormats but real quality fish between 3 and 4 lbs!!!! I could not write a better script for today, weather, fishing or company.

July 15, 2012 Ben Lehman Fluke

Ben and his crew were waiting for me by time I arrived as I was still running options through my head. We got the Scales n Tales ready to sail and by then, it was clear to me that I would roll the dice and fish a new area. The “spots” got pounded yesterday and I really wanted to find some less pressured grounds. Once there it was just a matter of some current and it was game on. Fish bit all tide long and Ben and his crew did a great job in hooking the fluke on bucktails and bait. They had fish to near 6 lbs with a bunch in the 4 – 5lb range. A great bunch of guys that came along way to fish with me. The fluke hotel did not fill to capacity, missing by 3 but they still got to take alot of the white meat back home……

Tournament on the Lady Di July 14, 2012

After a last minute cancellation, I was able join Captain Diane on her new boat, Lady Di, and her crew for the Sandy Hook Bay Anglers 2 day event. During the week, we did boat a fair number of decent fish in a few areas, and I was confident that we could find another good fish today. However, the biggest fish that we could find was a 6.4lb that Capt Diane hooked late in the morning. Lots of fish and the crew fished very hard all day long. Many fish made it into the fluke hotel, and there was plenty of white meat for all to enjoy. A very nice day on a beautiful boat! Her fish did win big fish honors for a lady angler.

July 13, 2012 the “A” team Fluke

So after the week we had, what were we to expect? Zempe, My man Matt and Eddie the animal, along with  Bob, had very high hopes for today. These guys can fish, and today they had to prove it. I went right to my big fish spot and ground it out for the tide as these guys limited the boat with fish to 8lbs. That was my man Matt who caught that fish. Throw in some ling and we had quite a day. Plenty of white meat for everyone, a 6 man limit after the past few days was just what the Doctor ordered!!!!

July 12, 2012 Keith Strain Fluke?

After yesterday, I was not sure what to expect. Keith and his crew put some Fluke in the boat on the first 2 drifts which really took the edge off. Then it was a fish here and there for the rest of the trip as they did put a catch together along with a few decent sea bass. Joe learned the hard way, about drinking Amstel Light on a sunny day! A few new areas that we fished did produce and the guys fished very hard. By the end of the trip there was enough white meat to go around….

July 11, 2012 Capt Crisp Fluke

Right to where we left them biting the day before only to find the fluke not biting.  Captain Crisp and his wife,   run a charter boat out of lake Ontario and came along way to fish with me. However to day was not to be as we went a long way only to have my son fill the fluke hotel…….Big let down, but there was nothing for us to do……

July 10, 2012 My pals “FLUKE”

Fresh from a 7 day Bermuda cruise I was anxious to get the Scales n Tale back in the water. We headed straight to the spot that provided great action last year at the same time. We were not disappointed as the Fluke Hotel was filled with fish to 8 lbs. Even Mark G got into some good fish…….