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August 24, 2012 “A” Team — SUPER FISHING! Fluke

Zempe, Matt, Tony, and my son taking Paul’s spot were looking forward to putting some more white meat in the freezer. Tony was trying to make up for his last trip (he is trying hard to make the first string) Eddie needed to get his groove back after missing last weeks trip. Zempe  knew that the Fluke gods would be good to him after all he donated on the the trip and Matt- just call him steady. My son has been on a hot streak, so this does have the making of a good trip. My buddies had a very slow pick on Thursday due to the lack of drift. My plan is to fish very specific spots, stop drop and do it again. Tony got things off to a quick start by boating a 4lber that bit a live peanut. Then it was a slow but steady pick of very decent fish. Eddie got his limit by time I did my 5th drift. The fishing was picky, but the size of the fish was very impressive. By time 11:00 am the hotel was full and we were playing catch in release with very good size fluke. By the end of the trip we had a 9.7(Erwin Jr), 8lber(Tony) a few 7’s and many 6’s see the pic in my gallery. Lots og laughs, the men fished very, very hard to put this together. I don’t want to say how many spots I hit and how many times, but we did put the best catch of year together so far. Even I put some keepers in the hotel with my stick of death. Just to say how big these are– 25 fluke equals 5 gallons of fillets. We boxed 30 and filled two 5 gallons buckets with the white meat. 15 fish were over 5lbs!!!! By time noon came around the guys were thinking of a cold beverage and of course for me a Pinot spritzer would be the perfect way to end today…….Lots of big fish, laughs, a little chop breaking and for Erwin jr and Tony both catching their career best made for a very, very good day! The big fish are here……………

August 22, 2012 OFFSHORE!!!!

Finally the Scales and Tales is heading east. The weather report is great, the fishing reports are not. My nephew Scotty, Dave and my buddy George along with Erwin Jr, loaded the boat early and we shoved off way before grey light. We made it to just west of the Glory Hole before the sun peeked on the horizon. Scotty caught the first and his first Mahi as he casted to the pots as we trolled by. Most of the pots held no fish and trolling was slow. We did hook a Skipjack which George put in the hotel. A few more Mahi on the troll, but that was very slow fishing and uneventful. We went back on the hunt pot jumping and found more Mahi. George was hot with the bigger Mahi and Scotty was doing very good with his Jig. Dave did his best, but got his fish on the troll. On the way in, we stopped in the “HOLE” and got the Bluefish eating. There it was fish after fish on the chunks in the very clean water. If only there was a tuna bite! Maybe in a few weeks. When it was all said and done, after a very long day, everyone got the sweet tasting Mahi, and some great memories. Today George had the hot hand, hard to tell he was the rookie…………

August 21, 2012 Crew Trip

After doing nothing yesterday, I was itching to get out and look for some big fish. Captain Derek from Fisher Price, jumped on and my son. The bites were slow, but today was Erwin jr day as his small fish was just over 4lbs. He easily had his limit with fish to just under 6lbs. Derek added to the fluke hotel as did I, but not many. By time it was noon, the fluke hotel was 1 fish shy of being full and Off The Hook was calling. So we pulled the lines and called it a day. Slower then I would have thought, but still a great box of Fluke. Derek and Erwin jr can put a hurting on these fish. They only bring me along to drive, and cut their fish!!!!!!  The Pinot Spritzers are going to tast great……

August 18, 2012 Zempe Fluke “A” team

After yesterday’s trip, the worst fluke trip ever for me, I was not sure about today. Then the weatherman was way off. We stood around for quite some time before we decided to go for it. Fighting a stiff NE with 4′ swells, I made it to where we could not catch them yesterday. I need to put a catch together and the conditions are making this very hard. Throw in the heavy rain and this is going to be one of these days. Well they are not could the “A” team for nothing. One fish at a time and they were putting a catch together. By time the weather broke, they had half the hotel filled. Dean made up for the years of not donating his buck tails, by snagging one after another, just missing Eddies record by 2!!! John came up big today as did Matt, Zempe, was keeping up with Dean. However, by the end of the morning we were nearly boxed up. Moving to Anthony’s hill, they got the job done, by limiting out the boat. Fish to 6lbs and another full limit for the guys, the streak continues……….  I love cutting fish!!!!

August 17, 2012 Guy Crittelli Fluke!!

Guy had a cancellation for the bass in the spring and was very anxious to get on a good fluke trip. With the way fishing has been, I am very confident that I can get the men on some decent action. So when the first fisherman arrived – James- he stated to me that he has not caught a fish in 7 years and is bad luck. For me, that made me laugh, I will break that streak. Guy and the rest of his crew arrived and we headed south, right to where I had caught them all week. By 9 30 I started sweating. A few stops here and there, nothing. a few more stops before Guy finally hooked and landed a fat 4lber. By noon, James had me believing!! He was right, the man is jinxed. For all their hard work, I could not manage to get the guys on fish. They ended up with 3 keepers for the day. Even though the writing was on the wall, they fished hard, right until the end. So now my mission is not find a way to get James out of his jinx. I did light candles, read up on some black magic, and kicked my dog. He will catch fish on his next trip…………

August 16, 2012 Keith Strain Fluke

Keith, with his in with mother nature, dialed up another great weather day. Joe along with Brian, Paul, and Jim were looking forward to catching some fluke. Today’s was Brian’s day as he hooked his limit with fish to 5lbs. To day was a number 10 day, and the men really did well with this style of fishing. By the end of the trip, they fell 2 fish short of their limit, but still had a 5 gallon pail full of the white meat. Joe, staying away from the Amstel did not call Ralph once!! Keith and his crew, did a great job in bouncing the lead today, and were rewarded for their hard work.

August 15, 2012 Pat Vencell Fluke

This trip came about from Hollywood rig Bob, told Pat about this fishing. Pat and his crew were very excited to get into some big flat fish. Weather was great and Pat started to put some fish in the boat right from the start. The rest of the crew needed a few drifts to get the feel. Once they did, the hotel started to fill. By the end of the day, they were 1 short of capacity. We did have the big fish of the day spit out the jig right next to the boat, that would have max them out. No complaints, the weather was super once again, and the men fished hard from start to the end. To top it off, plenty of the white meat to go around….

August 14, 2012 Zempe and part of the “A” team

Zempe had a few new faces on his crew today. Anthony did his best trying to take over Eddie’s spot in the stearn. Bob really elevated his game as the men had to fish hard to keep the streak together. By the end of the day, they had the boat limit once again. Hardest fishing of the year, but they got it done. The highlight was I had to take out my fluke death stick and got to fish for a few drifts. Thats when we put the largest fluke of the year in my boat, a fluke , over 10lbs, was hooked and landed by yours truly! Biggest of the year so far. Plenty of white meat once again for all. Lots of laughs–Eddie, they really missed you today…

August 10, 2012 Zempe and the “A” team

Zempe had the men on board for another fluke trip. Is this getting old?? never. The men fished their butts off as the hotel was filled and we were playing catch and release with keepers. Bob had a good day, Anthony had the big fish, Eddie just slaughtered the fluke, my man Matt picked away and Zempe fished his ass off. Another boat limit for these guys, hope the streak never ends. I love cutting fish!!!! Today was not as easy as it has been, but these fisherman always seem to put it together.