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Year in review—–2013

Splashed the Scales n Tales on April 16, bass fishing was very good for the first trip of the year. Water very cold and discolored, but the fish were chewing when you found them. The rest of the month was very good and limited the boat out on every trip except one. Big Vin got into exceptional jig fishing on the nicest Sunday we had in April. May gave us very up and down weather, with the ocean temps changing on every tide. Fishing was very good, however we had to change tactics daily to get the bite. Dave Faulk had the first big fish of the year as they boated a nice mid 30’s bass. Limit catches were the norm, however when mother nature threw the curve fishing was tough on occasion. BUnker were plentiful after the new moon and the bass did their part. Depending on the water temps, dictated as to how and where we fished. I fished spots that I have not fished in 20 years, but really enjoyed some of my old haunts. The weather got worse as the end of the month neared and memorial Day weekend was horrible, weather wise,  and then my Dad passed on the 28th. June gave us a very good shot of bass in the shallows and when the ocean temp was steady, provided us with some very good fishing early in the month. Real nice fish arrived right on the new moon and Joe Hunt put together a very catch catch in great conditions in the shallows. Followed that up with Don Eyrich’s trip down the beach and it was off to the races for the rest of the month. Mother nature still gave us plenty of unstable weather, but the fishing remained steady. Mike Hevagham’s trip got us the longest fish of the season as Bob boated a very long lean 54″ fish that did not make 40lbs!! Randy Wentzel’s Crew got into great weather and fishing was very good despite the crowd on a Saturday morn. Big Dave Kamp put the first 40 in the boat and we had fish into the 40’s for the rest of the spring striper season. The fishing just got better the later it got. Thunderstorms ruled the afternoons but the fishing was off the charts. Caesar, Uncle Chuck, Paul “T” Cop, Zempe, Josh, Mr Reed, Big Dan Chec, Fred Wilson, to name a few, all had fish well into the 40lb range, with Matt Ozempco catching the largest fish at 48-3/4lbs!! We stayed with the bass through the first week in July and left them biting as my trips wanted fluke. Fluking was decent on most trips, with the large fish scarce for me except for the Sandy Hook Bay anglers tournament, where Erwin jr hooked a 9.4lber the first day that held up as we won the tournament. He also hooked another 9lber on Sunday and Matt got a 8.8 also on Sunday which we did not need. ThE very end of the month the big girls moved in and Switz boated the first mat of the year at 10.6lbs. Richie Splash on the very same trip hooked, and to this day I will never know how, the largest fluke of the season at just a hair under 11lbs. WE had fish that day of just under 10lbs, caught by Mike, and the 2 door mats!!!! along with another limit of very nice fluke!!! Weather really has been niceand August was shaping up to be a super month. First few trips in the beginning of August was tough due to the weather, go figure!!! My Fluke spots have good numbers of big fish, but conditions dictate how they will bite. THE highlight of the this month was the Mako that the Jerry Sonnie trip caught. Brian Skerlanitz’s crew boated another 10lber fluke along with a number of very nice fluke. Big Rich Swisstack along with Dave Collie of St Criox rods, endured very rough seas to boat fluke to 9lbs!!! Let me say that most trips seen fish to at least 7lbs this summer, and as usual, the summer flew by. September arrived with mother nature again showing off her power. The Bluefins did show and were pretty easy to catch when we were able to get offshore, and Matt Ozempco boated what noone had ever done on my boat before. He caught 2 fluke that weighed over 10lbs on one trip!!!! The end of the month, my son and Mark the treen man, took the ride east to the Hudson where 5 bigeyes chewed on our spread, and 3 getting to ride on the Scales n Tales back to the marina. October started out very well with a decent early eel bite, then switching over to a jig and troll bite. Tremendous action with numerous fish being caught and limit catches being the rule for most of the month. The deeper we got into the season, the smaller the fish, with most of the keepers comming on the rigs rather then the jigs. Thats a quick review of my 2013 season, thankyou to all of you that fished with us, hope you had as good as time as we did having you on board.

November 13, 2014 Ralph Talarico –Clinic

Ralph along with Mark the “tree man”, Jay- self proclaimed blackfish expert and myself looking for bass and Tautog. Bass all over the place, very small fish. Ralph did a number on them, but only a few made the hotel. WHen we got tired of pulling on them, we found some bottom and dropped the hook. Ralph was red hot, boating the boat limit with decent fish to 4lbs. We ended up fishing the NY side at the change of tide to fill up the Striper Hotel and go home with lots of the sweet white meat…..over