Monthly Archives: May 2014

May 27, 2014 pm Caesar Bass

Caesar and his son along with his crew coudl not wait to get on the water. We had some great bass on the baits early and many more bites that just would not stick.  Thats when it happened. A few moves here and there finally landed on the mother load and it was game on with jumbo bass. Everyone caught fish even Smokey Dave !!I wont talk about how Big Dave handed off his fish that was in the low 30’s because his arm was getting tired!! OR when Rich thought it was the bunker pulling the line off his reel at warp speed!!!! or how Big Dan wanted Sponge BoB to use his fishing pole!!!!! Or HOw Caesar gave his son Lucas bad instructions, causing Lucas to loose his fish, because he thought that fish was bigger then his fish!!!! Another unreal trip for these men who have good Karma!! A super afternoon in nice conditions, the laughs never stopped. and to top it off, the tradition of breaking bread continues. The perfect ending to the perfect afternoon. Good food, Good drink and most important, good friends……. Thankyou guys

May 27, 2014 Scott Bove Bass

Scott, Mark and John never had done this and I was hoping that the bass would chew. The first 2 drifts was nothing. Then it happened. Scott got crushed, and he boated a nice bass. HIs next fish nearly blew his mind. A long mid 30’s ate his bunker and he boated, after a great battle on his toys r us rod a super bass. All morning, the bass came up on the live bait, some eating, some not. Weather was great and it was catch and release before we called it a day….

May 23-24 2014 Bob Golias Bass

Bob and his crew got into some of the best bass fishing you can imagine. All on Live bait and very big fish. Mini blitzes, super readings under the boat. Just great fishing, there is nothing more I can say. PLenty of white meat for all the men. Friday’s crew thought they had the best, and they did. Saturday was even better. Just look at the pics….

May 20, 2014 Steve Carew Finally

With the mornings bite still fresh on my mind, I could not wait to get Steve and his crew back on the the bite. The ending that I never ever expected to day really hurt. We never landed a bass. First time in a year and a half. We had our chances, but not one bass made it to the boat. SO we got skunked!!! nothing more to say…