Monthly Archives: August 2014

August 30 2014 Bob “steady” Centamore

Having Bob and his crew onboard today with a team that rivals the “A” team, I was really looking foward to filling up the Fluke hotel. There was Al “bigfish” Gallo and Tom “the Hitman” Sweeney. along with James who on his previous trip decked a 8lber and Rob “shorty”. Intel from late yesterday had me zereod in on the fish. ( I thought)  Well the guys got into shorts on the first drop, Rob, not liking his 7-1/2 ‘ St Croix, shortened it by  16″ on his first high stick of the day. Little did we know he would high stick another 187 times during the trip. When I say high stick, I mean high stick, almost pulling his rib muscles when he sets up. On the next move and on the forst few drifts, the guys, got into decent fish. James and Big Fish AL put fish, 6.5-5.8lbs along with a few other keepers. “Steady” was steady, Hitman did get a decent fish and everyone had way to many shorts. I could not put the guys on any line that produced keepers. It was one here and one there. Rob got his nickname by catching one after another short, way to many to count. We fished into the afternoon change over with only a few more making it to the hotel. Plenty of action, not so much white meat for the men.

Agust 26-29 Fluke, but it is not easy

Losing 3 trips in a row because of mother nature, I was really not sure wo where these flat fish would be. So I decided to take Todd and his boys to my go to spots in hopes of putting them into some big fish. That did not work out, as the fishing was slow and the boys lost interest early on. In hind sight I should have just got bait and dragged the sand. Jeff and his guys were hot to trot with go big or go home. They fished very hard and did decent with lots of laughs and a nice catch of nice size fluke and good action throughout the trip. Zemp and his guys beat the bottom for once again hard fishing. 2 nice fish among their catch, but below standards for this time of year.

August 19 – 22 Fluke

Mark and his crew picked right up we left them yesterday. Windy conditions made it more trickly, but his crew did a great job in boxing almost 30 keepers with Mark putting on a clinic near the end of the trip.  Uncle Chuck and his boys found lack of drift and worked real hard to box his fish. Beautiful weather and a day with his boys more then made up for a few less fish then we have seen in recent trips. Bill and the guys from the Linden FD had to grind for each and every fish they caught. John Vogel put a 9lber in the net at the end of the trip for the days highlight. Zemp and the “A” team fished the lead heads hard to box thier fish to finishing a few short of their limit. Fishing got tougher as the week progressed. Not sure why?? it should be getting better before they start the trip east.

August 17, 2014 Big Fish Al Gallo

Weather was as good as it gets. The trip was fast as we headed towards the gorunds. I was feeling great knowing that Tom “the Hitman” Sweeney was onboard. Bob and Paul are steady, Al, he will do his share, does it everytrip. So when Tom hooked and landed a fat 4lber on his first drop, I thought that today is going to be easy. Well it was , but the star today was Bob, as he landed his limit with 5 fish at 5lbs a piece. Thats when Big fish Al hooked a good one. After a very nice fight, I dumped the net on the deck and we got to see what Al just caught. We all thought it was over 10 lbs, but did not want to jinx this fish until we got it on the scale.  With the hotel full to capacity, and yes Tom came back and landed his limit, as did Biaggio, we headed back to port. There the scale read 10.6lbs!!! First “MAT” of the year and only fitting that Big Fish Al caught it. Lots of laughs, Bob was a standout. Biaggio is a work in progress, Tom, well he was steady, just was not on fire like his previous trips, and Paul, lets just say was he on the boat today??????  Thank men, you did great job!!!

August 15, 2014 Jason and his boys

Jason and his boys arrived after a night of partying, celebrating Bob’s upcomming wedding. Weather was great, fishing good once the men got the feel. Jason came on strong at the end. Bob was calling “Ralph” all day but toughed it out. By days end they almost filled the hotel and had plenty of white meat to go around…..

August 14, 2014 Zempe and Fluke

After yesterday, I could not wait to get back out there. By noon, the hotel was overflowing!!!  Nothing huge, but very nice fish to 6lbs. Just proves that if you work the bucktails, the fish will eat…… Marty and Ricky did very good once again. Matt and Zempe was steady and Brian did his share in adding to the fluke hotel. Ricky has been the rock this year as the rest of the team feeds off him……

August 13, 2014 Tom and his guys “Fluke”

Tom and his guys arrived and it was go time. After 2 days of bad weather, I was not sure asto what we would find. Well we found dirty water everywhere. Sure the fish were there, but they were not chewing like I would have hoped. We missed some, lost some. Not many of the guys were working the bucktails, electing to drag sinkers, much to my dismay. This was my lowest take all year here, cant wait until tomorrow to see what is here. Tom and his guys went home with just enough white meat for dinner.

August 11, 2014 Mike, Rich and Bob and the boys

MiIke and the guys were on today along with their sons. WEather was once again super. Little Mike caught the first good one. Then Basssanova put a good one in the boat. Before the tide died, they put a few nice fish in the hotel. They had to fish through a lack of drfit and when the breeze came on, it came on hard. They alll did a great job on their first “bucktail” trip. Weather was great. fishing, good and the company off the charts. Anytime you can get 3 families together, (fathers and sons) is a great day…….

August 10, 2014 Richie Splash and crew

For the first time Rich was early. The weather was great and his crew were full of energy. Early on the fishing was good. A few 5lbers made the hotel and a few slightly smaller fish before the bite really slowed in the very calm seas. The guys stuck it out and fished through it. When the drift picked up the fishing started chewing. Rich hooked a good one and for whatever reason, lost the fish. Chris also hooked a good fish and he got his to the net. THis fluke turned out to be 8.1lbs. Franky Scratch, hooked a real good one too. Halfway up he stopped fighting the fish to scratch his balls!! YES_ Im not kidding. I never ever had that happen. The big fish, took full advantage of this, and spit the hard bait. MIke and Steve caught nice fish. Splash really came through and did very well in landing his limit. At the end, they had 25 nice keepers and plenty of white meat.

August 9, 2014 Zemp, Matt and Ed and Fluke

Put those 3 guys on the boat and its going to be a bad day for the fluke. Zempe and Ed both put 7.2 fish in the hotel, Matt added a few between 4-6  and we finished a boxful of beautiful fish. WE changed up today and fished a new area and some new baits. Ed beat on them with the old style. I can hear Uncle Sham saying never leave the old road for the new!