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July – 23, 24 Dick Leathery and crew

Dick and his crew arrived to slow fishing on my end. If it was to break open, this would be the perfect time. With a great forecast, and super conditions where I like to fish, we exhanged greetings and shoved off. My hopes are always high, however, my trips have been far from super. These guys were charged as I headed east. My plan was to fish a spot that has not been good to me the past season and certainely not this year. If it were to break, let this be the day!! This is the 3rd season we fished together, and Dan, rest in peace, put this trip together back when. Same crew with high expectations. Non higher then this Captain. When Dick and Pap started bending the rod, it sure made me happy. A few made the box, a few needed another year. Then the bow chimed in, and Rich added to the hotel, Uncle Bill did his part, Bob took some time to get going, and Mark needed a few “drinks”to find his rythem. When it was all said and done, they had boxed 36 on thier first day. I can’t tell you what a relief I had that we had finally put together a catch. Mark was the pool winner with a fluke that was 6.1 lbs. Not to mention a bunch of great tasting white meat. Rich did well with not chumming, Bob came on strong at the end, and the rest of the crew really did well in filling the fluke hotel to the max!!!! They started asking about being the new “A”team. time will tell………..Tomorrow is another day…. One has to walk before one can run….. So the nex t morning came fast, after a nice stop at Off the Hook, along came a very strong breeze which Rich, who is prone to looking for “Ralph” was alittle edgy. My plan was simple, start where we left them biting. Nothing on the first drift, 4 on the next when I got a call from my Little buddy, that I needed to go. We spent the rest of the day in that spot , ending up with 37 keepers. Noting huge, but real nice keepers. All onboard did a great job in bucktailing these fish. The shorts were very plentiful, but the keepers were real quality. Pap, Dick, Uncle Bill, Mark and Bob did a super job with slow but steady fishing. Rich, who is the anchor on this team, was up and down. It all depended on how cold the Miller Lite was. A little on the warm side he got angry, too cold and he got aggitated. He would swing at the small bites, but he perservered and did a great job in putting a dent in our fluke population. Bob figured it out and was and will be a Fluke killer. Mark, loves to have fun, no matter what side the reel crank is on.  Uncle Bill, he has a giant in his future, and Dick and Pap, just solid. So we ended up on this trip with one more then yesterday, no giants, but a hotel full of real nice fish, not to mention the action all morning long. These guys are super, karma definetly came into play, and for sure someone was watching from above. If we were going to breakout this year, it could not have come at a better time. At the INLET  enjoying some adult beverages, they had made a good play to take over the “A” team rank. However, lets see what they bring to the table. No matter, these guys got into super fluke fishing on the hard baits……..tining could not have been better…….. See you in 2 weeks!!!!

July 1- 19

Fluking everyday as long as mother nature lets us out has found some very unusually wierd fluking. The big fish so far is 6.2 lbs. I have not caught a boat limit yet. SOme dyas are better then others, but no great fishing. A southeast swell has turn the ocean fluking a gamble. I have to believe that it will get much better once the water temps rises……… fingers r crossed….

June 29 2014 Thresher!!

With the bass fishing real bad, and having this trip cancelled because of lack of fish. Erwin jr took his crew, Capt Derek, Mark, and Capt Joe shark fishing. It did not take too long before they got tight and after a short battle secured a Thresher that weighed 272.5 lbs at Twin Lights. The pictures say it all…… Plenty of white meat for everyone…

June 22 – 28 Bass and Threshers

My buddy Anthony and his crew with his son Ryan started the week off with great fishing with big fish and Ryan putting on a clinic. Tony (soman-abitch) did real good too with fish to 40lbs. Plenty of white meat to go around. Matt Stoltzfus and his crew had a great monring in very calm conditions. Fred once again got into some good fishing. Scott Bove had a great morning bass fishing with huge fish when John hooked a monster. It turned out to be a nice Thresher shark. After a hour of battle, we were able to secure this fish and John had a trophy!! Chuck and his guys also gotinto great fishing. Greg found slow fishing, but a move into the structure saved the day. Same for Tom B trip and Zempe also bailed out with fishing the rocks. Keith trip, in great seas, was a dud. So much that I cancelled the afternoon trip.

June 15-21 2014 Bass up n down

Terry and his buddy Daivid both got trophy bass in beautiful sease, Doc Rizzi and his daughter had super fishing as did Therman Madiera with little Colton catching a bass almost as long as he was tall. Matt O Connel had to work for their fish, but put a catch together, Zempe slayed them. Brian Frey had tough condionts and a few bites, but no white meat. Don Eyerich finished the week off with very good fishing with some very good action.

June 11-14 Scales n Tales is back!!!

Mother nature threw us another curve this week, but the brgiht side is that Steve got my boat back in running condition with a new power head. Fishing was decent except for Brad Myers, who might have got on the worse trip of the year, with no bites and to top it it off, very bad thunderstorms on the way back to the dock.

June 7-8 Bass on The Lady Di and the Jason Crew

With my boat still down, Capt Di let me use her boat for this trip. Fishing was super, the weather as good as it gets. Jason, Pee wee, CJ got into some super fishing on this Saturday morning. Big fish, good company and alot of laughs. Thanks to Capt Di for making this happen. Thanks for the guys for still wanting to fish with me with the Scales n Tales being down. Sunday we fished on my pals Craig Little’s boat. Once again we were treated to great fishing and great fishing condionts. Lots of fish, lots of big fish, surface action, everything you could want. Not to mention all the laughs, this was just a super weekend. Only thing missing was Josh, who was home waiting for his daughter to be born!!

June 7, 2014 Bass Matt sets the bar high — again

With all the signs comming together this week, it was just a matter of time before a really big fish hits the deck. Matt had the big bass last year and on Friday morning in the best big fish bite of the year, he did it again with a 51.6 lb beauty that was weighed at Twin Lights marina. WE had numerous fish in the mid 4o’s, many were releasde aas we had our limit plus on the first drift.