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April 28, 2015 Erwin Jr Bass

After the great fishing the past few days, Erwin jr had the chance to go out with his girlfriend Katie, to get some fish for themselves. They found red hot fishing, had a triple hooked up. Quickly boating their limit before releasing the rest of the fish. A short, productive trip…DSC05677

April 28, 2015 Ryan Schmitt BASS!!!

Ryan, when I first spoke with him, was so full of enthusiasm for fishing that I was hoping he would want to fish with us. He booked and now it was up to us to fulfill what we had told him about our fishery. Weather was great and we put out the lines away from the other boats. Also on board were Jake, Phil, Travis, Kyle and Brett, all first timers on the Scales n Tales. It took all of 5 minutes before we had the first bass of the day. It was game on after that, as the men, did a great job and landing these stripers. It slowed for a little while during slack, but came on pretty decent again once the tide came in. Jake let Erwin Jr use his phone, as we listened to Johnny Cash on the stereo. A perfect day for a great bunch of guys. They came from far away to test out our fishing. They were rewarded for their efforts as the hotel was filled once again to capacity. Mix in the deer hunting pics and just some ball busting and the nice weather and it cant get better then this…DSC05676

April 27, 2015 Fred Wilson Bass

Fred and his crew arrived on  this cloudy morning, cold as well. It felt more like a November trip then a late April outing. Well it did not take to long to find the fish and they started put fish into the striper hotel. This was supposed to be a bottom fish trip. Due to the very cold ocean, we decided to go for bass. That proved to be the right choice as Fred, Jr, Garcia, Lightfoot, and Leon got into some very good action as the fish chewed through out the morning. Once again after releasing many fish, it was decided to head in a little early. Fred and his crew would be bringing home some great tasting white meat from New Jersey…..DSC05665

April 26, 2015 Paul Milata Bass pm

All the boats had to put a hurt of the bass that were in the bay. The bite got slower as the morning progressed.  It did not deter Paul and his crew from expecting great fishing. Also on board were 3 Striper Virgins. I decided to try a area that I had not fished yet this year. ItDSC05663 payed off as we quickly boated some bass,  we had no more virgins on the Scale n Tales. Paul, John and John and the rest of his crew did a great job in landing the fish after they bit the hard bait. Once again the fishing slowed as we entered late afternoon. The men had to fish hard and missed boxing their limit by one fish. Still in all, another real good trip, with a bunch of guys that knows how to have fun. Not to mention all the white meat that they are taking home.

April 26, 2015 Kevin Williams Bass

Coming off the best day of fishing so far this year, I was hoping for it to hold up at least one more day. A good breeze made for alittle chop. I never seen so many boats this time of year as I seen as we entered the ZONE.  Fish were eager for the hard baits, however many of them were small. Kevin and his crew had to fish hard to catch their limit. With the cold air and the nuisance chop, they decided to had for the barn once the hotel was full.DSC05661

April 25, 2015 pm Gary Lauderman

Easy choice for me as we the left the fish biting. I could not wait to get Gary and his crew out on this beautiful afternoon. The fish were waiting as we had a triple on after we got the lines set!! Then to make things better, Gary and Special Ed, along with Wade all hooked fish on the soft baits as well. In no time the hotel was full as the fishing continued to produce. All afternoon we got into nice fish, all released. Tim and Dave and Mark did a great job in jigging and keeping the lines from tangling as we did the troll, jig combo. As the sun headed for the western sky, the air temps were getting chilly and the bite slowed. The men decided to call it a day and we picked up and headed towards port. Plenty of white meat for all , a great afternoon of fishing, and a great bunch of guys….DSC05657

April 25, 2015 Ryan Spangler Bass Cold Bass

Ryan and his family arrived the night before the trip. I was hoping the forecast was right as we could not get out the last 2 days due to high winds. The morning was cold, very cold!!as we left Twin Lights. When I seen that the water temp had dropped 6 degrees from Wednesday, I could have spit up my decaf tea!! AsDSC05650 we were heading west, the fish finder lit up and Nick put out the spread. It took around 5 mins before the rod doubled over and Kathy had the first of many of the trip. Next was Erin and thats how the morning went, fish bit and bit hard. Ryan and Ron also boated their keepers. Some smaller bass were released,as they left one spot in the striper hotel open. Ron was up next when once again the right long went off. After a decent battle he boated the largest fish of the year so far, It measured 42 1/2″ long. With plenty of white meat on board, the boat limit, we headed back to the marina. What a great trip, even if it was cold enough for ice fishing!!!!!!

April 22, 2015 John Pantano Bass

Sooner or later they have to chew, today might as well be the day. John and his crew, with last years trip fresh in their memory, are looking to a great day of fishing as are we. The weather was great and I was changing tactics. It took a little to catch some bass, but the action was decent the first part of the trip. Thats when Butch, got his turn on the rod and hooked and fought, with a little help from his friends, a beautiful bass 38 1/2″ long. a few more nice fish were added to the hotel before the wind came on hard. It took all morning to find a school of fish that would bite and when we did the wind ruined the party. All in all, not a bad trip with just enough white meat to go around.


April 21, 2015 Ron Freed Bass

Ron, Chad and Gary all had bass on their mind as once again, we headed west in the bay. DSC05641

Im thinking today is is the day the fish will put on the feed bag. A few drops here and there finally settled it, that they are not eating the clams, at least not the keeper bass. So we switched to the hard bait where it was a little better. Chad at the end of the day hooked and landed the biggest bass of the year so far. Once again a trip far below what we are expecting, a few fish for the table,and just enough shorts to keep us in the game.

April 19, 2015 Tony Smith Bass

Given yesterdays weather, I was very excited to get the lines in the water. Tony and his crew were also very excited as we made way to the west. We had decent shots at the bass, although we had to wait and fish hard for the bites. It was far from fast fishing but by the end of the day all on board had fish with only 2 of them making it into the striper hotel.  Weather was good, fishing could have and

should have been better.DSC05635