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September 21, 2012 Zempe FLuke

The ocean has been nasty, and the forecast was not good. We decided to try it anyway and found pretty much what we expected. The fluke bite was way off. Even if Uncle Eddie Carlson was here it would not have made a big difference. Matt finally bent the rod on a good one, turned out to be 8.8 lbs back at the dock, and Paul followed with a 7.7 , his best ever. Throw in 5 other keepers and that was the name of this tune, first time all year that the “A”team did not boat their limit. I still think the fluke are here, just the huge swell got them off the feed…….We try it again next week. Fluke beware!

September 15, 2012 Chris Trebus 3 Generations

You can go back and read how I feel when Chris steps on my boat with his dad and his sons, 3 generations!!! With a great forecast, and wanting to catch some pullers, I made the choice to go after the blues in one of the ways I like best, other then throwing poppers. We had fish on right away and the first few drifts was just what I expected, but the boat traffic was very annoying. I know some of the boats thought I was fluking, and really got close, and on my drift line. Not what I needed when I am fishing live ones away from my boat. When some knucklehead finally cut 3 of my lines, I had enough. We snuck away to find some quiet water which was a great move. In crystal clear water, the boys, Anthony, Charlie, Will and Sammy, hooked into jumbos blues on every drift. Grandpa got a false albacore, our only one. The fish responded to the chum as they came up from the deep to eat the chunks. We had them boiling on the surface many times. No, we did not land every one, as I had to drop down in leader size due to the clear water, but the bites were frequent. The boys did a super job with these hard pullers. Sammy did a great job in helping me toss the chum, even if I still have scales in my ears. Another great day on the water, super crew and to have 3 generations once again on my boat is very special…….

September 14, 2012 “A” Team Fluke

Having not been out to the grounds since Monday, I put together a 3 point plan today. Luckily I didn’t need the other 2 stops. Not having Eddie on the crew today was a big loss, however, Anthony has been known to land the big ones. The morning was productive as the men fished hard with little to no drift. By 10 am the hotel was almost full When Matt who has been on a great big hot streak bent his rod on another good fish. This time, this fish weighed in at 9.4lbs, by noon we were boxed up and once the drift got going the fish turned off. All the men did very well  in tough conditions. Tony is doing all he can to make the team, Bob did a number on the flat fish once again with his 1976 reel, Anthony added to the hotel, but not jumbos, Zempe was steady and Matt kept his big fish streak alive. Lots of white meat for all.

September 12,13 2012 TUNA on the OBSESSION

Got a chance to get off shore with my son and some buddies once again on the Charter Boat OBSESSION out of Waretown with Captain Keith Barnett, 38′ Henriques. The forecast was unreal and the trip est was as good as it gets. Lines at 1:30 pm and with high expectations we all patiently waited for the first bite. Reports were dismal, we believed. Finally around 5:30 pm our first bite was a giant Blue Marlin that hit the Way back line. It put on a spectacular show for a few minutes before he cut through the leader and it was gone. Tommy was on the rod and did all he could to stay with this fish. Trolling to dusk was uneventful and Captain Keith dropped the hook in a spot that looked fishy. We had bait behind the boat before we came tight and once again we all were looking for the first bite. Catching the squid was fun, and my son got a real good one in the wee hours of the morning. A few Hammerheads but no tuna bites. As the blackness turned to a dim grey , Captain Keith made hot coffee which really hit the spot. No one on board was down, we still had Thursday to fish, and we believed, we all believed. Keith changed up the spread alittle and went to work, sticking in the area where he felt would produce we starting the troll. Then it happened, 2 great strikes and we had bent rods. Before long there were 2 beautiful YFT laying on the deck. No time to celebrate, we got the lines back in right away.  With the spread 2 lines short of full we got bit again and now there was 3YFT getting to ride in out fish box!!!!!! The lines got set quickly and we were rewarded with another 2 great big boils on the meat. Al grabbed the port rod, Tommy got the long rigger. It became quite clear that these 2 fish were not the 50lb YFT that we had captured earlier. Al’s fish went east and Tommy’s fish went deep. I got on Tommy’s fish after his bad elbow could do no more. I was able to beat my fish on the 50 after a short but hard battle, and now we had a “EYE” about 150 laying on the deck. Now we all turned too Al, who was in a great fight with his fish. These fish are just evil, and have no quit. Al has no quit either and we believed!!! WE got to see his fish and it was big, finally Al got the best of him and we stuck 2 gaffs into this great fish and just like that, we had 3 YFT and 2 super Big Eyes in the boat. We fished hard, Captain Keith fished hard, the mate- Kenny never gave up , working the spread, fishing the whole night long, never stopped lading the chunks, and the crew, Anthony, Tommy, Dan, Al, Erwin jr, and myself, never ever gave up– We believed!!Anyone interested in fishing on the Obsession can find his info on the web, or you can call me. Captain Keith is a class act, you wont be disappointed…..          

September 10, 2012 Crew Trip Fluke

Okay, even though yesterdays trip did well, they did drop some big fish that I would really like to see. So despite the 5-7 ‘ seas and 30 mph wind, I got the guys together and off we went. We got into fish right away, nice ones, but not giants. I changed up a bit and switched tactics in the fast drift which produce 3 over 7 lbs. Jay had a few at 7lbs as well. Jr put some good ones in the box and Zempe added to the hotel too. No doormats today, I know there here. Conditions really hurts us today, we did our best.

September 9, 2012 Al Gallo Fluke

With a horrible forecast, not matching what I felt was real, I needed to check conditions. Luckily they were wrong once again- this time in our favor. Well we boated 4 fish on the first drift up to 4lbs. Then it died, the bite and the drift. It took a lot work on their part to put the catch together that they did (22Keepers). Bill hooked and lost a real good one right before Kevin set up on a big fish that weighed 8.8lbs. The Al, staying true to form bent his rod on the best fish of the day only to have his line break a few feet from the boat. It took a little while before he redeemed himself when he boated another good fish that weighed in at the dock at 10.1lbs. All the guys fished hard, Bob, Dan, Tony added to the fluke hotel but the lack of any water movement really made it difficult. I’m just happy that the weatherman dropped the ball once again……….. Only 2 weeks left and the big ones are still chewing!!!

September 7, 2012 Zempe “A” Team Fluke

I did not fish all week due to the weather and had no idea what we were going to find or where to find it. Our first few drifts put lots of shorts and 3 keepers in the boat, but not what I was looking for. So we took a ride and I am sure glad that we did. The guys starting filling the fluke hotel on every drift and before long it was full with some samller fish getting a chance to find the draggers this winter. Decent size fish up to 5lbs until Matt hooked a good one. Once in the net the fish weighed in at 9.8lbs, his best ever, 2 drifst later he boated a 7-1/2lber for a beautiful brace of fluke. Pault T Cop and Eddy added real quality fish to the hotel as well and Zempe boxed a bunch however no jumbos. He is still in his secret blackfish trip mode. Tony held his own and is trying very hard to make the team. Uncle Eddie Carlson did keep us hydrated back at the fish cleaning table with ice cold beer which really hit the spot. Another super catch for

August 31, 2012 “A” TEAM Fluke

Fresh off my Canyon trip and not fluking in the deep since Tuesday, I was not sure what we would find today. Zempe and his crew has been on some roll all season and I did not want it to end today. Well the guys went to work and the hotel started to fill. Not killer fishing but a keeper or 2 on everyday as I worked the area. Matt gave blood, so did I! Eddie worked it hard, as he worked the bucktail according Anthony’s instruction. Bob did his best with his 1970 fishing reel and the ball busting was relentless to day. I was finally able to peel the crew away from one of our favorite spots and we made a move to fill the final 3 spots left in the fluke hotel. The guys did great in our final destination as the fluke bite was the best of the year. Eddie, hooked a giant as the fish took him to the bottom 3 three times before the fish got unbuttoned. Matt put a good one in just under 7lbs to fill the final suite…. Did I mention that Zempe caught a few too??? Frank on his first trip this year on the Scales and Tales did great, even though he fished in Eddie’s back pocket all day…….Another great day with these guys, and boy can they fish…….

August 30, 2012 Tuna on the “RECOVERY ROOM”

Got the invite from Tom to join him and his crew, Capt Scott, Capt Di, and Frank for a trip to the big ditch in hopes of scoring fresh Tuna steaks for the weekend. Hopes were very high as we broke Manasquan Inlet and the moon light lit the way east. It was a beautiful ride and  made our destination before grey light. Lines were set as the early morning grey turned to lavender before the sun hit the horizon. First bite was from a small fish, which I saw eat the flat line. Second bite came on the short port rigger which didn’t stick again. Then we got covered up with Skipjacks as all 8 lines got hit. Can’t beat the action and it was only a matter of time before Charlie bites. (so we thought) We did have the right fish come up on the rainbow bar only to have the wrong bait bit and we never got a chance to hook that fish. THE Canyon was alive with whales and Dolphins, load of bait deep too, but we never could get the one that we were after. Even after Tom served up his Canadian bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted English Muffin, we drew a blank. A few Mahi found their way into the Mahi hotel located on the stern of the Recovery Room! Other then that, no matter what we put in the spread, we could not interest anything else. The weather was perfect, as was the company and the day was far from disappointing. After the lines were cleared and we made a course for the inlet it was time to eat again. This time it was sausage, peppers and onions on Italian rolls. Who has it better then me? Even Capt Di had a slice of pepper and a cooked onion sliver. She was still stuffed from the 2 grapes she had for breakfast… A few cocktails made the ride west very enjoyable. Once back at the dock, when all the “work” was complete we all knew that we tried the best we could and that there will other chances. Everyday on the “Recovery Room is a good one!!!!!!!!  Thank you Tom.

August 29, 2012 Margie “Lets just catch”

MArge had her Son and daughter and a few friends on board to stay close and try to catch some fish, no matter what they are. Marge’s first fluke was a keeper fluke!!!! As the crew led by Jenna caught, Seabass, Sea Robins, Bluefish, Fluke, Starfish, and Sand Sharks. Jenna and her Mom taught the boys that the girls can fish as they really put on a clinic for a little while before the tide ebbed and the wind died. Thats when the fishing ceased and we spent the last hour just enjoying the great weather.