Monthly Archives: October 2013

October 17, 2013 Caesar and his crew BASS!!!

Caesar, his brother David, David and Ed, Malo and man of a thousand questions Sal,  arrived and full of energy. The plan was to fish the end of the tide, bide the time during slack and fish it hard on the incomming. I phone call right before we left the dock changed the plans. Caesar was up for the change, and we headed to the rough bottom in hopes of finding some blackfish. This is where David got to shine, he quickly erased the memory of his last trip, where he went fishless, by boating 3 nice blackfish. However the rest of the crew was not able to set the hook and after a hour, had to make a change. The ocean was angry, and a few of the guys who I will not name starting calling for their friend, Sal and Malo never did find Ralph, but they tried!!! A move inshore, even though the tide was wrong was uneventful and we needed to get Caesar on some fish. WE made it back to SH channel where the seas started to lay down and Sal and Malo got their color back. It struck my funny bone as Sal and Malo have distinctly different color when they are feeling good, however when they sot alittle seasick, they both had the same green hue!!! SO with both men game to keep fishing we got the bait int he water. Sal took no time hooking and boating the first bass, and the second. This lifted the guys spirites and mine as well. Another few moves found us in my favorite spot with this tide and the bass did let us down. Not great fishing my any means, but the men had action on most of the drifts with Brother David, Ed and Malo putting more bass into the striper hotel. By the end of the trip there was plenty of white meat for the men to share with thier families and enough for Caesar and crew, to take to the Inlet Cafe for what has become a tradition as we all sit down, eat the fresh fish and break bread. It does not get better then this..

October 16, 2013 Bass are back!!! (they never left)

The thought of catching bass on eels means the arrival of fall. After a week of very nasty weather, I could not wait to get back out and try and find some fish. It did not take long to get a bite as Joe Fish and Capt Di into some fish. Some keepers, some throwbacks. Had acres of surfacing bass, however they were all small fish, but at least there is action. The signs of life are very promising, it will only get better…..

Oct 3, 2013 Bluefin Tuna are back!!!!

Erwin jr, myself and Paul T cop loaded the gear and left the marinalong before the sun was even thinking about touching the horizon. The ocean was as flat as it can get. I was regretting the choice to fish  where we had planned instead of going all the way. The reports from out in the deep were as good as they get. However, our plan was to try and find some Mahi, Bonita, Falsies and the go sharking. When we came accross a good temperature break and the cleanest water that we have seen this year in this area, it was lines in. It took awhile before the first Falsie bit the wrong squid on the rainbow bar, and we had one in the boat. The next bite came from way back on a green machine which bent the rod alot harder then then first fish. In the crystal clear water, it was very apparent that we had a Bluefin. A fat 35″ that will get to ride on the Scales n Tales. A great surprise and that was not the end of the Bluefins. We never got our over, however that one little fish was a treat and the rest of the tunas got released to fight another day. A few more Falsie, finished our trip. No Mahi, no Bonita, and we never did try for sharks. Weather was as good as it gets in October as I was able to stay in a tank top the whole day. Hopefully this is the start of the fall fishing and that the bigger Bluefin will arrive shortly…