Monthly Archives: February 2013


I am getting quite a few calls regarding  my boat and the marina. My boat is fine and cant wait to get wet once again. We took it home prior to that bitch SANDY, wrecking the shore. The marina took quite a hit, but will be open for the start of the season. I will be at the Greater Philadelphia Show in Oaks Feb 14 – 17. Missed seeing many of you at the Harrisburg Show which was cancelled. My show special, 6 hour, up to 6 passengers for 600., will be honored if you book at the show or not. We are very excited to get this season started, there are bass, fluke and tuna waiting for us..             Have a great year!!!    Captain Erwin PS– Just had some Fridays open up, I know I got some calls regarding these dates, if you are still interested, please give me a call.