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May 22, 2013 Keith Strain BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was no doubt to where I would start this trip. Having steady fish this morning and seeing some very good sign, I was going to start right where left them 2 hours ago. About a mile from my destination, we came upon bass boiling on bait. The first line in got bit, and the 2nd and it was game on for Keith and his crew. The hotel quickly filled with very nice fish. Despite the fog, the bite kept the men very busy, when the sun finally broke through, it was lines in and they got to enjoy a nice ride back to my marina. Plenty and I say plenty of white meat for all. A super catch by a group of men who just wanted to go fishing…………

May 22, 2013 Tom Skirmisch Bass??? Im hoping

With last year’s trip still very fresh in my mind, and Having Tom remind me on every call that they did not catch a bass on my boat in 2012. I needed to change that, and change that fast. Last nights crew also had one of my “skunk” trip in the spring but made up for it in October. So I was counting on the good fortune carrying over. Conditions and tide would not let me fish where I had them yesterday but I had a back up plan. So Tom and Walter, and Billy plus 2  newbies started fishing. Of course the first bite came on Tom’s line and it was gone in a instant. Glen got tight and he put the first bass of the day in the boat and the skunk was gone. The guys fished very very hard in some very nasty weather once again. Their diligence paid off as they put fish after fish into the striper hotel leaving just one spot open. Walter had the big bass later in the morning and with plenty of white meat to go around, I felt just a little redemption for the tough trip Tom had in 12. Fishing was not red hot, but slow and steady, by fishing hard they put a real nice catch together on a cold friggin day in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 21, 2013 Caesar and David means a good time!

No thinking about it, despite having the wind against. The men arrived while I was still cutting the morning catch. These guys are so full of energy and so much fun, I cant describe it. After finding bait we were off and in no time they had their lines in the water. It took about 10 minutes before the first bite and it was game on. David caught the first fish and his only, and it was a skate. Rich landed the first bass and Caesar who was very hot hooked and landed quite a few. He had to assist sister David in landing his first bass which pulled extremely hard in the fast current. Next time I will make sure he has a vagina belt!!!! A great day with Rich opening the Muscadet after the hotel started to fill and Alex breaking out some outrageous Cuban snacks. Of course Caesar had the great bread and Muzty from Hoboken. With fish to the mid 30’s it was Caesar’s day as he put on a clinic in the stearn of the Scales n Tales!! Plenty of great white meat for all the men, plenty of laughs. I was rough on little David as he did make it into a picture while I was trying to get Caesar in action, but he knows I love him….. I say it all the time, these guys are just looking to enjoy a little time away from the hustle and bustle of their very busy lives. Today they were rewarded with decent fishing and decent weather….. I love my job!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, They did take some of the white meat for their customary dinner feast, time to break bread and reflect on a great afternoon…..

May 21, 2013 Ray Potter Bass

Ray and his crew finally arrived at the right marina after his GPS malfunctioned. I was going to change tactics once again and fish a totally different spot that I had not fished in years. Reading fish, I knew this was going to be good. As Nick set up the spot, it took about 2 minutes before the first bite and we had steady action with nice bass for 2 hours, filling up the hotel and playing catch and release the rest of the trip. Ray and his guys would be taking home some great tasting white meat…….

May 20, 2013 Mike Hevagham Bass

Mike and his crew loaded up and despite the slowest day of the year for me this morning, I decided to go back. Mike set up on a good fish on the first drift and I stopped second guessing myself after a nice bass was on the deck. The next few drifts produced and the guys picked the whole trip. The giant blues filled in the void at times and there was plenty of action. At the end, the hotel was nearly full with very nice fish. Between the great sandwiches, and the hunting stories the afternoon flew. There was plenty of white meat for all and the beer after the trip was over tasted great as we hung out longer then we should have. A super bunch of men who know how to have fun………

May 20, 2013 Rich Peters Bass

After sleepless night for me, I decided to roll the dice and try new grounds. Rich got bit and hooked and landed a nice bass right away. I thought we were in, but the next few drifts only produced some curius bass that would nudge the bait and not eat it. The blues started chewing and were up to 15lbs. Not what I had hoped for. Today I zigged when I should have zagged. All the signs are there and it is only a matter of time until this spot produces……

May 19, 2013 Marty Moore Bass

Once again, the conditions were so unlike May, I really cant type what I want to about the recent weather. So when the forecast was showers with clearing around eight, I was happy. Marty and his crew came highly recommended and we did not want to disappoint them. In a steady rain and very cool temps. They managed 2 bass on the first few drifts. When that bite died, which was not unexpected, we changed up too. However the weather got worse and worse, even the blues did  not bite. Finally, with the men a miserable as you can get, called it a day. They never complained, fishing hard right to the end. But it was very apparent that this was not the day that the bass wanted to chew.

May 18, 2013 Jim Andrews Bass

Once again mother nature throws us a curve. Cancelling last year, it looked like the weather window would be on our side. That was until we got to the fishing grounds. Cold, rain, and just nasty weather greeted Jim and his crew. His daughter, wife, son in law, and friend John, were loaded with enthusiasm. Catching the wrong tide, I changed tactics once again and in no time, John had his first bass. We boxed a few before we changed up again and put a few more into the hotel. Heather boxed a real dandy! Jim and his crew toughed it out, but at the end, mother nature won out and we raised the white flag. Not before they boated a few bass and will be taking home some great tasting white meat..

May 18, 2013 Charlie Engle BASSSSSS!

After 2 slower then I expected trips, it was time for me to make a change. It turned out very well for Charlie and his crew. After hooking a few early, I change tactics and the guys beat on the bass all morning. Filling up the Hotel and playing catch and release, the guys were all smiles as the bass chewed on the baits. Anthony, Mike, Seth, seemed to have the bass dialed in, even Charley was catching them.  Lots of laughs. lots of action and lots of white meat.

May 16, 2013 Zempe Bass

The bass bit early in a hard wind. Then the blues took over, it was only a few more bass and the striper hotel had 2 rooms open for a change. The guys fished very hard and every bait got bit. The stiff breeze really turned on the blues….. now I’m singing them