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Florida 2015 South Miami

imageMiami 2015

Our annual fishing trip to south Florida was about as good as gets. Fishing with Captain Alex were Erwin Jr, George, Anthony and myself. Weather conditions were extremely nice. Sometimes that can be the kiss of death, but not on this trip. Bait was tougher to catch then we are used too. By time we ran to the edge, all of us were very eager to get the baits out and start fishing. Helium was needed to fly the kite and before long we had out 6 lines, covering the water from top to bottom. It took less than 15 minutes before Anthony got the first bite on his flat line and boated a fat false albacore. That got the blood flowing, and had a few more bites before the real action started. A free jumper 100 yards behind the boat had Capt Alex make a position adjustment. That’s when it happened, a double on the kite lines had Erwin Jr and George on 2 Sailfish. With 2 Sails tailwalking towards Bimini, the last kite bait got hit and Anthony was tight on a rare triple. His fish threw the hook and we were back to 2, Jr and George landed both of their fish after some great jumps. All the lines were reset and it was game on again. This time it was me who landed a great big Jack Crevelle. A few more Falsies, a few Mutton Snapper, King Fish, a few small Sharks, all bent the rods before George hooked into his 2nd Sail of the day on his flat line. I came tight on a very large Hammerhead which put a hurt on this angler. The afternoon put the King Fish on the feed. It is some sight to see these fish rocket out of the water when they attack the kite baits. Near the end of trip, a very large Mahi attacks the spread and found the hook. George fought and landed a very large Mahi after a typical fight. That’s when we all pulled the plug on the trip. This is the 2nd time we fished with Alex. This Captain works very, very hard to give you the best chances of catching fish. I said this last year, and I will say it again. IF you want to fish the Miami area, this is the Captain you want to fish with. His 32 Contender fishes very well and is very comfortable as well. I have been very fortunate over the years down here. I fished with Captain Mark for 23 years until he retired and certainly will stay with Captain Alex as long as he is fishing. Fishing with my son, along with my buddies this time of year in south Florida is something very special to me. Can’t wait for all of us to get back here. Thanks once again to Captain Alex for a great trip and more important, a great time!!!!!