Monthly Archives: November 2013

November 9-11 2013 Bass are biting!! Dave Faulk

Dave, Glen and Ken arrived ealry, without the boys and in no time we were on the birds and swirling bass. These fish are not the easiest to catch at times and after givng it hell and alot of chasing it was time to put the white meat in the boat. Ken, who did not boat a bass in 2 trips this spring made up for it when he landed 3 on the first bite. It was game on after that with the hotel quickly filling up before the guys felt bad for the stripe bass. Back to jigging and Dave boated the final keeper on a soft bait. A few blue bit later on in the morning before we finished up with hooking and landing keeper after keeper, all released  before the bite slowed due to the time of the tide. A great way for the guys to finish their season. Lots of white meat for them to enjoy all winter. Fishing is as good as it gets with very nice size fish, this should last for awhile.

November 6, 2013 Dan and crew and Bass

Mother nature tossed a curve ball and the weather man made it very difficult for us to carry out what we had planned. It was decided early on that we would fish despite the forecast, we might just have to be flexible as to where and how. Dan and his crew arrived early in the afternoon the day before and we had met them at my favorite hydrating stop (OFF THE HOOK) for a beer or 3 after my late trip. The guys were very excited to get in on our bass fishing, as they were very used to catching them Delaware Bay style down south. My bite has been very good and with the winds blowing today, felt they had a good chance to get in on some good fishing. Dan and his crew were celebrating Joe’s birthday. Joe boxed the first 2 bass on the boat and really showed where talent was with the jig!!!!! Jiggin has been good early  then it dies, but the men really wanted to stay with the hard bait and fished real hard throughout the morning filling the striper hotel and keeping the room with a view occupied until the tide let up. I had to applaud their diligence, even when it was slow, they never gave up. Finally, with me pushing the issue they relented and gave in to pulling the rigs to box up. A few more bites on the jigs, and a few good bites on the eels before the nasty weather rolled in. The men were rewarded for their hard work with a cooler full of the sweet white meat and some very good  fish- along with some good memories of bass in the north part of the state. A great day despite what mother nature had planned!! A father and his sons, some buddies spending the day fishing— what gets better then that??????

November 5, 2013 pm BASS for the girls

Had a afternoon trip with “T”bone and his girls, Gabby and Kayla. Katie ( Joe’s  H) daughter also jumped on. Rough conditions and a bad tide made for a slow start, although “T” Bone found out that the water is really salty, and the girls really hung tough while we fought it out until the fish turned on. Katie boated the first bass, all though just missing the keeper mark. Then Gabby landed a real nice fish and Kayla followed with another fish that was very close to her sisters fish. T bone put some fish in the hotel too. Thats when Katie, who has been tutored by the best (Joe H), thats why there are so many bass for the rest of us to catch, stepped up and put her limit in the hotel on one reel in. 2 very nice keeper bass on the tube rig and she was done. That was more bass then (JOE) caught in his last 6 trips!!! At least there is one fisherman in the house. Not to mention all the white meat that they will be enjoying!!! A great quick trip with plenty of action and plenty of fish for everyone.

November 5, 2013 Terry — Jigs, Eels and Bass

The weather could not have been better, and meeting Terry at Wawa early meant a ealry start. This time of year, the calm days are really not our friend, but no one will complain about this in November.  A quick ride and Terry was eager to get his ava in the water as we came upon some very fishy birds. Before I could get another rod down, he was tight and his smile said it all. A nice size bass came aboard and just like that, we were bass fishing. The first few drifts were good before the boats really killed the jig bite. Terry then switched to eels and got to catch a few more that were released as was the earlier fish. A great way to end his season on the Scales n Tales!!

November 4, 2013 Bass as good as it gets!!!

Fished today on the LIL RED with Captain Vin, Cousin Jimmy, Steve and myself. THe plan was to cath the tide, then the bass, and go home. Boy did it go right this morning! We had fish right from the start, and we quickly filled the hotel with fish to the mid 20’s. Then we played catch and release for another hour, before we could not wait any longer to get to Off the Hook!!! We each took home 2 bags of beautiful white meat. This bite should last at least until the next moon, at least Im hoping……….

November 2, 2013 BASS Big BASS!!!!

Rich and his crew arrived and we were off in great conditions. GOt a call on the way and what a call it was. Got into the best bass jigging of the year with fish to 30lbs with just me and my buddy on these fish. It did not last long but long enough to fill the room with a view with some real nice fish. Finished up on the troll before the wind against the tide made it uncomfortable for some of the crew. Plenty of white meat to go around. This should be the start of a great month of fishing. The local waters are loaded with bait and now that the big fish are here, should be a very good few weeks of fishing….

October 29 – 30 BASS!!!

Had first timer Scott and his guys from NY on the boat. The weather could not have been better, which is not the best this time of year for bass fishing. Thank GOD the bass did not get the memeo. The men were able to jig and produce and then troll and fill up the striper hotel. It was very good fising with a bunch of great guys on a very nice afternoon for the end of October. Dave Matrisciano got the weather we are looking for on his trip, but for whatever reason the fishing was tough. Had fish early and on eels and jigs and also trolling. Had great marks just could not get them to chew. Stayed late but not late enough……….. They still got to take home the white meat. However it was me that was spoiled as I wnated them to fill the hotel completely.

October 24 — 26 BASS BASS BASSSS

Steve Carew and his crew got right on a good jig bite before the tide changed and quickly filled the hotel in a very decent swell. Trolling then took over and many more bass were boated before a stop on some birds found a few more jig fish. Guy and his crew got to do everything and was rewarded with some great tasting white meat and filled the striper hotel to the limit. Finally after putting up with some nasty weather on his trips this year, he was able to enjoy a great day on the water, weather wise and fishing wise. Even Ray would have caught a few today…….. Big Dave and his crew elected to go right to what was producing hard the day before and filled the hotel to the max once again before noon in some very nice conditions. Then the wind came on strong and we called the trip early where we got to enjoy some beers while we got the bass ready for the trip back to PA.

October 18 – 22 Bass Bass and Blues

Zempe and his crew got on the first hard NW blow of the year. Bass were very hard to come by in the legal waters. Outside the line they were mixed in with jumbos blues. the 5-7 waves made for very sporty conditions. A move to some rough bottom found the blackfish biting.   Randy and his guys decided to roll the dice and take the ride east to where the reports are very good.  Randy and his crew got some nice fish, just not enough even though the guys fish very hard.  Jeff Cromis also took the ride and got into some very good jig action out east before the bite died in the calm seas.