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October 23, 2012 Caesar- Spooning with Maja!!

With all the sign that we encountered yesterday, I was eagerly waiting to get out this afternoon with Caesar and his crew. However, after finding nothing in the area that I wanted to fish, and calling my buddy down as well, as was not feeling it. A move here and there, and then it happened. The Gannets gave them away. As the hotel started to fill up, we were in the release mode with jumbo Bluefish. The bass were of decent size, but when the Maja bunker spoon rod doubled over I was relieved to see Big David grab it. David , after a decent fight, put the largest fish of the fall season in my boat, a fat 34lber!! All the men did a great job in fighting and landing bass as the Maja spoons really put the hurt on the bass today. Once we got dialed in on the color and size it was fish after fish. My guys tired themselves out as we trolled into the dark of night. Caesar and his guys once again, loaded the boat with some of the best “sangwitches” you could ask for. The cigar smoke was splendid, and dont mention about the laughs. Kenny did hook and land a bass on a soft plastic, and David did land a large Blue on a Bunka Boy. Little David had what we call a off day, if it was not for him, I would still be filleting bass. Thanks Dave, but you know I love to cut fish!!! The only negative was that my son and I could join the men once again in breaking the bread over freshly caught striper fillet after another super trip with a super bunch of guys……Thanks guys, what a trip!!!!

October 21, 2012 DOC bass

Having a bad tide, and wanting to try something new, we headed down the beach. There we found what we wanted. Put the MAJA spoons in and got bit before the 2nd line was set. Then again, before the bite died out with the slack tide. Lots of marks and life. Still the warm water temperature is holding everything back. The fish were not as big as I had hoped, but still very nice fish. Barring any storms, this is building up and should explode very soon, full moon next week should make it happen…. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we blackfished for alittle while and took home 2 that just made the size limit…..

October 16, 2012 Josh Q. EELS N BASS!!

Even though the reports were good, I would really like to find out first hand. Speaking with Josh, I wanted him to fish the tide, however, a buddy convinced me to get him out a little early, just in case. That was a good move as Dave and Greg got into some very decent fish early. So with a few fish in the box, the trip was looking good, heading into what I thought would be the hot fishing part of the tide. It was great action as they hooked and landed many bass on every drift. The Striper Hotel quickly filled with fish to 23.7lbs, and many other that were released to fight another day. These fish are much larger then our usual early season bass, a real treat! Josh put the last fish in the boat after a lengthy battle that was as big as the largest bass we had in the boat. (released). The guys were super, fishing hard even through the dead time waiting for some tide. Weather was as good as its gets this time of year, a pleasant change from what Josh’s dad, Dave is used to, too bad he could not make this trip…Thanks guys, I had a super day… enjoy your white meat!!!!!

October 15, 2012 BASS and EELS!!!!

The bass are right on time and the eel bite is going strong. The reports are very encouraging and I have some very good friends who are putting together some good catches with fish into to low 20’s. I am fishing tomorrow and then pretty steady until the end of the year. The jig bite cannot be far away. Anyone interested in getting into our great fall fishing, give me a call. I will be doing the combination trips again this year, bass and black fish, if you want. For now, I am looking forward to seeing the sky filled with gulls and terns, and acres of feeding bass on the surface….

October 13, 2012 BFT on the Lady Di

Had a BFT Charter on the Lady Di, a brand new Henriques 35 express.Capt Diane and myself were a little perplexed when the charter did not want to sail early Saturday morning. With the boat ready to sail, and running on some good intel, we trusted the weather forecast and decided to fish anyway. A short time later, we were putting lines in the water. Pulling a 10 rod spread, I thought we had the bases covered. IT took a hour until the first bite, a feisty little false Albacore, then another one before it died. We trolled and trolled, changed the lures and put fresh meat on to no avail. As the day went on the water got better and better, but I could not find a bite. BY time the afternoon sun made its way to the western horizon, all we had were the 2 falsies, and a suntan. Then it happened. WE got covered up with the False Albacore. For the next hour, we could not keep these fish away, no complaints from us, it is still very exciting to have the line get pulled out of the rigger clips and have the rods  bend. Despite the slow mid day bite, we ended up on a high note and left them biting. Captain Diane’s boat is as comfortable as it gets. Very very sturdy, and is a dream to be on when off shore. It fishes a 10 rod spread extremely well. Last trip we were pulling 11 lines!  We will catch the BFT before the year is over, just wait and see…..Anyone interest

This past week

Got out twice this week, both days in very heavy fog. Bass fished on Wednesday, got one decent fish on our 2nd drift, then nothing for the rest of the morning. Couldn’t get back to the dock soon enough!!!! On Thursday we changed it up and went bottom fishing. Forgot how much fun Porgy fishing really is! Got a bunch of very nice seas bass and a few blackfish too. Once again, very heavy fog and a very slow ride back to the marina. Can’t wait until the fall fishing starts, hope its soon.