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April 27, 2014 Kevin Williams Bass!!!!!!

Meeting with Kevin a few months back, I had the feeling that he was alilttle sckeptical about the Scales n Tales. This man has been around and has been let down in the past. That only added to the pressure of the phone call earlier in the week regarding us catching fish this morning. I certainley wanted to fish bunker, but after yesterdays adventure getting bait, I was not sure I could secure enough bait to make it happen. Kevin and his guys wanted to fish and it took much longer then usual to get just enough. Then came the bad news, the bite is very slow. The spot we finally stopped was a homerun as the bass eagerly ate our offerings. We had 3 on at atime a few times. Some made it into the striper hotel others got away before they got to see the inside of the Scales n Tales. One thing was for certain, the action was real good. That lasted for a few hours before the weekend fisherman killed our bite with them getting so close,  that I felt we were related. We finished up on the hard baits where they got to see what is really our goto method prior to fishing the menhaden. The largest fish of the season was boated today at 36lbs. Kevin and his crew were all smiles back at the marina as I cut the white meat. A super morning with abunch of guys that just like to fish….

April 26, 2014 pm Mr LLoyd George Bass on the hook

Mr George and his family arrived to find very calm seas and bluebird skies. They also saw the mornings catch which is not always favorable. We shoved off and it was easy for me to where we were headed. Once there, it was very apparent that this area was not the rich grounds that we had left a few short hours ago. We did manage one bass before I got a call from my buddy who stated that I needed to make a move. Gettin bait was a adventure, but we did manage a bucketful. Finding my buddy was easy as there were no other boats around. A SE breeze came out of nowwhere and we did manage a few bites before we had a bite going. The breeze turned into a good wind and the rain soon followed. All the men stood their ground and the lone gal on the boat hooked and landed the first bass. IT was a steady pick for the rest of the trip, before we left alittle early do to the hard cold rain and very sttiff SE wind. We made it back to the marina anad the smiles did return as Mr Lloyd and his crew changed into dry clothes. They sure were troopers in some very sporty conditions. The striper hotel was one shy of being fully booked! no complaints as there was plenty of white meat with the fish they kept.

April 26, 2014 Brian Bowman Bass on the hard Bait

Another weather change from yesterday made for a last minute change of plans. It did not hurt the fishing as the bass cooperated for almost the whole tide.Brian and his crew did a super job in fighting the bass in nice conditions. Again the striper hotel was full to capacity with a bunch of bass getting released to lay their eggs and hopefully fight again. Brian and his crew took a cooler full of the white back home for everyone to enjoy.

April 25, 2014 Paul “T” Cop -=- Bass Bonanza!!!!

As luck would have it, my scheduled Friday charter ran into a FUBAR, and Paul took the trip only to have his guys not show up Friday morning. Now this morning was the best weather condition that we have had since we splashed the Scales n Tales. Bunker were splahing outside the marina, and Erwin jr filled one hotel with the live ones just in case. The water temp was still very cold and a bit dirty after 2 days of hard wind.  Setting out our spread in hopes finding some bass was non eventful except for the bass that ate the right short about 2 minutes after we had it set. After that it was game on as the bass just kept chewing and chewing! The hotel filled up within the first half hour and it was catch and release the rest of the morning. We would mark some fish, the lines would get hit, a soft bait would get tossed and that would come tight in short order. If I could write a script of how April fishing should be, today would be that. By 10 oclock, we all had enough, and all we could think about was lunch at Off The Hook!!  If only everyday could be like this……..

April 22, 2014 Scott Bove — Bass

Sticking with what is working for me, I had Scott had his crew arrive in time tide. Conditions were great, but going to deteriate by the end of the day. The men were in their usual high spirits, and I was heading right to where we left them biting yesterday. It didnt take long to bend the rods with a few short bass, but the signs were just not there. So we made a move a found some fish on our next spot. Scott and his crew then filled the striper hotel to capacity, releasing the rest of the bass. It was a good bite for a while, before turning off and forcing to go on the prowl. We did find fish on all the spots, however it was not a fast bite. The bass where smashing the plugs when we found them. Another nice spring day, fishing was just what I expected and Scott and his crew were taking home a cooler of the sweet white meat……

April 21, 2014 Tim Gunter Bass n more Bass!!

A very nice day was in the forecast, and the weatherman was dead on. If only the fishing could be like the weather, we will have a great day. Tim, who fished professionally in Pennsy, was really excited to experience our bass fishery. He got to enjoy what some take for granted. Great bite today with 20 bass being boated and most of them being released. It was very, very good with only a few spots of dead time. Tim did a great job in landing almost all the bites. If I could sign up for a April trip, weather and fishing, today would be the day that I would want. Throw in some good conversation and we were on top of the world. The chilly water temp did not deter the bass from chewing on the hard baits. No great big fish, but very respectful, very clean, vibrant colored bass that are new to the bay. His big fish of the day was near 22lbs.  Just a awesome day on the water……..

April 20, 2014 Bucci’s and bass

Their last trip was flat conditions and very warm, this was pretty opposite. We did have the right tide, however the fish did not read that page today. It took quite a few miles today before we got the first bite, which little Joe did a super job in reeling in, in really sporty conditions. However 10′ from the stern it got away. A big move erased that memorie as the rods bent once again and it was Lana’s turn to shine, along wtih little Joe. Now please realize that Lana is 4 and Joe 7!!! SO these kids are fighting a double in 3-4 fts. The first fish comes to the boat and its huge, Lana caught a fish at least 30lbs, maybe alittle bigger and then Joe’s fish comes close and I stick that and we have 2 fish laying on the deck that weigh close to 60lbs. These 2 kids just boated 2 super fish any time of the year, let alone in April. 3 more made the hotel and 1 was released before big Joe said they were good to go. Back on land it was all smiles as the kids could really get to see the size of the fish they caught. This year the Easter bunny delivered fish– stripe bass!!!!

April 19, 2014 (pm) Jerrie Sonnie Bass on the troll

Comming off 2 very good trips, and very very nice weather, almost made me think twice of what to expect. We had the wrong tide but I felt we could make a catch no matter. Conner landed the first fish, before we had all our lines set. But they say that a horse that shits fast dont shit long, and it was a slow bite. We covered alot of ground and the men worked out a box full of bass on a death pick. The weather made up for the slow bite, but by time the sun started setting in the west, it was apparrent we had a great afternoon! All that was missing was a few more Landsharks pints (right Bob?) These guys have been fishing with me for years this time of year, and it was another batch of white meat taking the ride back home with the boys.

April18, 2014 Mike Weiszer <>

I had a sleepness night, its not ofton that I don’t have a line on fish, and after yesterday was alittle nervous about getting the bass to chew. Mike and his crew arrived to cloudy and cold conditions. The stiff East breeze had backed down a wee bit. Water temps were steady, but still cold. The men were dressed right and off we went. First 3 stops and all we had to show was a few skates. Finally we broke the ice with a small but cute first bass of the year 20″!!! Then a 24″  and a flounder. The guys were up for a change, and it turned out to be the right move as we had double header bass 3 times on the hard baits. Mike and the guys did a great job in landing their fish, finishing with 9 to over 20lbs. A cold but enjoyable ride back to the marina, and finally I get to throw some fish on the fillet table. Mike and crew will be able to enjoy the sweet tasting Jersey white meat, a real nice ending to a nice time on the water on this GOOD FRIDAY!

April 17, 2014 Bass??? none for me……

It was a easy choice to switch the charter today. However I needed to get out there and see for my myself what was happening on the water. Sure the east wind howled, sure it was cold out there, sure we didnt catch anything!!!  I did mark nice amounts of fish, and some good bait piles as well. A couple of my buddies had a few fish today , but for me it was nothing. I was pulling the hard baits, covering ground. Tomorrow I will soak the soft baits. We did get to try out the new stereo system, anyone within a mile would have enjoyed Toby Keith. If you have a favorite CD, bring it along. I will play it until I go into stealth mode.  Tomorrow we try early, and a few different methods. They going to bite sooner or later…….