Monthly Archives: May 2015

May 18, 2015 Jeff Minich

Despite the terrible weather that will be coming in later today, I was determined to try and find a bass!! Stopping twice in hopes of getting a bass bite. I finally headed to a spot that I did not fish since May 15, 2009. In the same conditions, I found bass here 6 years ago. I was all smiles as the first bite came within 10 minutes. Then the last hour of the tide, Jeff and his guys boxed 6 very nice bass. We lost a few, and had a few other bites. Man did this spot save the day. However the guys paid the price as we caught very nasty sea conditions as we made it back to Twin Lights Marina.  No complaints form the guys. They have plenty of white meat to show for their efforts…DSC05804

May 16, 2015 Joe Hunt

Nothing like having Joe and his guys on board to break us out of the slump. Joe had done this many times before. Today was going to be different. Fishing hard all day long, we all were very disappointed with the results. Only 3 bass would make the hotel today. Not because of lack of determination, but I just could not get them on the bass. So now we have to start a new streak with Joe and his crew.

May 15, 2105 Bob Perry pm

Bob and his crew , despite the wind, got great action. However it was mostly blues. A few nice bass made the box, a few got away. Once again the  Blues owned the day. Bait after bait got bit as soon as it hit the water. Non stop action for these men.

May 15, 2015 Zemp

Nothing like having the A team on board to change our luck. Zemp landed the first of 4 bass. Not a great trip by any means, but good enough. Plenty of laughs, alittleDSC05796 chop breaking and just enough white meat to go around

May 13, 2015 Brian Frey pm bass

These guys had a very rough trip last year, bad fishing, rough water. Im hoping today would be better. Winds were blowing, and the Blues were biting. A few nice bass were boated, but once again, the blues owned the day. Every bait got bit. Brian’s dad had the big bass of the trip. The men had all they could handle in the wind against as the blues never stopped. DSC05793

May 12, 2015 Uncle Mark

This trip has been planned for quite some time. Uncle Mark who is celebrating his 57 birthday , but looks like 77 and my Godson Baby Mark along with his father in law Joe, and some guy they found on the corner joined my son and I in hopes of catching some bass. Weather was super great as Uncle Mark jumped on. I was hoping the Blues would wait until we caught some bass to start chewing.  We were not disappointed. Everyone got into some real good fishing with Joe showing Uncle Mark and Baby Mark how to do it. The bass ate all morning, until the tide dropped out. It looked like Joe was taking home the pool money until Baby Mark stepped up and said hold on POPS!!! He hooked and landed the big fish of the day to garner the big fish honors. Uncle Mark kept his did not get skunked record intact with the streak at 2396 trips in a row without getting skunked. Hope he had a great birthday, we had a great day!!!DSC05784

May 11, 2015 Charlie Gallo pm bass

Well after a few super great trips, the blues found our baits once again. It was blue after blue. Everywhere we went the blues were there. A few bass were boated, but nothing like it has been. The guys tired of catching blues and with just enough white meat to go around, hoisted the white flag.