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April 30, 2013 Capt Gehrig BASS on the Chunk!!!

Today was a day that has been in the planning for the past few years. I had Capt Greg Gehrig who runs the premier charter boat operation on Lake Ontario on the Scales n Tales. Capt Greg along with his son Chad run  the TOP GUN charter boats out of Oswego NY. anyone needing information regarding them can ask me. Or check out SO with his schedule it was difficult for him to get away and make the trip to Jersey. This year he was able to make a date. He brought along his friends, Jack and his son James. A chance of showers was forecasted, and as usual it poured from the moment we arrived at the marina throughout the trip and poured while I was leaving the marina—chance of showers?  Yesterday’s trip was fresh in my mind and after having such a good day, I took it as a sign when we passed acres of bunker on the way in. The hard bait bite has been so good to me, it tore me apart to try something different. We loaded up with bait and off we went in nasty conditions. After dropping the hook, my buddy called my and told me that we needed to by him, so off we went. Re-anchoring in the cold rain, it did not take too long before Capt Greg got bit and that started the fish. Jack and James hooked and landed bass for the next hours filling up the striper hotel and releasing all the extras. A very nice day, even if mother nature showed her angry side. Back at the marina, I could not believe that we finally pulled this trip off. He was heading back to Oswego with a cooler of white meat,  its nice when the plan works. Thanks guys with dealing with less then stellar conditions.

April 28, 2013 Harold Myers Bass bite again!!

We have been riding a good streak with my Pennsy trips. After yesterday’s real good trip, could it be ending?? Harold and his crew pulled into the lot right on schedule, along with him was his wife Megan, his father Harry, his father in law Rich, and his 6 year old son Brandon. Any time a father and son step on my boat, is special. This time I have both pe-paws, so 3 generations is extra special. I needed them to get on the good fishing that we have been experiencing. A no brainer for me, I’m going to where I left them biting yesterday. Of course there was no bite so it took some time before we located them. When the starboard down rod bent over, Brandon jumped right on it. With determination on his face, this kid put a hurting on the bass that bit the hard bait. Before long, my son gaffed young Brandon’s really nice Stripe Bass!! He did a great job on the rod as the higher water temps have the fish fighting harder then they have been. So that was the first fish, and as the morning went on, Harold and his crew filled the Striper Hotel to capacity. We had some very nice fish too, Megan boxed a fish that taped 39″ along with 2 other beauties. Rich and Harry also helped as did Harold. Brandon caught 3 total, never lost a fish and handled thses fish like he has done many times. Harold needed a bass to complete his white meat weekend, as he shot a long beard early yesterday. Back at the dock, with the fish laid out on the dock, we all thought that I miscounted on the fish as we were missing a bass. I was sure that they were limited. During the filleting of the fish, I found Harold’s first bass. It appears that Megan’s big bass ate Harold’s fish while in the room with a view!!!! Size does matter…..Harry, I’m just fluking around….Thanks once again to a super crew, a family that just wanted to have fun and got rewarded with the super tasting white meat……Your guys made my day!!! Brandon, you did great today, you have a spot on the back wall next year–for sure….

April 27, 2013 Bill Fisher Bass

Bill and his guys arrived and eagerly loaded some gear. A no brainer for me, as I was headed right to where we left them biting yesterday. It was only normal for the fish not to cooperate. Lots of marks, but we could not get them to chew. Then it happened, the first fish of the day was handled by Conner and it was a BLUEFISH!! Oh boy, could this be a sign of things to come?   I was not leaving the good marks and figured that sooner or later they would chew. The bites came slow but then they turned on the men got into some very good fishing. Boxing the boat limit and playing catch and release. Because they hung in there, the were rewarded with some very good fishing in the nicest conditions of the year. These guys fished with me before and the banter that was going on made the day fly by. Another super bunch of guys, and Jerry was able to reinforce that the way I cut deer is the right way too!!   A full cooler of white meat taking the ride back to Pennsy………  Thanks Bill   see you in August………

April 26, 2013 Zempe

First trip of the year, sad, no Uncle Lou!  His memory will last a very long time. So once again a very chilly morning and cold water temps. Another fight it out day, which the men did, boxing their limit and playing catch and release the rest of the day.  Once the temps rose just a few degrees, we had fish on jigs too. A great start to their season.

April 25, 2013 Dave Kamp Bass on the hard bait

Dave along with his dad and Tom and his dad arrived early and found a very stiff breeze along with a cold front that moved in last night. Heading right into the teeth of the wind was a little bumpy and very cold. Once I got to where we left them chewing last evening it was lines in.  My screen showed me what I did not want to see. 5 degrees water temp drop and the fish right on the bottom. Not wanting to make excuses, we fished the sign hard. The men never complained and stayed in the game the whole trip. For once the forecast was right and the wind dropped off. We were able to get the fish to chew just enough, as the men came with in one fish of their limit. A hard fought battle to get the fish in the boat as they had lockjaw. The men did a great job in landing the bites and managed to take home plenty of the sweet white meat. Not to mention the Dave’s dad caught his first striped bass. A tough day that was made easy by having Dave and his crew battle the elements and grind it out.

April24, 2013 Capt Vinny Bass

With Sundays trip still very fresh in all of our minds, Capt Vinny along with Capt Jimmy (cuz), and Mike wanted another taste. Once again, on the way west, I found some marks and the lines went in. It did not take too long before the port rod doubled over and again and again. All we had to do was find the marks and they bit. By time the afternoon was over, the Striper Hotel was full to capacity and the room with a view was  overflowing.  Great tasting white meat for all. Another great trip with some great company.

April 21, 2013 Dream Team and a Bass Bonanza

Once again, we were met with a stiff breeze and cold air temps. Captain Vinny, Captain Diane, Captain Jimmy V., along with Mike and Brian were expecting good fishing, so was I. The lines went in early on some very good marks. That’s when it started. The bass marks were unreal and we did manage some fish on every pass. The nicest fish of the year as the hotel was filling up. Just when you thought it could not get better, the wind dropped out, the bay flattened out the fishing got very very good. Capt Jimmy V hooked the first bass on a jig, the Capt Vinny, Mike and Brian got into the bite while Capt Diane fought bass on the hard baits as the fish were inhaling them while reeling them back in. They had fish to 18lbs laying on the deck when we all spotted the flock of gannets to the north. In a few minutes, we stopped on some of the most insane marks you can get on the inside and it was game on. The fish ate everything you tossed at them, soft, hard, deep, shallow, fast and slow. It made no difference and in very short order, the hotel was full and it was catch and release. With the nicest weather of the year, and having my buddies on this trip, I could not have asked for a better day. I can’t wait to do this again……..  Thanks  Capt Vinny for taking your crew out today!!

April 20, 2013 Bill Jones Bass

What a difference from last year. Bill and his crew got into live bunker last year early last year. This year it would be the hard bait and jigs. With a stiff breeze it was going to be a very sporty ride out of Sandy Hook Bay. The cold water, with the  hard chop and my open boat, combined with no foul weather gear made it very uncomfortable for the crew. We managed 2 fish before we turned around and got the guys back to port. Lots of sign, I was counting on a very good bite today, however it will have to wait. Bill and his crew got on a very uncomfortable trip, to bad they came a long way……

April 19 2013 Brian Pheiffer Bass on Hard Baits

Brian and his crew were waiting as I pulled into the marina. A quick unload and we were off, headed west. On the way, I had to try some of the marks on the machine, even though the cold water temp told me don’t waste our time. After a half hour, it was obvious that I could not get these fish to eat. So we made it to my pre planned destination. Once the lines were in, it took only a few minutes before the first fish bent the starboard rod. Brian and his crew loaded the striper hotel with quality fish throughout the tide. They did a great job in landing these fish and looking forward to bringing the white meat back to Pennsy!! A few more degrees and the bay should really take off. There is very good sign in many locations. Should be a very good spring!!!!   Thanks Brian for fishing with us, you got the season off to a very good start.

April 16 – 2013 Bass are here and chewing!

Last year at this time we were getting ready to fish live bunker. This year with the cold water still in place, I was just happy to get some bites. Launching my boat at the Keyport Ramp, I headed to the usual early season spots. Once there, Erwin and Dean put out the hard baits. It about 10 minutes before the starboard rod bent over. Just like that we had a fat 15lb bass in the boat! In the next 3 hours we put 6 nice, healthy bass into the bass hotel, and threw about 2 dozen bass back. The marks are very encouraging, and  even with the cold water they respond to the lures. We had 3 on at one point at the same time. The boat ran great, and the plan is for me to get it into the marina tomorrow, charters start Friday. Its very exciting for me to anticipate the hits, and when the rods double over its a great feeling. Erwin grilled 2 fillets oreganata style for dinner. That was the icing on the cake after a great few hours. Did I mention we fished less then 3 hours??