Monthly Archives: November 2012

November 22, 2012 Jim Nicholson — ITS OVER!!!!

Not fishing since the storm, we were finally able to get my boat back into the marina thanks to TONY! Jim and his crew were waiting at the dock and I could not wait until we splashed the Scales n Tales. A few of my buddies have been fishing with really slow results. I can;t believe a year has passed since Jim and his crew fished the same day  last year and had some of the best bass jigging you could ever ask for. This year it will be very different. The only game in town is clamming and the fish are small, very small. Combine that with the big swell, cold air temps and it does  not make for a nice day on the water. This year I gave Jim the option to call the trip early for the exact different reason as last year. My plan to leave my boat in until next weekend and get my reaming trips in will not happen, as I was able to get in touch with Tony, who lost his home in the storm, to pull me back out. My boat is now high and dry for the season with no plans to put it back in until April. Jim we tried, you and your crew are gamers for sure, 16” bass just don’t cut it..

November 12, 2012 “SANDY”—THAT BITCH

Well by now everyone knows what occurred last week. The shore community was decimated, what can words say at this point. My boat is high and dry, no damage, as we took it home prior to the storm. However, the Sandy Hook Marina took a major hit and is working hard as I type to get back into shape for next spring. Many of my buddies boats were damaged and many also lost their homes. This nightmare will last along time for them. Its hard to imagine that this area, that so many enjoyed for so long can bring such misery. They will rebuild and we all will have good times once again, however at this time its still to early to see the sunrise………….

October 24, 2012 Guy Critelli Bass

With yesterday fishing still fresh in my mind, knowing what I had left yesterday afternoon, I expect super fishing for Guy and his crew. Once we got down the beach, along with the 100 boats, it was only a matter of time before the rods started bending. It was all blue fish, despite the great marks that were under the boat. The men had fun, reeling in blue after blue, a few were caught on jigs before I decided to make a move. Heading east, my buddy called, stating he just put the right in the boat on the blind. Thats when we hooked and landed the first bass of the trip. After a hour we had 3 keepers in the hotel, then the “bite” died. A major moved proved right, as the rod bent and Mark reeled in a very good fish that was around 30lbs. Thats how the day went, all the fish the men caught, they worked very hard for. We did not box their limit, finishing a few fish short, however they hung in there throughout the day.Back at the dock, all the guys got a nice bag of “white meat”, and plenty of laughs. Guy had one of the few dud fluke trips this past summer, I really wanted him to get on a killer trip, today I was let down, for I thought for sure we would have killed the bass. He will be back next Friday and try it again, lets hope…….